One Man Army Chapter 28. Green Wyvern Lord (1)


While Killing Machine was looking hard for Sanghyuk, Sanghyuk was massacring hard the wyverns in Wyvern’s Nest.
Since he had perfect theoretical knowledge of hunting wyverns, he made that knowledge his as soon as he put it into practice. As a result, Sanghyuk could massacre wyverns very fast.
4 minutes – that was the time he needed to kill one wyvern. By killing one wyvern every 4 minutes, he could wipe out the 27 wyvern’s nests in nearly 2 hours.
Wyverns had a respawn time of 20 minutes so Sanghyuk could hunt endlessly.
Wyverns not only dropped a large quantity of karma, but they also dropped high-quality craft items.
Wyvern’s skin, claws, and teeth almost always dropped, and they were of the highest grade among the items that could be traded right now, and although this had a low probability, wyvern’s heart was something that Sanghyuk really needed.
There were other useful item loots as well, so wyverns were like treasure chests to Sanghyuk.
Even Sanghyuk couldn’t predict when other users could approach this place. So, he thought that he had to hunt as many wyverns as possible while he still monopolized this place.
In the end, Sanghyuk even decreased his sleep time to focus on hunting wyverns. Every minute and second was a waste to him so, he never thought about anything else.

Half a month passed by in a flash. Sanghyuk hunted more wyverns than snakes at Snake Caves, and the results were satisfactory. His level was now 44, and he had many high-priced items in his warehouse.
Considering how the highest known level in EL was 43 at this time, Sanghyuk was leveling up at an unbelievable speed. Everything was satisfactory, but there was one thing…… just one thing that touched Sanghyuk’s nerves.
It was…… the only male and the named monster of Wyvern’s Nest, the ‘Green Wyvern Lord’.
‘There’s a method to lure the Wyvern Lord…… but I can’t remember it.’
Sanghyuk camped out for four months in Wyvern’s Nest in his previous life, but at the time, other people took care of luring out the Wyvern Lord. Sanghyuk only participated in the hunt for it when they lured it out.
Since that was the case, he knew how to hunt the Wyvern Lord, but didn’t know how to lure it out.
‘One thing I can be sure of is that they used the egg. But I don’t know what they did next.’
If Sanghyuk cleared the quest and came here through the normal route, he would have gotten the quest to hunt the Wyvern Lord. And through that quest, he would naturally find out how to call out the Wyvern Lord easily.
However, Sanghyuk was someone from the future who relied on his knowledge to come to this place, so he was far away from any quests.
Sanghyuk pondered a lot while fighting wyverns but he couldn’t remember the method. Named monsters like the Green Wyvern Lord who only appeared after certain requirements were met were typically called the conditional named monsters, and killing these named monsters resulted in additional bonus effects.
Hunting the Wyvern Lord successfully would result in all users that participated in the battle receiving a 16 hour-long buff called the ‘Wyvern Lord’s Grandeur’ separate from the loot.
The effects of this buff not only increased the amount of loot from wyverns, but it also increased the chances of higher grade loot items as well.
Simply put, the efficiency of hunting wyverns would double once the Wyvern Lord was killed.
‘I need to kill the Lord to suck out the true juice…….’
He was largely disappointed, but he could only hunt like that until he remembered.


Sanghyuk headed to Falcon City since his expensive spatial expansion bag was full. Right now, Falcon City was full of users everywhere.
It was true that the Land of Dusk was larger than many world maps from other games, and that Falcon City was an incredibly large city, but it was becoming harder and harder to harbor all of the explosive influx of users to EL.
Of course, crowded places were managed by creating different channels of the same place to divide up the users, so it wasn’t much of a problem yet, but at this rate, the hunting fields would become insufficient.
In fact, the Snake Caves were being fought over by over five large-scale guilds, and hunting fields similar to the Snake Caves were in a similar situation.
‘Who was the guild that first broke through the Cave of Giants again? Was it a party and not a team? I can’t remember this one.’
He didn’t remember who broke through first, but he knew when they did.
‘In exactly four months, when the Land of Dusk reaches its saturated state, the first passers of the Cave of Giants would appear. Only when many highest-ranking users pass through after that does the walkthrough of the caves starts spreading among other users.
Once the users escaped the Land of Dusk, there were enormous continents that couldn’t be described as just ‘wide’.
Once the Hellfire Desert, Heroic Lands, and the Solar Continent appeared, the word ‘saturation’ would never appear again. In fact, problems would rise because the playfield was too wide.
‘Four months……. Fine! I’ll escape the Land of Dusk in two months then!’
Originally, Sanghyuk’s objective was to break through the Cave of Giants around one month earlier than the other users. However, things went well, and he raised his character much faster than he expected, so he pulled his schedule forward by one month.
As always, Sanghyuk cleared up his items while alternating between the commissioned sales store and the auction.
He sold what he needed to, and bought what he needed to.
Since he hunted a lot in Wyvern’s Nest, he had a lot to sell as well as a lot to buy. Like how he was practically the exclusive seller of the steel scales, he raised the market price of wyvern’s skin, claws, and teeth by exclusively selling them.
Practically Sanghyuk was the only one that sold those items, so the ones who needed those items could only buy them at that price no matter how expensive they were.
In his warehouse, he still had a lot of skin, claws, and teeth, but he never released them into the market in one go. It was the so-called ‘premium sales’ strategy, and there were wimps wherever people went, so the skin and the claws sold out very well.
‘I should be able to monopolize it for another month I think.’
He wished to monopolize it until he left the Land of Dusk, but there was no way the other users would stay still. Perhaps some users may have come close to doing the prerequisite quest to finding Wyvern’s Nest.
Sanghyuk predicted that other users would come to Wyvern’s Nest in around one more month.
‘That’s why I need to kill the Lord as soon as possible…….’
After looking around the commissioned sales store and the auction, Sanghyuk bought a few consumable items and opened the Marking Book. Then, he put a lowest-rank mana stone on the rune of the Marking Book to activate it.
At that moment, the recall magic stored in the Marking Book activated and enveloped Sanghyuk, and Sanghyuk could soon move to the entrance of Wyvern’s Nest, which he had marked before.
Mana stones were expensive consumables, but recall magic was so comfortable that it was hard to give up on it.
And honestly, using mana stones to go to a place instantly was much more worth it than going there by foot if the distance was large.
‘Well, then, should I start again?’
Hunting the same monsters in the same field was honestly a boring thing. Gamers called this ‘grinding’, and Sanghyuk was used to grinding.
Honestly, what he did in the ‘workshop’ couldn’t simply be called ‘grinding’ anymore.

“Ah! That’s it! Orc blood came before the egg!
Having hunted for a few days in the Wyvern’s Nest, Sanghyuk finally remembered the summoning method of the Wyvern Lord that was fuzzy in his head.
‘I was stupid to forget about orc blood. It was only after that the egg came…….’
As a setting, orcs were the monsters that wyverns liked the most.
‘First, I need to hunt the wyvern in the central nest and scatter orc blood on it. Did that call out the Lord’s cry? In any case, something would happen once that happened, and breaking the egg would make the Wyvern Lord come down from the sky. That’s it! Now I remember it properly.’
Sanghyuk felt refreshed as though a clot in his toilet was just broken through. It really annoyed him since the memory was fuzzy, but he felt like he could live now.
‘Looks like I should get orc blood first.’
Orc blood was a craft item that dropped at a low chance when hunting orcs. It could be called rare, but it wasn’t such an expensive craft item, and he could probably buy them off the auction.
Sanghyuk immediately returned toe Falcon City to get some orc blood. Having bought quite a lot of orc blood, Sanghyuk quickly moved to the central nest where the Wyvern Lord would come and hunted the female wyvern there quickly.
When that wyvern disappeared, there was only the egg remaining. Sanghyuk checked to see if he was missing anything before the hunt and scattered orc blood onto the empty nest.
He waited for the sign after scattering the blood on the nest. And after some time passed the signs he was waiting for finally started.
*Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww! Grrr, Grrrrk!*
The grand wyvern cries spread resounded across the entirety of Wyvern’s Nest. At that moment, Sanghyuk immediately noticed that this was the cry of the Wyvern Lord.
‘So the cry was the sign after all.’
*Fwooooosh, crack!*
As soon as he heard the cry, Sanghyuk broke the bloodied egg.
At that moment, the cry resounded more violently. Then, a black dot rapidly descended from the sky.
A gigantic green wyvern that was three times bigger than a female wyvern…… the Wyvern Lord finally showed itself in front of Sanghyuk.

All requirements have been fulfilled. The rare quest ‘Wyvern Lord’s Wrath’ is activated.

He even got an unexpected rare quest, but Sanghyuk was currently focused on the Wyvern Lord, so he didn’t put much thought to it.
‘I only need to remember one thing when battling with the Wyvern Lord. Don’t drop! That’s all of it!’
Sanghyuk had hunted numerous Wyvern Lord in his previous life. Of course, he didn’t hunt them alone, but with another 4 members, but it was true that he had a lot of experience.
And through those experiences, he knew what was the most important when hunting the Wyvern Lord.
‘The first phase is the aerial fight!’
The Green Wyvern Lord took a deep breath as soon as he appeared within Sanghyuk’s field of vision. This was a pre-movement for a breath attack, and users standing on the nest would be obliterated within seconds.
There was only one method to dodge this attack. It was to get on the Green Wyvern Lord’s back!
*Tap-tap-tap, pa-pah!*
Sanghyuk, who was already prepared, immediately stepped on a few protruding rocks at the perimeter of the nest and jumped up towards the Wyvern Lord. Actually, these rocks were put here precisely for that purpose.
In his previous life, countless users died to find this method, but Sanghyuk could easily enter the first phase thanks to their sacrifices.

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