Chapter 81 [42장] Player Account (2)



Title – ‘I am Legend!’

Rating: Legend

Explanation: How can it be possible to rank 1st in both Gladiator Hall and Hall of Mortality? It is virtually impossible that this will ever happen again. This is a great achievement. Your achievement will be remembered for eternity.

Effects – [Prefix: All ability in Gladiator Hall increased by 30%.] [Suffix: All ability in Hall of Mortality increased by 30%.] [Sustainable Effect:<The Legend Itself (S) If you win in Gladiator Hall and Hall of Mortality, you can get a legendary piece. When you collect 100 pieces, you can create the Legendary Seal and the Legendary Seal can be exchanged for a ‘Fantasy Elixir’ that permanently raises all of your abilities by 1%.>]


Title – ‘Lone Wolf’

Rating: Unique

Explanation: It is very difficult to face a large number of people alone. Defeating such a group is even more difficult. But if it happens 20 times in a row…. It is a praiseworthy achievement.

Effect: [Prefix: None] [Suffix: None] [Sustainable Effect: <The Alone (S): All damage received by solo player is reduced by 14%.>]


Title – ‘The Perfect Hunting Machine’

Rating: Unique

Explanation: The first ‘winner’ in the Hall of Mortality. As always, the first is a special case.

Effect – [Prefix: Increases the attack power by 10% in Hall of Mortality.] [Suffix: Increases the defense power by 10% in Hall of Mortality.] [Sustainable Effect: <The Prey is Caught! (A) Whenever a monster is defeated in Hall of Mortality, Stamina, HP, and vitality is restored by 3%.>


Title – ‘The King of Swords’

Rating: Unique

Explanation: The first ‘winner’ in Gladiator Hall. As always, the first is a special case.

Effect: [Prefix: Increases the chance of critical hit by 10%.] [Suffix: Increases critical damage by 50%.] [Sustainable Effect: <The King’s Teaching (A): Each time you attack and kill in Gladiator Hall, the chance for critical hit increase by 5% while critical hit damage increases by 20%. It can be accumulated up to maximum 50%/200% (10 kills) and if you die you be initialized back to 0% (0 kills).>]


Sang Hyuk, who looked at the titles he gained, made a very satisfied expression. There was nothing to throw away.

The ‘Fantasy Elixir’ that gained through the legendary title, was a legendary class elixir. Just because this was calculated separately from the ‘spiritual pills’, the effect was added to it. To make it simple, it means that you can raise basic abilities up to +200 if you take both the spiritual pills and the fantasy elixir.


Of course, it was very hard to get the Fantasy Elixir.

So the title ‘I am Legend!’ was a really great thing.

Sang Hyuk would use all these titles which had similar effects.


“There is reward for hard work for sure.”

Sang Hyuk laughed pleasantly and nodded.

Even for Sang Hyuk, it was hard to wipe out both Gladiator Hall and Hall of Mortality. It was almost impossible because of lack of time.

It was possible to get 1st in all places this season only because the number of participant in the league was so small.

When the number of participant increased and there were more matches, it was impossible to sweep all the first place even if it was Sang Hyuk.

In other words, it means this was the only chance to have the title ‘I am Legend!’.

Of course, Sang Hyuk had not exactly known that there would be such a title to win. He had decided to challenge it with the vague thought that something good might come out if he just swept the first place.


“Now the seal of Path to Death slowly getting unlocked. If it like this, the number of user in both halls will quickly increase and it will be impossible to do everything alone, right?”

At the moment Sang Hyuk was thinking about this, another guild or union had almost made it through the Path to Death…


“Let’s not work too hard and for a while let’s focus only on Way of Proof and Shadow Forest.”

Because the popularity of these 2 battlefields will not increase nor decrease even as time goes by, so by focusing on them Sang Hyuk had a lot of things to gain.

The reward that Sang Hyuk received as a winner of the 1-1 season was not just a title.

He received lots of integrated ranking points as a winner.

Although ranking points exist differently for each battlefield, in the end, the thing that the users were the most concerned was the integrated ranking points.

The integrated points from Gladiator Hall (Gladiator) and the integrated points from the Hall of Mortality (Mortality).

These 2 integrated points are what users will be most concerned about in the future.

Ranking points for each battlefield were initialized to zero for each season, but integrated ranking points were not reset until the new integrated season was opened.*

The integrated season was told by the front number. Note that the second integrated season was held as the second dimensional planet appeared after the third year, so it is 1-1, 1-2, 1-3 for a while…. It was scheduled only after the individual seasons like that.

If so, what would be good if the integrated ranking point get increased?

The answer for it was in the ‘Hall of Glory’ that exist in the Gladiator Hall and Hall of Mortality.

The Hall of Glory was a sort of store.

Of course, it was not an ordinary store. In Hall of Glory, the various kinds of grades of items ranged from general items to mythical items. But to purchase the items for Hall of Glory, there was one condition.

It is your Integrated Ranking Point!

According to the integrated ranking point of the users who call for ‘Hall of Glory’, the items changed.

All items are purchased by gold but the price was very low. This was not available to everyone, but if the ranking points was enough, it can be bought without problems.

Note that, not all the items in the Hall of Glory were available for immediate purchase.

The user who have the highest integrated ranking point in all of the 2 Halls now was absolutely Sang Hyuk. It was not only high but extremely high. But even Sang Hyuk could only purchase magic rated items now.

It meant that it would take more time for the items in the Hall of Glory to be meaningful for the average users.


* * * *


“Think about it well. This is not a joke, if you go out like this, Gilma-hyung* will make an uproar and punish you thoroughly.”

Dublack spoke the truth. But Gye Baek who was listening to it, did not seem to change his mind.


“Is he going to kill me? I don’t care. Whatever you say, I will not change my mind. That son of a b*tch, who let others take his hits for him, left the survivors and changed ship, is no longer a guild master for me.”

Gye Baek speaks firmly. He was really angry.


“At first since joining Line Dark, we have told all new guild members that because they were not skilled, their job is to be the meat shields in the front.”


“I said I’ll admit that one. But why did only our guild get the worst in the Path to Death? And if most of the guild members are dead and only a few users have passed through Path to Death, are you not supposed to take care of the dead guild members? Why did suddenly Gilma and the elite users who passed through the Path to Death have to leave and go to another guild?”


“That, that is for the better future ……….”


“Aah, f**k it. Hyung too, don’t contact me anymore. Because hyung is at least human that this conversation exists. Whether cleaning up this mess or put a reward on my neck, just don’t call me. Well, you will not be able to contact me because I will block everything anyway. It’s only today I use honorifics to hyung. Do not expect such things in the future.”


“Aren’t you too cocky just because you have some talent?”

When Gye Baek replied this way, Dublack was also pissed off. But it was only up to a point.


“So what? Are you trying to fight with me?”

With those words,  Gye Baek’s eyes instantly became cold without doubt.

Dublack was a person who knew Gye Baek’s skills better than anybody, so he could not do anything.

“Tell my guild brothers in Morning Dew*, that neck someday will separate by itself.”*

Gye Baek was a person who regarded humanity and justice as very important. Therefore, he could not work together anymore with the garbage that had betrayed him.

Of course, rejecting Morning Dew’s proposal is to ultimately make enemies of Line Dark, if it happens, his game life in the future could be very hard and tiring.

But even though he knew it, he boldly rejected Morning Dew’s proposal. He was not able to forget humanity and justice to avoid difficulty.

It was the same as rejecting the life of Gye Baek, no, Yoon Dae Hoon.


Gye Baek who parted with Dublack tried to arrange his thoughts calmly.


“If it is the shitty small minded people in Morning Dew, certainly they would not be still…… Slaughtering them is not a scary thing, but if I continue for no reason, seems the problem will get worse.”

Gye Baek was not afraid of fighting. But if he kept fighting Morning Dew, he would develop worse relation with Line Dark.

No matter if it is Gye Baek, battle with the whole Line alone was troublesome. If he got on the bad side of the Line, he might need to create a new account.


“I have to hide for a while tho……..”

However, because he suffered so much there was no thought to leave the Heroic Lands. He does not want to leave the Heroic Lands and he needs to lie low…….. There was only one place to meet both conditions.


“Well, it happened already, so let’s get into it whether it is Way of Proof or anything else.”

Gye Baek was a user who loved PvP very much. And even his skill was very good. That’s why he had wanted to go to Gladiator Hall since long ago.

Anyway because after Gladiator registration he was able to apply for battle anywhere, so if he hid in a right place and kept on entering ‘Way of Proof’ only, even after Line Dark decide to step on him, they can not do anything to Gye Baek.


“If I play there for a few months, they’ll be quiet,right.”

In fact, even if Morning Dew joined Dark Dragon, the core guild of Line Dark, there was little chance of causing a ruckus there.

It meant Line Dark’s interest in him was possibly high only in this moment.

When he put these several facts together, Gye Baek’s choice was very likely to be a very good one.


* * * *


[…3, 2, 1, 0. summoned to the battlefield.]


Although it was the pre-season that did not raise ranking points, the reasons for the Lone King entering the Way of Proof were obviously because of the legendary title ‘I am Legend!’.

Even if the ranking point did not raise, he would get Legendary pieces, so he thought he had to collect more of it to make the Legendary Seal quickly and get the Fantasy Elixir with it.


“Why does it open so quickly today?”

Way of Proof was rarely opened yesterday because it was a pre-season. However, today the game was started almost at the same time with the application.

sfx: heavy rain

This time was the meadow with heavy rain. The grassy-style battlefield like that was the Lone King’s favorite place.

Usually this style of battlefield was called ‘Speed Game’. The faster he finished the game, the more games he was able to play, the more games, or more accurately the more winnings he can gather make the Lone King naturally prefer this kind of style.

Although it was raining a lot, for a user of Lone King’s level, this kind of rain was not a hindrance.

Lone King ran forward through the heavy rain.

sfx: wet steps

How long did he run? It was easier than expected to find an opponent. The average user usually did not run forward like this in this kind of battlefield, but his opponent seemed to be running forward just like the Lone King.

Anyway, when the Lone King and his opponent recognized each other, the battle began. There was no such a thing as a conversation.

In fact, it was funny to talk. At least in this space, Lone King and his opponent met to fight, and as soon as they met, they pointed their swords toward each other.

Clank, as the Lone King pulled out Ogreslayer, his opponent also pulled out his weapon.

To be more exact, he did not pulled it out, he summoned it.

The weapon he summoned, which called ‘soul beads’, was the characteristic weapon of the battle magician.

There are so many different types of EL magicians, one of them called battle magician (War Meiji), just like the name, was the one who learned the magics specialized to battle.

They mainly used weapons such as ‘Soul Beads’ or ‘Blade Staff’ and ‘Grimoire’ as their main weapon, and according to the weapon they used, the characteristics were different.

For the battle magician using the Blade Staff, they mainly used assist spells. When they chose their ancient knowledge, they used one soul hole for the battle magician system while the other soul hole was used for an ancient knowledge that unleash the skills of spear-fighting system.

Their physical skill and their skill to maximize efficiency through spell were their characteristics.

And the battle magician who use the Grimoire were mainly ‘wide area attack’ expert magicians who played in large-scale battles. Most of their magic was not suitable for small battles because their casting time was long and they had to hold their ‘Grimoire’ while using it.

The last one, battle magician who use soul beads, were fighting with their unique style using variety of spells. In other words, they are the one who were supposed to be called the real battle magicians.

Once the soul beads have been summoned, the magician’s hands are freed because the beads turn around the owner’s body. The fact that both hands are free means that he can freely use ‘quick’ magic through the beads.

Although the use of quick magic has reduced the power and range, it was essential in real battle.

Now the user against the Lone King, Gye Baek, is a battle magician who use soul beads.

He was not just a battle magician, he was a superior top-class battle magician.

Is that so? In the eyes of Lone King’s rival were overflowing with confidence.



Chapter 81 [42장] Player Account(2) End


*Editor’s Note: As far as I can figure out, since the combined ranking points won’t be reset to zero (as a new integrated season starts) until the third year of EL service, Sang Hyuk’s lead in combined ranking points is almost unbeatable.  For at least two more years.


*Hyung means elder brother.


* Editor’s Note: As far as I can tell, “Morning Dew” is Gye Baek’s guild.


*Editor’s Note: Gye Baek is saying that the guild (Morning Dew) has sown the seeds of their own destruction, and sooner or later they’re going to be destroyed. (in a poetic way)


Editor: Userunfriendly



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