One Man Army Chapter 68. Slaughterer (2)


7,164,374 versus 4,933.
These were the numbers of viewers that channel One and channel Crusader had when the broadcast ended, respectively.
Channel one hit 7.9 million views at its highest and proved once again that they were the single best channel.
Considering that the 2nd place, channel Rising, had 970 thousand, this was an immense feat.
As for channel Crusader…… they just showed the futility of getting views through agro.
They were completely screwed. No, they were practically driven to ruin.
The few thousand remaining viewers also didn’t stay there to watch, but to bash on their actions for the remaining time of the broadcast.
in the end, Crusader had no results at all in their 2 hours of search.
In the first place, they were looking for what they couldn’t find, so this was natural.
Meanwhile, not only did channel One broadcast something that made everyone refreshed, Gale even communicated with the viewers and gave answers if people asked questions.
Sanghyuk replied to some of the questions that he deemed suitable, and his answers were so easily understandable and had great reactions.
Two hours went by in a flash like that.
The viewers complained and asked for an extension, but even though this was an internet-based streaming, it was impossible to extend the broadcast when there was already a set schedule.
Right now, LGN was a large TV company that was considered one of the top 5 in the world. And they did this through purely internet streaming alone.
There was no way they would get swayed by the viewers like that.
The broadcast ended.
However, the guild war wasn’t. In fact, Sanghyuk stayed still during the broadcast. Considering the cowardly nature of Crusader, they would probably find him through watching his broadcast if he did it live, so he didn’t bother doing so.
It wasn’t because he was scared of them, but because he didn’t want to give them any content to broadcast.
Since it came down to this, Sanghyuk was planning to ruin Crusader to his utmost best. Naturally, he was planning to make them give up on the live channel during the process.
As soon as the broadcast ended, Sanghyuk called for Ilya.
He thought that by now, the opponent should have taken the bait.
“How are they doing? No changes at all?”
“There were some changes. They found out about the information you have secretly scattered and quickly gathered their elites to their guild house. I have confirmed myself that a considerable number of Dimensional Travelers were guarding the guild house.”
“Fufu, so they took it as I expected.”
Checking that his opponent had indeed taken his bait, Sanghyuk nodded his head and stood up from his seat.
“What are you planning to do? Are you going to strike the defenseless side since they’re all gathered up in one place?”
Ilya usually wasn’t the type to ask many questions, but she was curious about how Sanghyuk would act this time.
She naturally expected Sanghyuk to cause a commotion on the east and attack the west. This situation was perfect for that occasion anyway.
However, Sanghyuk declined ordinary methods.
“No, they’ve all gathered up for me. Why would I go anywhere else?”
Sanghyuk replied with a grin on his face.
His move was not to cause a commotion on the east and attack the west, but to cause a commotion on the east and attack the east. This really didn’t comply to common tactics.
However, it wasn’t like the very existence of Sanghyuk complied to common rules either.
“They’re all in one place, so I gotta catch them all.”
Sanghyuk’s tactics were simple.
Gather them up, and kill them all in one fell swoop. This couldn’t even be called a strategy.
Some smart people may laugh at his so-called ‘tactics’, but the thing was that it would be scary if it actually worked.

“Are you sure that they’re going to attack this place?”
Mutou tilted his head and checked once again.
“Yes. The information is more than 90% accurate. This information was gotten from very high-level NPCs, so it is very reliable. It seems as though they are going to attack our guild house and break us completely.”
There are two important things to a guild.
First was the guild warehouse. Guild warehouses had items that the guild had gathered as a whole, so being robbed in this place was definitely going to be a big hit on the guild.
The second was the symbol of the guild, known as the guildstone. Guildstones could be destroyed by enemy guild members during a guild war, and once that happened, the guild reputation would halve and the guild level may fall.
Guildstones were things that guilds above level 3 had to install, and every time they were destroyed, the guild reputation would halve, and once it was destroyed ten times, the guildstone would permanently be destroyed and the guild would forcibly disband.
Thanks to these two reasons, the guildhouse was a place they had to protect no matter what.
“Dammit…… to think that we’ll have to watch out for an assault in this situation…… tell the assault force outside to get ready to return to the guild house at any moment.”
Mutou judged that if the One guild actually attacked their guild house, then it would actually be dangerous. So, he not only recalled his special assault forces, he also called capable members of his guild through the emergency hotline.
‘Yes. Perhaps it might be better to fight like this. Stop hiding like rats and please attack!’
Mutou was already frustrated because he couldn’t do anything during the broadcast. He wished for them to attack now.
He still thought that the One guild would be no match for them if they could fight.


The Crusader guild’s guild house was a suitable-sized house with 2 stories. Guilds without much money used small single rooms as their guild house, but Crusader was a relatively large- scale guild, and they could use a proper house as their guild house.
Even larger-scale guilds would construct guild towers as their guild house, and actually, only guilds with proper guild towers could be considered a real guild.
This was because they could hire guards to protect the tower when the guild house became a tower.
If Crusader had raised their guild house to a guild tower and even hired guards, then there would be no need for them to think so hard about protecting their guild house.
Guards that protected guild houses were very strong, and intruders were not able to invade so easily.
The levels of the guards were at least 60, and up to 3 of them could be hired, so ordinary invasions could be blocked with them alone.
However, up until now, the number of guilds that had guild towers as their guild house was 4 across the entirety of EL.
Towers were just that expensive to build, and the maintenance fee was high as well.
In any case, Crusader was not able to build a tower, and they could only protect their guild house by themselves.

‘Dammit…… Today’s dungeon hunting is out the window, eh.’
Takei, one of the elite members of Crusader, was guarding the streets that lead to the guild house with a frown.
The reason for his vexation was simple. Although a guild war had begun, he thought that the characteristics of the One guild made it that there would be no battles and he had secretly promised to go to a dungeon with someone else.
Of course, this promise was something he hadn’t told the guild, so it wasn’t like he could complain either. He was only sorry to the people that he couldn’t keep his promise to.
‘Ah, I thought that I would really get a mithril sword today…… such a pity.’
Takei made an expression of disappointment. However, the guild orders came first, so he didn’t plan to leave his post.
Besides Takei was Otsuka, who was also on guard duty like him, and he was currently calling his girlfriend. Although this wasn’t supposed to be allowed, he pretended not to see it, since it wasn’t like they were total strangers.
‘But it looks like I can rest up after another hour. Whew, did I sleep too little yesterday? Why do I feel so tir…….’
That was the end of Takei’s thought process.
He was beheaded and couldn’t continue his thoughts. He didn’t even know how he died. The attack was just that precise and fast.
And the moment Takei collapsed, another swordlight flashed.
Flash! Psh, crunch!
Otsuka, who was calling his girlfriend, also fell down next to Takei with a hole on his head.
Thud, the two members of Crusader fell down and the path to their guild house was open.
And Blake, who walked out from the dark, started walking on that road.
‘Video, check.’
Sanghyuk checked the video he was recording for one last time.
The perspective was special-tower which gave the widest field of view, and the resolution was UHD (Ultra High Definition).
There were no problems with the detailed settings either.
After his final check, Blake calmly unsheathed the Ogreslayer.
From the moment Blake was boldly walking up to the guild house, Crusader were on alert.
They did think that the One guild may assault them, but they didn’t think that they would be so up front about it.
The assault forces of Crusader, who were waiting, quickly left the guild house and surrounded Blake. They did not think that Blake was here alone, and split up to find other attackers.
To Blake’s eye, those were futile efforts, but in Crusader’s position, they had to do that.
“It’s Blake! That guy is Blake The Slaughterer!”
Crusader recognized Blake at a glance.
In fact, it would be weird if they didn’t.
“Forget about slaughterer, kill him now!”
It would be weird to chat with the enemy in the guild war. So, the 10 people of the assault Crusader quickly darted towards Blake.
10 vs 1.
It seemed like a very unfair fight again.
‘The one up front! At this distance…… it will reach!’
Blake noticed that one of the assault force members were quicker to react than the others. The moment he noticed that, a scene played out in his mind.
*Pi~ng! Psh!*
Rather than retreating, Blake instead rushed up front and very accurately pierced with his Ogreslayer.
The tip of the Ogreslayer slightly dug into the forehead of the frontmost assault force member.
This happened because Blake’s distance calculations were so precise. Though, this attack was far from perfect.
In fact, it felt too shallow.
However, since the attack had ‘succeeded’, and was deemed as a critical strike, the damage was immense.
*Crunch, poof!*
The one who strikes first wins effect was applied and the person who was barely poked in the head had his head explode.
Originally, it would be finished with just a light wound on the forehead, but the ‘critical hit + the one who strikes first wins’, synergized and obliterated the head.
“What the!”
Obviously, the assault force members of Crusader could only stop after seeing that.
One of their colleagues head his head crushed with a single attack. Moreover, from what they saw, it was only a scratch at best, but that scratch made the head explode.
The remaining 9 members of the assault force felt a chill run behind their backs.
This was out of their league…… no matter how they looked at it, this wasn’t going to be good for them.

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