176 Part 2


‘A legendary class!’


Sang Hyuk had believed that a new quest line would be made, but he never expected that it would be a legendary class. He had thought it to be a unique class, but the results were much more than he had expected.


‘I am the Pioneer of this quest line! If I have this reward, the possibility of success becomes greater.’


The “Pioneer” status was a reward that all players wanted at least once before quitting EL. Only the player who created the quest line could receive this status, and a ‘bonus effect’ would be applied to all activities regarding the quest.

A simple example would be that if there was a mission that the player would need to roll a dice and get number six in one try, a “Pioneer” correction would be applied to that act, and the required number had a higher chance of coming out in one try.

If the quest could not be cleared with this modification, that quest was likely to have been unsolvable from the first. It would be a huge help to Sang Hyuk. While the difficulty of a legend class hidden quest would be unquestionably high, Sang Hyuk had already expected that things would not be easy.


“While I only have ten mid-class sunstones, I have a hundred low-class sunstones and four hundred of the lowest.”


Since high-class sunstones could not be gotten in the lower lands, Sang Hyuk had to negotiate with only the low and lowest class sunstones. Since they were traded the most, it was not a problem.


“You have more than I had thought.”


Bacan looked surprised because he had thought Sang Hyuk would have a hundred at the most, and the numbers had been much more than what he had expected.


“This is only the first shipment. If you connect me with the Dark Market…I will be able to supply at least this much every ten days.”


Sang Hyuk was exaggerating a bit. While he was gathering them in the lower lands, he would take at least a fortnight to supply this much. However, the reason Sang Hyuk had bluffed in a transaction where trust was everything was because he was confident that he could meet the deadline.


‘The Dark Jungle! The sunstone drop rate of that place would enable me to grind sunstones so I could fill the deficit.’


Sang Hyuk trusted his hunting abilities.


“You match Camille. However, how did you manage to sneak in that many sunstones?”


Bacan nodded in satisfaction and asked Sang Hyuk what he wanted to know the most. The key point to Sang Hyuk’s sunstone smuggling operation was how to get them in secretly, and NPCs would never be able to overcome players on this issue. The spatial expansion bag was a special item only allowed for players (dimensional travelers), so players could smuggle as much as they wanted. However, if they were caught while selling smuggled goods, they would be killed by NPCs. So while players could not start smuggling operations easily, it did not matter if they already had a buyer.


“It is a trade secret, but one thing is certain. I will never be caught.”

“Not bad, all right. I’ll introduce you to the Dark Market. However, remember that they work independently. That is, they will not agree to deal with you just by my introduction.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”


As sunstones had been a more pressing matter for the Dark Market than Black Cat, negotiations will be much easier there, and it proved to be true. He was able to meet Enroph, who was one of the three owners of the Goren City Dark Market. Surprisingly, he was the owner of a small tea café located in a Goren City corner.

Sang Hyuk was surprised to know that the owner of a café he barely knew the name of despite the time he had spent in Goren in his previous life was one of the Dark Market owners. Enroph said that he did not care who he dealt with if only he could get a stable supply of sunstones. However, he stated one thing.

‘Keeping Camille in Check,’ a sub-quest of the legend class hidden linked quest ‘The Riot of the Black Cat’ has been created.

Since it was a legend class quest, sub-quests were created often. In this case, the sub-quest had been created when Enroph had stressed that he would not help should Camille object.


“Of course, I’ll take care of everything that has to do with Camille.”


If the deal between the Dark Market and Sang Hyuk were to be completed, Camille would be left in the cold, as they had not been too stubborn to compromise with the Dark Market. Their ultimate goal was to raise the supply price of the smuggled sunstones and take an advantageous position against the rigid Dark Market and Black Cat.

If things had gone the way in Sang Hyuk’s previous life, the tension between the two would have been resolved after some give and take. However, Sang Hyuk’s intervention changed the storyline, and the legend class hidden quest line had been created as a result.


“Hmm, all right. Let’s officially deal with each other now. Also…”


Enroph nodded, and the quest “The Riot of the Black Cat’ was updated to the next linked quest.


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