176 Part 1

One Man Army Chapter 176


  1. A Deal (1)


“Are you going to kill me? However, don’t you already know that a dimension traveler is immortal? Nothing will change if you try to do so.”


Sang Hyuk struck the final blow. Although he had spoken carelessly, Bacan trying to kill him would be the worst outcome possible. He would receive the death penalty, all his plans would go awry, and everything Sang Hyuk had worked for during the past month would be gone in an instant. It would be a crippling burden to have Black Cat as an enemy at this point. However, the reason Sang Hyuk HAD to take this tone was that trying to negotiate from a position of weakness would make him look like an easy target and ruin everything. He had to push forward by saying that he was not afraid of death because the possibility of success was higher with this approach. Bacan was surprised at Sang Hyuk’s approach because it was the first time they found an opponent that the threat of ‘death,’ their most potent weapon, did not work.

Of course, as time passed and more dimension travelers arrived at the Goren City, Black Cat NPCs would handle them more easily. Then, the Black Cat would know how to take care of players who bluffed with their immortality, but they were unable to do so now.


“They don’t know how to handle dimension travelers yet.”


Sang Hyuk had been aiming for this advantage, and he used their weakness to shake Black Cat.


“All right, we’ll agree that our threats will not work against you. However, why do we need to listen to you?”


Bacan controlled his surprise and tried to stay calm. He had a high artificial intelligence as an important NPC, and Bacan managed to respond realistically to this situation.


“Of course, you have no reason to listen to me. Therefore, I want to explain why you should. May I do so?”


This was a curveball after a fastball. Since Sang Hyuk managed to land a strike, now was the time to change the tempo by throwing a curve.


“All right, talk.”

The curveball disrupted the opponent’s timing, and Sang Hyuk managed to get what he wanted. Under normal circumstances, Sang Hyuk would never have been able to meet with Bacan as the latter would never meet Sang Hyuk, and even if Sang Hyuk had managed to arrange a meeting through a miracle, the subject of the Black Cat and the Dark Market would be taboo. However, Sang Hyuk pieced together the information he had gathered and made an aggressive bet based on them. While he had failed multiple times with each failure having major repercussions, Sang Hyuk managed to land a single Jackpot to create this unbelievable result.


“Let me introduce myself first. I am Immortal, the owner of the Gold Mountain Group. I’m quite well known in the lower lands, but that’s not important. The most important point is that I can provide a stable supply of sunstones.”


Sang Hyuk continued without giving Bacan a chance to think.


“I’m thinking of selling sunstones at the price the Dark Market is accustomed to, and you would not need to negotiate with Camille unnecessarily if you take my hand.”


Sang Hyuk first solved what Bacan thought to be the biggest problem, but Bacan was not moved by this offer.


“That’s not all, right? Did you think that we would just cut off Camille, whom we had dealt with for a long time?”


Since Sang Hyuk had expected Bacan to respond like this, he did not falter as he spoke again.


“You’re too hasty when my explanation is not over yet. What I had just spoken was the most basic option. That’s not everything.”


Sang Hyuk broke off to stare at Bacan before revealing his next move. He did not open his mouth and instead handed Bacan a memo from his pocket, and Bacan unfolded the note just enough to read it.

Bacan’s eyes shook as he read the sentence written in the note, but because Sang Hyuk had been expecting his agitation he was able to catch it, despite Bacan instantly resuming his normal expression.




Bacan put many meanings behind the sentence.


“A merchant does everything to sell products.”


Sang Hyuk had made Bacan groggy with his fastball and shook him with a curve. Now, he threw a spitball right in the center.




Bacan could only laugh, as the sentence written on the note had pierced the heart of his problems. The sentence was a dead-on strike, and Bacan could not move as the umpire called three strikes.


“How many sunstones do you have now?”


Your actions and their results have created a new ‘legendary’ class quest line. A hidden legendary class linked quest ‘The Riot of the Black Cat’ has been made. The ‘player’ who triggered this quest line can clear this quest more easily as the “Pioneer”.


The quest had been finally made.

Creating a new quest line was actually quite a feat, and a legendary class quest line was impossibly difficult because it may change the fundamental framework of the Main Quest. While Sang Hyuk had seen a few who had made rare or unique class quest lines, he had never seen someone who had created a legendary class.

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