Chapter 80 [42장] Player Account (1)



@ Player Account.


[Team members are on standby status and can’t apply for battle. If you wish to apply for battle, those who are on standby status will not be able to participate. Do you still wish to enter the battle?]


Sang Hyuk ignored the warning message again and immediately pressed the button to join the battle.

Basically, all battlefields except for the Way of Proof were battling in team, so if you had a team, you could join in.

Of course one person only could not make a team.

It needed 3 to 5 people to make a team to join Shadow Forest which needed a minimum of 3 people and it needed 7 to 12 people to make a team to join Temple of Moon which needed a minimum of 7 people.

Once the team was formed, it was possible to apply for team based battle.

Sang Hyuk targeted the loophole so after he hired NPC mercenaries to fill a team they ended the contract. Basically Sang Hyuk used the NPCs as placeholders.

In fact, this was an obvious bug. In Sang Hyuk’s past life it has been a while until this bug was revealed. It didn’t make sense to participate in the 3 : 3 battle alone, but there were those who had teamed up like this for fun.

But although there will be a lot of gladiators in the future, it was clear that no gladiator would be willing to participate in all the battlefields alone.

So it was only an bug that was meaningful to Sang Hyuk. Of course, Sang Hyuk himself doesn’t know whether he would be blocked by Chaos if he exploited this bug.

In previous life, this bug was revealed, but it was not fixed as people thought it was not a big deal. Rather, it was just left unsolved to for fun.

Anyway, it was nearly 99.99% certain to be discovered because the Chaos system analyzed the game continuously and meticulously.

It was a funny thing to use it as a shortcut because it is a disadvantageous 3 : 1 fight.

In the end, Sang Hyuk entered the Temple of Moon alone.

It was 7 : 1 this time.

Of course, 7 : 1, which was set up round-robin, enemies could be fought one at a time, but it was still not an easy fight because he had to deal with 7 people in a row without break.

But Sang Hyuk, no, the Lone King was confident.


* * * *


Later, the leagues that pro-gamers most wanted to challenge and obviously produced the most fans and highest rating were …….. ‘Way of Proof’ and ‘Shadow Forest’.

Although the popularity of Way of Proof was undeniable, but there was another reason people liked Shadow Forest.

In the few months later the Shadow Forest that now can only be applied as a team, will introduce an individual match system named ‘Random Matching’. And after that, the popularity of Shadow Forest rose extremely high.

It was originally popular as a team battle to some extent, but the possibility of achieving a solo ranking, rather than a team rank made it more popular.

On the other hand, the Temple of Moon was later become popular as a ‘Pro League’ was created so pro-gamers started to team up and fight for team ranking.

Of course, generally seen, the Temple of Moon’s popularity was not low, but because Way of Proof and Shadow Forest were so popular so its popularity seems low.

Unlike the Gladiator Hall, which has a somewhat complicated setup in each battlefield like that, Hall of Mortality has been integrated into the league itself, so the spectator popularity is not important.

The content of Hall of Mortality was not personal achievements but guild achievements.

It was possible to register for an ‘Expedition Map’ as guild unit, after that all battles were ‘expedition’ team VS ‘expedition’ team.

There was only 1 league, but the types of dungeons to be attacked were quite diverse.

There were exactly 16 dungeons prepared at the present stage, but each dungeon has a different entry limit.

Each team was from 3 to 9 people, but who would enter was decided by the expedition team members in the first 5 minutes of preparation.

The characteristic of each dungeon were different, so it was better to strategize  as much as possible.

In that sense, Khun thought that no expedition would be able to defeat ‘Terriculum expedition’ made by the users of Terriculum guild.

If Red Sun had the confidence to win the Gladiator Hall, Khun had it for Hall of Mortality.

It was obvious at least until a week ago.


“We gave up.”

Red Sun shook his head while answered Khun’s question with desperate eyes.


“Is it that serious?”


“Fiuh…. Red Line itself seems to collapse. I feel like my brain got blown up. Not only me but all the guild members with me are in the same state. If I keep pushing it, maybe we’ll endure. And perhaps with the help of Terriculum, we can win a few victories bit by bit. But when I see him, everything is shattered. I think it is better to just give up because of this.”

Red Sun spoke his true feelings.

He really could not endure any longer.


“Haaa….. Seems it’s the same with me.”

Khun who heard Red Sun’s words, muttered with a gentle expression of empathy.


“I know that the situation at the Hall of Mortality is not good….. Is it as bad as ours?”


“Yeah…… Actually, we have not given up yet…… No. I’m not sure whether we gave up. It is the second day and I still can’t join the battle. Because of our guild members’ confidence got shaken badly as well, so once we recover a little, we were going to challenge again. But it is not easy to recover.”

To be honest, even Khun who was saying it, has been struggling for 2 days, but hasn’t recovered his will to fight yet. Just thinking about Hall of Mortality was enough to cause him to shake.

Of course, their condition was a bit better than Red Line. If Red Line was “directly” stepped on by that person, Terriculum was “indirectly” stepped on by him.

Therefore he should have been a little better anyway.

However, if the match is over and the result is generated in front of you, it just the same as being trampled indirectly.

There was always only one person’s name on the result sheet.

The presence who had knocked down Terriculum and shattered Red Line.

It was obviously Lone King.


“Why did exactly the One Guild do that? They did it intentionally, didn’t they?”


“Absolutely intentionally. There are 3 users identified……. but only Lone King alone was sweeping Hall of Mortality and Gladiator Hall……… Perhaps they want to show us the difference in strength so that we give up on our own. And despite our enraged team, their tactics have been very successful.”

Red Sun shook his head with a bitter look.

He did no want to give up like that, but the guild which was shattered here seemed to have been dismantled.


“One Guild ……. is really a scary guild.”

Khun has not refuted Red Sun’s words. He also knew that in the end Terriculum would give up.


“Khun, my guild members and I decided not to reveal the facts about our encounters to anyone. It’s not because we are embarrassed …. It just unfair that it’s only us. Other guilds should suffer a bit.”


“I agree. I’ll tell my guild members to keep silent about it.”

Khun who heard Red Sun’s words, nodded naturally.

Two people connected heart to heart based on shared misery. But if they don’t do that, they might not be able to bear it because it was so unfair and frustrating.


* * * *


About four days after Red Line gave up the competition, Terriculum also gave up. They lasted for about 10 days, but in fact, these 10 days were very hard for not only Lone King but also Sang Hyuk.

The only way Sang Hyuk could deal with Red Line and Terriculum was to reduce the time for sleep and breaks, finish all necessary things as quickly as possible, then spend all the remaining time in Gladiator Hall and Hall of Mortality.

In other word, it is only 1 body, but it seems like 10 bodies.

In fact, if Red Line and Terriculum had fought and stretched out their encounters to the end, Sang Hyuk might have been in a very hard situation.

Of course, as a result, Sang Hyuk won, but it was not an easy win.

The reason why this victory is so sweet is that the league was created on March 15, 2029.

The league is reset once a month, but this month was counted not from the creation date, it is the based on the calendar date.

The league ended on March 31 and from April 1st the preparation period ran for 4 days before the new league started, so there was a pre-season interval. Then the new league started again from April 5th.

In other words …….. if he waits only 4 days after the 31st, he keeps his current ranking score, it means that Sang Hyuk will keep his rankings for all of the Gladiator Hall as well as Hall of Mortality.


“Are you really giving up now? Fiuh, Anyway i must sleep for a while.”

In this situation he had to be ready in case of any surprises, so Sang Hyuk couldn’t be at ease and sleep. He was too tired in reality, not just in the game.

Sang Hyuk who has logged out and slept for an hour, woke up again and connected again. And he looked at Gladiator Hall and Hall of Mortality.

Fortunately, nothing changed.

Sang Hyuk ended the connection again after simply checking it. He at least had some sleep today and he was going to keep checking.


Four days passed in a flash. For four days Sang Hyuk waited and kept on looking at the Gladiator Hall and Hall of Mortality. He already had enough difference in the ranking points, but he thought just in case, and even while catching up on sleep, he kept checking and was not careless until the end.

After four days, after the half month season, the league finally has ended.

The results were all EL’s first leagues, and surprisingly the winners of the leagues were all the same.


The first opened ‘EL’ league in Gladiator Hall and Hall of Mortality ended.

Way of Proof’s 1st ranking ‘Lone King’.

Shadow Forest’s 1st ranking ‘Lone King’.

Temple of Moon’s 1st ranking ‘Lone King’.

Gladiator Hall Killing Point 1st ranking ‘Lone King’.

Gladiator Hall Integrated 1st ranking ‘Lone King’.

Hall of Mortality Raid Point 1st ranking ‘Lone King’.

Hall of Mortality Cumulative Damage 1st ranking ‘Lone King’.

Hall of Mortality Integrated 1st ranking ‘Lone King’.

  • •••••
  • •••••


In fact, Lone King swept all the first rankings in the two places.


When he won Gladiator Hall integrated 1st ranking, he acquired the unique grade title ‘King of Sword’.

When he won Hall of Mortality integrated 1st ranking, he acquired the unique grade title ‘The Perfect Hunting Machine’.

Against a large number of enemies, he won 20 times in a row without help. This is a clear achievement. He got the unique rating title, ‘Lone Wolf’.

There are all 44 rankings in total for both halls. And he ranked first in all 44 rankings. This was an achievement that nobody would dare to pass. He won the legendary title ‘I am Legend!’.



Sang Hyuk was very surprised to see the rewards. The titles he could have expected were just the King of Sword and the Hunting Machine. In fact, it was unreasonably hard enough with that.

But now, that kind of unreasonably hard achievement became a big help to Sang Hyuk, The last thing to obtained was a legendary title.

It was very clear that it was hard to get that title no matter how much money spent.



Chapter 80 [42장] Player Account (1)   End


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