One Man Army Chapter 67. Slaughterer (1)

“H, how many?”
Mutou confirmed again with a face of distrust.
“There are 142 confirmed dead…… and there are more calls through the emergency hotline. From that, there seems to be at least 200 that were done in.”
“Hmm…… the culprit should be the One guild, right?”
“Yes, seeing as how they were all killed in Moongram, it seems that the people from One guild have gone into hiding and accepted the guild war there and started ambushing.”
“Urgh, dammit! If it was any other guild, I would have prepared for this kind of ambush…… to think that even the One guild would stoop to that point…….”
Not only Mutou, but all of the management personnel in Crusader thought that the One guild would have no interest in this guild war. Small-scale guilds didn’t prefer guild wars normally.
Their leisurely thoughts that stemmed from various causes became a snake that bit back at them.
“You have called for an emergency summon, right?”
“Yes, we have ordered an emergency summon as well as a caution order to all the members of the guild. The order was to move around in groups of at least 7, so they shouldn’t be killed without being able to do anything.”
Mutou slammed on the desk with his fists and shouted.
“What about the broadcast? Is the broadcast ready?”
The live channel’s regular broadcast was going to being in an hour. Originally, Mutou thought that he would have plenty of time to leisurely disdain on the One guild and broadcast that.
However, the situation completely changed.
Not to mention any leisurely disdain, he felt as though he would never be able to relieve his frustration if he didn’t smash One guild and their members into pieces.
“We’re planning to gather all of our members and comb through every bit of the Land of Dusk and the Hellfire Desert. If we poke every single place, then something must pop out, no?”
“Well, they would never be able to hide since this is a guild war. Although they were able to hide like rats until now…… things would change.”
Mutou thought that small-elite guilds like the One guild were easy to bash on.
“The assault force is ready, right?”
“Yes. There are 7 groups starting from 1 to 7. There are 14 people per group and are comprised of people with classes that complement each other.”
“Then what about the broadcast?”
“Main recorder and a sub recorder was set in each group. Through them, the best footage would be filmed, and I’m going to edit it live and commentate on the broadcast.”
Hinaoka, who Mutou trusted the most, was formerly someone who worked with video editing, and did this kind of things well. Mutou had left the live channel up to him.
“Good, then I’ll leave you to the broadcast.”
“Yes. Aniki just needs to lead group 1 and hunt them down once you see them. Group 1 is the special assault force and the elites of our guild are mostly there.”
“Oho, looks like I’ll be able to completely stomp on the rats of One guild.”
“Then I’ll stream that video live…… and we’ll be able to tell the world how strong Crusader is.”
“Good, very good!”
Mutou nodded with a very satisfied expression. Although he received a blow on the back of his head, at most, it was the deaths of quite a few ordinary guild members. The core members, their elites, were alive and well.
‘Small and elite force? I’ll tell you that such an idealistic concept will not work in the guild wars of EL.’
Mutou thought that the characteristics of One guild ‘small elite’ and ‘mysterious’ would not work at all in guild wars. In the first place, this was the reason he confidently chose to go with noise marketing.
Mutou’s confidence.
And the consequential guild war between One and Crusader.
The act 2 to their war began along with the live channel.


*Slash, crunch!*
A blade from the dark decapitated yet another person.
Actually, killing another user instantly in a PvP situation was not an easy feat to do if there was not a lot of level difference between the ones fighting.
This should have been the case especially since the majority of the members of Crusader was around 40.
Defeating such users in a single attack was an abnormal feat. This was what Mutou and the rest of the higher personnel in Crusader missed.
No, not only them, the majority of the killed members forgot about this as well.
Sanghyuk, no, Blake’s attack power was not something that an ordinary user could endure. Sanghyuk had an incredible amount of titles that gave percentage boosts to his stats, so his basic stats like strength or agility were insanely high.
On top of that, his equipment was also set up perfectly, with gear that even the highest-ranking players would envy about.
Since Sanghyuk focused most of his ear towards critical hit rates and critical damage, 7 out of 10 attacks were critical strikes.
He had enough power to kill a user with a single strike without a critical, if it did happen to be a critical, the outcome was obvious.
With a critical attack every single thing he attacked died in a single hit, and it was usually a one-hit one-kill even if it was not a critical, but the target was a non-tanker.
There were times when the target endured an attack when it was not a critical. But since the continuing strike would kill the target anyway, there wasn’t that much difference to the ones being killed.
One strike, or two strikes at best.
The number of people that Blake crushed through that action was 247.
It was just that the report was late. The ordinary members of Crusader had practically all died by Blake’s hands.
*Srr, clack.*
Blake sheathed the Ogreslayer and walked up from the dark.
‘There’s 50 minutes until the broadcast……. Looks like I should get ready for that then.’
Naturally, channel One had to do their regular broadcast as well. Since he had enough materials for today, he only needed to edit it quickly.
Actually, there weren’t that much to edit anyway. In the first place, he was careful in his actions in consideration for the broadcast.
Thanks to that, the footage was almost perfect without any editing at all.
‘I got an awesome title through this hunt not to mention contents, so it really is an awesome catch.’
The reason Blake could smile even more pleasantly was not only because he got enough contents for this broadcast.
He had gained another title.
When he killed 200 members of Crusader with a single hit, he acquired a very splendid title.

Title – ‘This is one-hit one-kill!’
Grade – unique
Description – You have defeated 200 hostile users in less than one day. And you have not died in the process and you can be called the textbook of one-hit one-kill.
Effects – [Prefix: N/A] [Postfix: N/A] [Constant effect: Those who strike first wins(A): If your first attack to your enemy is a critical strike, the critical damage is amplified by 2.5 times.]

Sanghyuk found about this title only after he got it.
Although there weren’t any prefix or postfix affects, the constant effect was awesome.
The critical damage afflicted would be amplified by 2.5 times…… Although it only applied to the first attack, and only applied to critical strikes, its power was frightening once it did activate.
His critical damage was amplified so much already because of his item settings, but if that was yet again amplified by 2.5 times…… Sanghyuk’s first strike, as long as it was a critical, would become a frightening blow.
This was a title that suited Sanghyuk more than anyone else. Although it was a unique-grade, it felt like a legendary-grade title to Sanghyuk.
Sanghyuk had acquired a tremendous side benefit and began preparing for his broadcast with a grin on his face.
With the addition of Those who strike first wins(A), Blake’s ambushes became even stronger. This meant…… a harder guild war for Crusader.

After the first broadcast, the regular broadcast started 2 days later. In today’s regular broadcast, all 30 channels would simultaneously broadcast like they did last time, but starting next week, they would broadcast four times a week and for 2 hours day.
Live channels could decide on their day and hour of their broadcast, and they would decide who would choose first through today’s viewing rates.
This was strictly ability-centered.
This was Kim Woonho’s style. In any case, due to that reason, the live channels had to prepare a lot for today’s broadcast.
If they were pushed back in the rankings in today’s broadcast, they may have to deal with permanent losses in the future.
The reason Crusader struggled so hard was also because of this. They had to raise their rank even if they had to do it through noise marketing.
In any case, their initial viewing rates told that their noise marketing had succeeded to some extent.
Well, that was after leaving aside channel One who got 2 million viewers watching within the first 10 minutes of the broadcast.
Other than channel One, the rest were just about the same, and the one with the most number of viewers was channel Rising.
They acquired 300 thousand views in 10 minutes and confirmed their abilities. However, Crusader attracted 150 thousand in 10 minutes.
The other channels had around 100 thousand, and the lower-ranking channels maintained around 10 to 20 thousand. Considering that, Crusader’s noise marketing could be considered very successful.
In channel Crusader, the Crusader guild had naturally sent out hunt-to-kill orders and their users were looking for the One guild. However, channel One showed Blake’s massacre footage that happened the night before
One was a livestream without a single proper battle, while the other was a recorded footage but was also a massacre video of Blake doing instakills.
Obviously, the reactions were split as well.

[What the heck? This looks like they’ll do nothing at this rate.]
[Man, I thought they were finally going to pop One guild’s bubble, but there’s nothing here at all.]
[When are you going to fight?]
[Right now, channel One is broadcasting a Crusader massacre video. Oh, this is so funny. What kind of comedy is this?]
[This is so boring. How long are you going to do this?]
[I’m going back to channel One. These guys are screwed no matter how you look at it.]
[I’m in the wrong for expecting anything from these guys.]
[They aren’t Crusaders, they are bubblesaders.]

This was the reaction on channel Crusader, while on channel One…….

[Wow, as expected of Blake! Awesome!]
[No matter how I look at it, the best PvP player of EL is Blake.]
[How can he kill them in a single strike like that? Guys, is that so easy to do?]
[Bullshit…… let this bro explain it in simple terms. Usually, there must be a level gap of around 30 for such a thing to happen. But the crusader guys that are being massacred right now should be at level 40 at least…… then does that mean Blake is level 70? That doesn’t make sense. It’s just that Blake is goddamn OP.]
[Slaughterer Blake! What the heck. There’s no need for the entire One guild to come. Blake is taking care of this all by himself.]
[A hard carry from the slaughterer!]
[This is really awesome. A friend of mine is watching channel Crusader next to me, but those guys look screwed already.
[The viewer numbers on Crusader started falling.]
[They were practically agro-ing in the first place. So it’s no wonder that happened.]
[Channel One is da best! Let’s hit 10 million today, yeah?]
[10 million is probably impossible. The first broadcast only went up that high due to all the ads and opening events…… I expect around 6 to 7 million viewers for today.]
[Here comes shit-sperts again.] (T/N: shit+experts, I made this up on the spot)
[Man, those predictors are so lame!]

Just like what the reactions told, channel One’s viewers kept increasing and channel Crusader kept losing them.
Crusader had burned a fire with a dangerous fuel known as agro. However, they started being devoured by their own fire.

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