One Man Army Chapter 29. Green Wyvern Lord (2)


*Tap-tap, chrrrrrr!*
As soon as Sanghyuk got on top of the Green Wyvern Lord, he wrapped the Ten Millennia Goldbone Whip around its neck.
In his previous life, the usual guide was to stab into the back to hold or hold onto the wings, but right now, he didn’t need to go with such a difficult method.
The Green Wyvern Lord shot up to the skies as soon as Sanghyuk got on its back. From now on, Sanghyuk had to endure 15 minutes on its back without falling off.
Once he fell, it was over. The entire first phase was to tire it out by enduring.
*Fwoooosh, bbbbboom!*
It tried to shake Sanghyuk off by flying around violently in midair. However, Sanghyuk was latched onto its back with the Ten Millennia Goldbone Whip in both his hands.
‘I’ll definitely not fall off!’
The Green Wyvern Lord tried to shake him off while Sanghyuk tried to latch on. Their intense aerial battle started now.

Having shot up to the skies, the Green Wyvern Lord did all sorts of things in order to shake Sanghyuk off its back. However, Sanghyuk had already experienced this numerous times in his previous life, so he got through the first phase too easily.
When it tried to descend vertically with its back against a cliff, he rapidly moved onto its belly to avoid the crisis, and when it tried to shake its body, Sanghyuk latched onto its back tightly and held onto his balance.
Not only that, but Sanghyuk also dealt some additional damage by using a dagger he had prepared beforehand. Shaving off the boss’s health in its first phase helped a lot in the second phase.
In the end, Sanghyuk latched onto the Green Wyvern Lord’s back even after 15 minutes had passed.
The wyvern, which went crazy for fifteen minutes, powerlessly landed down. To be exact, the monster would become like that due to its programmed state, but in any case, it landed on its nest with half of its health and stamina shaved off.
The damage Sanghyuk had shaved off was counted separately, so its HP was nearly at 40%
It landed on the nest, but Sanghyuk did not get off its back. In the case of his previous life, everyone naturally disembarked the boss’s back and fought in a formation. This was how it was conquered at the beginning.
However, as time passed, a more efficient walkthrough was made, and it was to stay on the Wyvern Lord’s back in the ground fight even after the aerial fight. Of course, there was one fundamental problem with this method.
Palm-sized wyvern parasites crawled up the Wyvern Lord’s body. These were insect-type monsters that possessed the ability to ‘drain’, and there were hundreds of them.
This was the problem.
Honestly, they weren’t anything great by themselves. However, amount of them changed the story. Hundreds of parasites were just as difficult to fight as the Wyvern Lord itself. What was fortunate was that these parasites only stayed on the Wyvern Lord’s body.
This was why the users naturally got off the boss’s back and fought it on the ground.
‘But a new walkthrough made its appearance after the parasites’ fatal weakness was revealed.’
Sanghyuk raised his right hand after seeing the parasites that crawled up the Wyvern Lord’s back.
He already knew that things would go like this, and had prepared himself. Sanghyuk’s preparation was……. This-

Fusion Card skill ‘Iceplate’!

*Pop, kish-kish-kish-kish-kish-kish!*
Sanghyuk threw a Fusion Card underneath his foot. Then, a circular ice platform around 4m diameter was created. And surprisingly, the parasites couldn’t come up to the ice platform.
This card could be made from lowest-rank ice elemental card, ice essence, and two other cheap craft item cards, and this was a Fusion Card that had the cost value of ‘1’ and not 0.
Normally, higher cost meant greater power.
Currently, Sanghyuk could possess up to 50 in cost value. For example, if he only used the iceplate card, then he could possess up to 50 iceplate cards.
Fusion Cards had to be made in concentration, so the creation of them took a long time. Especially in the case of higher cost cards.
It was also impossible to make Fusion Cards during battle as it was disallowed by the system itself. As such, cost limit was a very important indicator for Card Users.
There was this kind of penalty to compensate for not using HP or MP and other important values.
Of course, the cost limit would increase as Sanghyuk’s level rose, and it could also be raised through items, so he didn’t need to be worried that his current cost limit was low.
In any case, Sanghyuk had made plenty of iceplate cards, 10 of them. The duration of iceplates were 5 minutes each. During these five minutes, the parasites would not be able to invade the ice.
‘Ice aura! This is the fatal weakness of the parasites!’
Having blocked the approach of parasites, Sanghyuk pulled on the Ten Millennia Goldbone whip around the Wyvern Lord’s neck and expressed his intention that he was not planning to get off.
Thanks to that, the Green Wyvern Lord was put in even more dire straits. Originally, Sanghyuk was supposed to get off its back for it to display its full prowess.
However, Sanghyuk bullied the Green Wyvern Lord in the most efficient and quickest way as though he had just found a shortcut.
Since he knew all of the boss’s weak points and aimed for all of them, the Green Wyvern Lord couldn’t hold no matter how strong of a monster it was.
Sanghyuk kept attacking from the boss’s back, and eventually, the boss’s health fell below 10%. And at that moment, it started shaking before emitting a strong poison from all over its body.
This skill was releasing the poisonous blood in its body so it could be considered a suicide attack.
This was the third phase.
The guide through the third phase was simple. Users had to just run like crazy.
*Tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap*, Sanghyuk was already running away at full speed as soon as he found out that the Green Wyvern Lord was shivering.
The range of Green Wyvern Lord’s self-detonation was the entirety of the nest, so he had to escape the nest at all costs.
*Brrrrrr, bbbbbbbbooom!*
Eventually, the Green Wyvern Lord’s body exploded, and along with that, fatal poisonous blood scattered across the surroundings.
At the same time of the explosion, Sanghyuk threw his body off the boss’s nest. Of course, at this rate, he would fall to his death even if he doesn’t get killed by the poison.
Sanghyuk wasn’t going to commit suicide, so he twisted his body around before extending the Ten Millennia Goldbone Whip to the nest.
*Fwoooosh, clack!*
Fortunately, Ten Millennia Goldbone whip had a stronger adhesive strength (?) than spider webs and wrapped around a rocky protrusion above the nest.
Sanghyuk watched as poisonous blood scattered above him from below the nest. In his previous life, he had to borrow power from mages in order to dodge this, but there were no mages with him right now, so he could only do this.

You have defeated the conditional Field Named monster ‘Green Wyvern Lord’.
You have hunted the first wyvern-class named monster and achieved something that no Dimensional Traveler has yet to do. This will become your achievement and be eternally remembered.
You have acquired the unique-grade title [First Wyvern Lord Hunter].
You have defeated the first Green Wyvern Lord, and have received all 42 items that could be gotten from the Wyvern Lord due to the first kill bonus.
Congratulations. The gathered karma has broken through the limit and you have leveled up.
As a bonus for clearing the Green Wyvern Lord, the ‘Wyvern Lord’s Grandeur’ buff will be given.
You have cleared the rare quest ‘Wyvern Lord’s Wrath’. As a reward, you have acquired ‘Emerald Ring’.

Sanghyuk gripped his fist while still hanging down the cliff.
Actually, even Sanghyuk was not confident about hunting the Green Wyvern Lord. It was a monster that was usually hunted by at least 5 users with each one at level 44 or higher.
Since he was hunting such a thing by himself, he had a high probability of failing if he made the slightest mistake.
When the poisonous mist dissipated slightly, Sanghyuk carefully climbed up to the Green Wyvern Lord’s nest. This nest only appeared when the Green Wyvern Lord appeared so it would disappear in one hour.
He didn’t even check what the Green Wyvern Lord dropped and swiped them all into his spatial expansion bag. Then, he climbed down using the vines.
Having climbed down, Sanghyuk first checked the title he had gotten.

Title – ‘First Wyvern Lord Hunter’
Grade – Unique
Description – You have defeated the Wyvern Lord earlier than anyone and etched your existence.
Effects – [Prefix: Increased resistance to poison] [Postfix: Decreased fall damage] [Constant effect: >Hot blooded(A) : All abilities increase by 5% when fighting against reptilian monsters.<]

‘Oho, reptiles! This will be useful.’
A considerable fraction of monsters was reptile-class. Wyverns naturally being one of them, and even the strongest monsters, dragons, were one of them as well.
So this title was very useful.
‘Let’s check the items later and hunt first.’
The special buff ‘Wyvern Lord’s Grandeur’ was a buff that lasted 16 hours. Since the Wyvern Lord respawned every 48 hours, he had to focus on hunting the wyverns while his buff still lasted.
Through the buff, Sanghyuk started sucking twice as much juice as before. He was raising his character at a superspeed that no other users could dare follow.


Other than an hour of rest midway through the battle, Sanghyuk did not stop hunting for 16 hours. After that, he came back to Falcon City and logged out.
Then, he logged in after plenty of sleep.
Since he was too tired, he logged out without organizing any of the items, so the first thing he had to do was to dispose of the items that were piled up in his spatial expansion bag.
However, Sanghyuk discovered something that he didn’t expect at all while he was organizing the items.
“Whoa…… this is…….”
A long, red crystal was in his hand.
This was no ordinary item.
‘Sanguine Knowledge, why is this…… oh! It’s from the Wyvern Lord?’
Sanguine Knowledge, from a wider perspective, it was a category of Ancient Knowledge. However, unlike the other Ancient Knowledge, it engraved its unique powers through the means of ‘blood’.
The succession of blood was something different than absorbing an Ancient Knowledge into the soul. If Ancient Knowledge was a kind of ‘job class’ for the users, Sanguine Knowledge could be considered the ‘race’ for the users.
‘In my previous life, I never acquired one even after hunting so many Green Wyvern Lords…….’
Sanghyuk nodded his head after checking the item once again.
‘Wyvern Blood……. To think I’d get my hands on it at this time.’
Sanghyuk looked down at the Wyvern Blood with a stumped expression. However, at that moment, the Wyvern Blood reacted to Sanghyuk’s empty Soul Hole.

Your preparations to succeed the Wyvern Blood has been finished.
You may acquire strong power by succeeding the Sanguine Knowledge ‘Wyvern Blood’.
Will you absorb the Sanguine Knowledge ‘Wyvern Blood’ into your fourth Soul Hole? Please decide within 5 minutes.

Sanghyuk shook his head without hesitation when that message appeared.
“I will not absorb.”
His answer was firm. He looked down at the crystal without any regrets.

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