One Man Army Chapter 70. Top Ranker (2)

‘Universe dagger, Twilight knife, and Yin-yang copper mirror. Gathering these three allows entry into the Temple of the Seven Dragons. The most tricky one to activate among the three is the Universe dagger…… it seems like these guys at Crusader has a tremendous treasure.’
Though, Crusader themselves didn’t know how amazing this reassure was. This was why they stored it in the warehouse.
As a unique-grade dagger, the universe dagger had mid to low performance, so there was no popularity as a weapon.

Universe Dagger [Unique]
– The dagger that connects heaven and earth. It can be acquired from monsters that are in the skies and on the ground at a very low chance.
[Basic stats] Health +10
[Special stats] All elemental defense increases by 10%.
[Special effects] , ,
[Universal force 1,297.1/10,000: Agility +1]

‘Someone must have tried gathering universal force and given up.’
Blake smiled after looking at the universal force that was all the way up to 1297. According to his knowledge, it required no ordinary patience.
It couldn’t be gathered from any monsters, and killing one gave not 1 but 0.1 universal force.
Decisively, suffering through hell and killing the maximum 10,000 points only have 10 agility points.
There were practically no people that would do that in order to increase agility by 10.
Though, Blake knew of the other changes that would happen once the universal force was filled. The ones who don’t know about it may think that it would only increase agility by 10, but in truth, that wasn’t the end.
‘Well, I still have a lot of time, so I can just gather it slowly.’
Blake took the Universe dagger and nodded his head in satisfaction.
After emptying the storehouse, Blake then started gathering loot from the dead members of Crusader. He skipped the worthless items and only collected the valuable ones, and while he was in the midst of gathering them, the guild members of Crusader came back.
Naturally, they were killed the moment they came back and was chased out of the game.
Blake walked around the Crusader’s guild house like it was his own, and collected the items.
It was very frustrating for Crusader, but in the first place, there was nothing they could do.
And finally, Blake destroyed the guild stone.
Since Crusader was at guild level 5, the guild stone’s durability was considerably high, but since there was no one obstructing him, Blake was easily able to destroy it.
The guild members were massacred, the guild warehouse was robbed…… and the guild stone was destroyed.
At this point, Crusader was inflicted with all the damages that were possible.
The number of members One guild needed to thoroughly destroy the Crusader guild, was one.


InGamez official EL power rankings

1st) Blake [One] (42↑)
2nd) Gale [One] (16↑)
3rd) Typhoon [Rising] (2↓)
4th) Kun [Terriculum] (1↑)
5th) Dark Dragon [Dark Dragon] (3↓)

InGamez official EL power rankings

1st) One (22↑)
2nd) Rising (1↓)
3rd) Terriculum (3↑)
4th) Red Line (2↓)
5th) Dark Dragon (1↓)

The official rankings for this month was out.
Naturally, One guild, who had showed a tremendous achievement this month, had become first in rankings after surpassing many, while the known members of the guild, Blake and Gale, became 1st and 2nd respectively.
In the InGamez power ranking, 1st to 100th represented top rankers while 101st to 1000th represented high rankers. Those within the top 10,000 were generally called rankers as well.
The power ranking for InGamez was calculated based on suitable standards, so it was very reliable and was trusted by many.
perhaps due to that, One guild, and its members Gale and Blake, shot up to the top, and this caused a lot of controversy.
The biggest one was the ‘bubble’ controversy.
There were still many people who saw One guild and their members with bias.
They all claimed that One guild, Gale, and Blake were all blown out of proportion. Many people refuted them using logical reasons, but they still did not sway until the end.
Meanwhile, Sanghyuk, who had taken both the first and second titles, didn’t have much interest in these rankings. To him, something like an InGamez monthly power ranking didn’t matter to him. Though, it would positively influence the live channel, so there was nothing bad about it either.
However, that didn’t mean that he had to try hard to maintain that ranking.
High was good, but not being on it didn’t matter either.
Just because he was ‘acknowledged’ as a top ranker, it didn’t mean that anything was changed.
Normally, a guild or a user would try to maintain their position by doing actions that contributed to the points of InGamez rankings, but Sanghyuk didn’t do that.
He didn’t go his way to use Blake’s avatar to do PvP, neither did he conquer new dungeons using Gale and revealed them to the public.
A ranking, was just a ranking.

Crusader had forfeited after accepting all of One guild’s request. Enduring in a situation like this practically meant that they would disband the guild, so a forfeit was a natural order of circumstances.
Sanghyuk requested 4 million gold from Crusader as compensation. Since they were not able to pay all of that in one go, he allowed for a redemption through installments, and Mutou of Crusader accepted that request.
4 million gold meant over 200 million won in real life (200K USD), but he had to accept the request if he was to maintain his cherished guild.
If Sanghyuk asked for something insanely nonsensical, then even Mutou would risk it all and hold it out, but 4 million gold was just the right spot, so he had to accept it after a bit of thought.
Sanghyuk kindly allowed them to pay back 400 thousand gold ten times over the span of 5 months. In other words, he made them work their bones out to pay him back.
In Sanghyuk’s view, he had already profited immensely just from the guild war itself. First up, he had actually levelled once more and became level 54.
There was also the hoard of items.
Considering that the guild war only lasted around 3 days, he had profited immensely.
‘I’ll just sell the items at a suitable price….. and thanks to these guys gathering quite a lot of enhancement stones, I can raise the upgrade value for Ogreslayer and Silvermoon fragments.’
Sanghyuk was able to make a satisfied smile with the things he acquired through this guild war.
The moment he came to a decision, he put them into action.
He enhanced Ogreslayer and Silvermoon fragments using the enhancement stones he got from the guild warehouse.
Since most of the enhancement stones were mid-grade, he had to use quantity over quality.
The total number of enhancement stones he had gathered was around 2,000, and Sanghyuk thought that it would be fortunate if he was able to get at least +6 on both items.
Actually, it was quite foolish to aim for a high enhancement value using enhancement stones that were low in grade. However, it wouldn’t matter for Sanghyuk even if he spent all of the enhancement stones in his hand right now.
No luck required, quantity was the best!
This action could only be done by the richest of EL.


+7 Ogreslayer
+5 Silvermoon fragments
+6 Shadow Cloak
+5 Helm of Judgement
+4 Emerald ring.

This was the result of using 740 low-grade, 1,014 mid-grade, and 4 high-grade enhancement stones.
Although this may look like a rather disappointing result compared to the investment, since enhancement was about luck, Sanghyuk didn’t care much about it. He thought that it would become better later if it didn’t work out right now.
For example, if he failed 1,000 times using mid-grade enhancement stones and succeeded with the single ‘highest-grade’ enhancement stone in his possession, that would still be an immense profit.
In other words, all that mattered was success at the right moment.
Since Ogreslayer and the Silvermoon fragments were items that needed to be switched out later, he tried enhancing them without regrets and this was the result.
‘This should do for enhancement right? Rather than that, I need to refine the Flashblack eye, but I can’t scout a jewelsmith…….’
Sanghyuk was looking for a jewelsmith through the Hiddenline. First, this wasn’t a thing that an NPC could craft, so he had to find a user with jewelcraft level of at least of the master rank, but he couldn’t find one even through the Hiddenline.
‘It’s about time users with master-rank production skills were appearing……’
Production-class ancient knowledge differed in growth rates according to the talent of the user. Simply crafting many items didn’t work, and what mattered was the number of high-quality products. Simply grinding only led users up to renowned-rank at best.
(T/N: Ranks of production type goes from apprentice – senior – renowned – master – heavenly – divine)
From renowned-rank, the growth speed of the crafters would change drastically according to talent.
‘It’s a pity that I don’t remember a capable jewelsmith.’
Sanghyuk knew of a few capable blacksmiths, but unfortunately there was no memory of any skilled jewelsmiths.
‘It’s unfortunate, but I guess the only option is to wait until the Hiddenline manages to find one.’
The flash set would become Sanghyuk’s strength if he was able to make it, but that didn’t mean that he could allow anyone to do it.
Even if he found a renowned-rank jewelsmith, there was also the process of helping that person learn the flash set, so it would take a lot of time for Sanghyuk to get his hands on the flash set.
In any case, he was done with all of the things that he had to do today with the end of the enhancement storm. What was left now was stuff done outside the game.
Sanghyuk was planning to edit the 1 vs guild video footage and broadcast them on today’s evening regular broadcast.
Since the footage was good, there weren’t that much to edit either.
He just had to cut a few parts out and link them all together in order to create a speedy video.

Sanghyuk finished the edits in merely an hour.
Thanks to that, there were 3 hours left until the broadcast, and as always, Sanghyuk headed to the Swordking’s Tomb in his spare time.
He was grinding spiritual pills.
To him, the Swordking’s Tomb was like a mine.
When he grinded, three hours went by in a flash. He had exited the game 10 minutes prior to the broadcast and got ready to do it in those 10 minutes.
Perhaps thanks to having become a top ranker, or that there was a rumor that today’s video would be Blake vs Crusader, the initial income of viewers was much higher than the regular broadcast a week ago.
Sanghyuk waited for around 10 minutes before playing the video.
The viewers only saw that Blake was heading to Crusader’s guild house alone, but already showed a great reaction.
The chat log scrolled down very fast.
90% of it was just cheering.
Then, Blake’s infinity mode video started.
Blake’s figure, as he wiped out the users of Crusader using a single attack on each of them, was literally like a one man army.

[Slaughterer! Slaughterer! Slaughterer!]
[It’s instakill! Wow, I’m speechless.]
[Are you sure this isn’t a bug?]
[Why would he reveal a bug so openly?]
[If it’s not a bug, how is that even possible?]
[Don’t expect common sense from One guild in the first place.]
[Just enjoy it. I decided to enjoy everything related to One guild.]
[Go go! Blake!]
[Crusader is trash. You’re finally being dumped.]

Blake had overwhelmed the rumors of ‘out of proportion’ on the internet.
Today, he showed his might, as well as One guild’s through the broadcast.

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