175 Part 2

‘I now need to be a dimension traveler who wanders around to pioneer new markets.’


Sang Hyuk just needed to scratch the itch the Black Cat was feeling now. They and the Black Market needed the sun stones the most, and Sang Hyuk could supply them. A pretty picture formed with these ingredients, and Sang Hyuk slowly gave Yufir information without hurrying. Since Yufir would have been ordered to investigate Sang Hyuk, everything he said would be reported to the Black Cat. Sang Hyuk hinted at his goal and ability to Yufir secretively, and everything he was saying was bait. If the opponent took it, Sang Hyuk would start fishing in earnest.

Sang Hyuk spent much time talking to Yufir for four days. He needed to be careful since giving out information too blatantly would make a smart NPC like Yufir suspicious, and that was why he spent four days slowly revealing the information. Fortunately, Yufir did not suspect or think him strange because of the extra care he put into the effort.

Sang Hyuk spent time waiting after spreading the bait. He needed to wait patiently since acting without thinking would make things worse. If Yufir’s report had gone in, the Black Cat would be even more curious about Sang Hyuk. Therefore, there was a high probability that Sang Hyuk would be under surveillance even now. The best thing to do was to spend time quietly and wait for the opponent to approach.

Time passed by, and Sang Hyuk still waited for the opponent to take the bait without rushing things. Even if they did not bite as Sang Hyuk expected them to, the best thing to do was wait like this since he could try something else differently. Therefore, Sang Hyuk patiently waited a week after finishing his conversation with Yufir.

And now, the boring time he spent in wait was over, as Yufir appeared in front of Sang Hyuk. At that moment, Sang Hyuk knew that his opponent had taken the bait.




“Welcome. I am Bacan, the vice owner of the Sun Flower Garden.”


Sang Hyuk knew that this was the man who had sent orders in the meeting room when he introduced himself as Bacan.


“I am Bulmeol, a dimension traveler, and also a dimension merchant.”


Sang Hyuk introduced himself as a dimension merchant, and while he had made the title on the spot, it seemed like a good choice after hearing himself say it.


“A dimension merchant…while I had heard of dimension travelers, that’s the first time I heard of that name.”


It was even more of a successful attempt since Bacan was curious about the title.


“You just need to think of me as a dimension traveler who does business.”

“Is that so? Well, the title is not that important. Let’s cut to the chase since we do not have much time. Our garden needs sun stones urgently, and we have suddenly brought you here after hearing that you have a large quantity.”


While they had brought Sang Hyuk in after much consideration instead of being in a hurry, there was no need to show it.


“Yufir should have explained the basics to you. We want to buy your sun stones, and would it be possible?”


The response Sang Hyuk had wanted finally came out, but he was not going to be satisfied with only this. If he agreed to Bacan’s suggestion and sold the stones, Sang Hyuk would not gain much from the transaction. He did not want a one-time deal, even if it would bring some profit as it was the beginning of a relationship. However, Sang Hyuk did not want to use a chance like this to create a weak connection.


‘They are planning to use me to solve some imminent problems and will try to bring down Camille afterward. However, I’m sorry to say that I won’t act as you guys want.’


Sang Hyuk slowly opened his mouth after nodding to Bacan’s talk.


“It is true that I have some sun stones with me…”


Sang Hyuk intentionally let his sentence drift and slowly looked around before speaking.


“Since you seem to be in a hurry, I’ll also get right to business. I can sell you sun stones since I have them with me for that purpose. However!”


Sang Hyuk looked at Bacan after cutting off his sentence and smiled before continuing.


“I have to make sure of who my client is. Let’s speak honestly. Is the Sun Flower Garden buying my stones, or is the Black Market my customer?”


Sang Hyuk threw a strike right in the middle when no one had expected it, and the NPCs from the Sun Flower Garden took on a completely different attitude as they looked at Sang Hyuk with murderous intent.


“You…how much do you know?!”


Bacan’s tone changed, and his aura also followed. If he had on the vice owner’s mask before, now he had taken it off to show himself as the vice leader of the Black Cat. Every other Sun Flower Garden NPCs looked on Sang Hyuk with a different gaze now, and even Yufir was showing malicious will towards him. However, Sang Hyuk kept his cool in this situation.


“I am a merchant, and merchants are very sensitive to information. The important thing now is not how much I know, but how long can the Black Cat last Camille’s trickeries?”


Sang Hyuk looked straight at Bacan and spoke what he needed to say. Honestly, Sang Hyuk could not estimate what would happen from now on. The worst-case scenario was that the Black Cat would attack Sang Hyuk to shut him up, but now was not the time to fear death. It was an all-in situation, and Sang Hyuk had placed his bet. Now, it was Bacan’s turn to respond.







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