One Man Army Chapter 71. Time Acceleration (1)

Although the rumors about how Crusader was smashed to pieces by One, this was the first time it was revealed that they were crushed through Blake alone.
Actually, the footage of Crusader being crushed was even more shocking. The reactions were the hottest from two countries, which were Korea and Japan.
First, if you had a look at Korea:

[Hahahaha, One guild has conquered the islands!]
[Hey, is One guild really Korean though? I get that Gale is Korean, but for Blake, I never saw him speak so I don’t know if he’s Korean or not.]
[Can’t you see at a glance? He’s definitely Korean.]
[What’s for sure is that One guild crushed a guild that represents Japan.]
[Nah, it’s a bit of a stretch to call Crusader the representatives of Japan. It’s true that they’re one of the top three guilds of Japan, but in actual power, it would be hard for them to rank in the top 5.]
[Here comes the shitsperts again. The majority of the Japanese users pick Crusader as one of the top three. What’s that BS?]
[The Japanese guys were always strong in console games, but were weak in online ones. After the era of Dreamnets came in, Japan was known for having a low average VRA. Looks like there are still people who don’t know this yet.]
[The average VRA for Japan should be the lowest in the world, I think. Those guys never had talent for these kind of things.]
[They invest a lot of money though.]
[Crusader is one of those money-run guilds. I heard that their guildmaster is quite the rich guy in real life.]
[What good is that? They got crushed by a single person.]

And naturally, The Japanese reactions were the complete opposite.

[Japan is no good afterall.]
[The results are always the same.]
[Isn’t this too much though? How can they be defeated by a single person?]
[Crusader, you damn idiots! Just commit suicide already!]
[Mutou, delete your ID right now. You don’t have the qualifications to use that name.]
[Why did they surrender? They should have held on until the end with the Samurai spirit!]
[This is definitely a bug! This game was made in Korea, so they must have given benefits to Korean users!]
[That’s right. After all things considered, it doesn’t make sense that Crusader was defeated by a single person! This is definitely a bug.]
[Koreans are bugs themselves in all games anyway. Their very existences are bugs! It’s impossible to win against the game-crazed Koreans in the first place, so just give it up.]
[Let’s admit what he have to. Crusader was just pwned by One guild, no, Blake alone. Conspiracy theories don’t help us anyway.]
[*Sigh*, our country is no good after all.]
[But hey, is One guild really a Korean guild? Isn’t it a multi-national guild?]
[That’s right! We didn’t lose against a Korean guild!]

The Japanese users stated conspiracy theories or were using spirit-leaving-the-body-jutsu to deny the reality in front of them. Since Japan had never won against Korea in the game field since a long time ago, these kind of reactions were natural.
Of course, Sanghyuk, who had caused this stir, did not take any interest in the reactions of the two countries at all. At the current point in time, he was only interested in the viewership.
Perhaps due to the incident becoming an issue, the regular broadcast had increased viewership. Although the maximum viewer count stayed level, the average viewer numbers at a given time kept increasing. The ‘goldstars’ that the viewers sent increased by a considerable amount as well.
This meant that the viewers were quite passionate about this.
Currently, the channel that received the most gold stars was naturally channel One.
The special broadcasts (the first and second broadcasts) and two regular broadcasts. Through these four broadcasts, Sanghyuk had received a total of 14,989,742 goldstars.
Considering that each goldstar was around 100 won (10 cents), he had received nearly 1.5 billion won (1.5million USD). Here, Sanghyuk would have to pay 20% as commission to the platform, so the actual amount of money he would get was around 1.2 billion.
The very best live channels in Sanghyuk’s previous life earned around 1 billion average per month, but that was after combining all the income from the paid contents.
Currently, the channel that had the most amount of donations after channel One was channel Rising, and they had received a total of 1,018,244 goldstars. It was barely over 100 million (100K USD). On top of that, their split was 6:4 with the platform, and had to pay 40% as commission to LGN.
Since this was still the beginning stages, it wasn’t at a disappointing level, but there was a very large gap between them and channel One.

[The payment has been finished, so you may go ahead and check. In the future, the money will be counted until the 24th and will be paid on the 28th. As for tax, they will take care of it if you call the number we gave you.]
Kang Mirae’s work process was very neat as Sanghyuk had hoped. She showed all the documents related to the transactions and made it so that he was paid very cleanly. She also introduced him to a very capable tax accountant.
(T/N: I’m not sure, but was Mirae’s surname always Kang? I thought it was Lee…. Kang Mirae is from EER….)
Thanks to that, Sanghyuk was able to finish this month’s transactions with nothing else to do but to check the amount he received.
“Thank you.”
An enormous sum had entered Sanghyuk’s bank account. Of course, it would decrease once he paid tax, but he was able to earn an unimaginable sum in less than one month.
After ending the call with Kang Mirae, Sanghyuk didn’t log into the game and got clothed.
‘I have all this money, not using it would be stupid of me.’
Sanghyuk was planning to buy everything that he had always wanted to get. He got clothed then first bought the most expensive office-tel in Ilsan in a nearby estate agent.
Honestly, he could go to Seoul as well, but there was no reason to, so he decided to keep living in Ilsan.
The good thing about having a lot of money was that everything progressed very fast and that people were very nice to him. In this era, people could check the real prices of housing online, so the agents did not dare over-price things, and they connected to a very good place for a very reasonable price.
Thanks to that, Sanghyuk was able to move his house in merely two hours.
The place he moved to was the suite-room of a latest-style officetel where he could take a view at the entire nearby park. It cost him around 700 million won, but Sanghyuk decided to go with it without any hesitation.
Now that he had a house, Sanghyuk then moved to a German motor exhibit.
‘For my first car, let’s consider safety and comfort first and go with an S-class.’
His first car that he chose was the Benz S-class.
(Note: The translator knows nothing about cars.)
Although he had a favorite car of his own, he decided to buy that at a later time and went with a pretty(?) good S-class.
He had got a driving license to drive just to drive this. Since he had droven in his previous life, he was able to get his driving license without going to a private institute.
Sanghyuk spent around 170 million and bought the Benz S-class.
Although he would have to wait for the car to actually arrive, but in any case, Sanghyuk now possessed a Benz car just like that.
‘In my previous life, I had to suffer through hell for an entire year to get an E-class…… man, life is funny.’
He left the Benz exhibit and grabbed a taxi. Inside, he remembered back to his previous life that he was slowly starting to forget.
‘Money is good.’
The feeling when he visited today to get the S-class was a lot different from what he felt in his previous life when he went there to get an E-class. Of course, their treatment of customers was similar, but their reactions were definitely different. Although it wasn’t big, Sanghyuk was able to feel the difference.
It was the same when he was at the estate agent’s as well. Sanghyuk thought that this was the power of money.
‘Yeah. Having any is better than having none.’
Sanghyuk wasn’t planning on becoming slave to money, but still did not want to live a impoverished life. He had plenty of that in his previous life, which made him detest that kind of life even more.
The place he visited next was the DN Capsule store.
Sanghyuk was extravagant with his spending here as well. Since the game capsule was something he thought as very important, he picked what he knew as the most stable among the latest models.
The price of it was 49 million, but Sanghyuk used a lot of money this time as well. He didn’t stop at just buying the capsule, but requested for special orders personally and that had made the price skyrocket.
Sanghyuk’s special order was very complex and required expertise, so the storekeeper had to call for a special installer and that person was barely able to understand what Sanghyuk was asking.
When Sanghyuk explained the special order, the installer was surprised and even exclaimed later. In the end, Sanghyuk paid for the highest-tier capsule with all the special features he wanted in full, and took a taxi back home.
Having arrived, Sanghyuk called for the movers and called Kang Mirae as well. He was moving in four days, and although his stuff could be carried by him, it was better to inquire about moving the broadcasting equipment to Kang Mirae.
After finishing what he had to do, his day had almost ended. This was probably the longest time he spent without logging into the game.
Perhaps due to that, Sanghyuk felt itchy and entered the capsule without even washing himself.

Having logged in, the first thing that met Sanghyuk was surprisingly a server-wide notification from EL.
EL was very well-known for not notifying players of anything. Actually, it was very rare for a game to be as complete as EL from its launch, so it was a very rare thing to see a notification from EL.
A notification about an ‘update’ like it was doing now, was even rarer.

[Friendly match update]
[Aura system update]
– The contents of the updates can be confirmed through NPCs in the game.

However, they never explained in detail what those updates were about. However, them notifying of players of these updates meant that it was a large-scale one.
Normally, minor updates were take care through NPC rumors without any kind of notifications from them.
‘Friendly match? Aura system?’
However, Sanghyuk’s expression stiffened as soon as he saw the notifications.
‘Leaving aside the friendly match system, the aura system’s here? What’s happening?’
Sanghyuk couldn’t understand.
In his memories, it would take at least 3 months for the friendly match system to be implemented. And leaving that aside, the aura system didn’t make any sense at all.
The implementation of the aura system, which was the prior update to the ‘magic armor’ system was supposed to happen a year later.
Since it was notified that it was going to get updated along with the friendly match system, it was natural for Sanghyuk to be confused.
‘What’s this? Did…… the future change?’
This was the part that Sanghyuk was worried the most about.
Of course, Sanghyuk didn’t think that the future will go as he had remembered.
However, it was still rather surprising for him.
‘Originally, the aura system was supposed to come out when users started to proceed to the Solar continent from the Heroic Lands….. did that change from Hellfire Desert to the Heroic Lands this time?’
Sanghyuk calmly thought about the reason why the aura system had come out so early.
‘In the end, the one who created the change is me. The differences between my previous and current lives have all stemmed from me. Then….. did Chaos, known as the ‘living game system’, pull the date of the update forward because of my existence?’
Sanghyuk utilized all the knowledge he had to predict the reason behind this change. And his predictions were very close to the truth.
A power belonging to Chaos – Time acceleration – one that Chaos had never used in Sanghyuk’s previous life. The reason behind the friendly match system and the aura system was because of time acceleration from Chaos.

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