Chapter 82 [43장] Fiery Man who doesn’t know giving up (1)



@ Fiery Man who doesn’t know giving up


“The Lone King of One Guild… Never heard of him, but because it is the One guild, I have to be careful, right?”

Rather than the name Lone King, Gye Baek focused more on the One guild he belonged to. One guild was one of the best elite guilds, also known as “a hundred in One”, no “a thousand in One”.

That’s why they could not be underestimated.

After Gye Baek pulled out his soul bead named ‘Five-Tailed Fox’, he moved the fingers of his right hand and the fingers of his left hand differently to complete two different quick magics.

One was ‘Ice Debris’ that could be called a jab in boxing and the other one was ‘Frozen Air’ that could tied up the opponent’s feet by freezing them.

The two skills were a combination that Gye Baek often used because he can get a link bonus from them.


“First, let’s freeze the feet…”

Gye Baek tried to freeze Lone King’s feet with the Frozen Air. But, when he tried to use the quick magic for Frozen Air, a thrown dagger from the Lone King struck.

The power itself did not seem too powerful. But the timing was so skillful. Quick Magic was a magic that extremely reduced the casting time by choosing the suffix effect, so the casting time was very short.

The casting time of Frozen Air that he used was about 0.7 seconds only. But the dagger hit during those 0.7 seconds.


Although the dagger did not strike Gye Baek directly and struck in front of Gye Baek’s feet, it was enough to disturb the casting. Thanks to it, Gye Baek could not cast the Frozen Air perfectly.

whoosh, tzing tzing tzing!

The frozen air struck slightly further than the point Gye Baek wanted, and as a result, Lone King avoided the frozen air easily.


“Coincidence, right?”

Gye Baek shook his head slightly and Ice Debris flew immediately. Ice Debris was a magic that could be instantly cast as a quick magic, so there was no risk of interruption.

But this time, as soon as Ice Debris popped out of Gye Baek’s hands, it was accurately cut in half.


It was not easy to cut the Ice Debris that flew nearly instantaneously at almost 200 km/h.

The technique that Lone King used is one of representative skills of the Shadow Knight, ‘Black Dragon Sword’. It was a very difficult Soul Skill requiring delicate control.

The Black Dragon Sword could be said to be a ‘defensive’ attack.

It was a sort of active defense. Without attacking the opponent directly, by distracting a mage with a thrown weapon or simply deflecting the magic with your blade, this blocked the flow of attack and produced an effective defense.


“This isn’t a joke, right?”

At that moment, a cold sweat running down the Gye Baek’s spine.

This is the way an expert recognized an expert. Of course, only with 2 attacks Gye Baek immediately noticed the skill of his opponent.

But, he was not Gye Baek who give up easily.

Gye Baek quickly withdrew back using ‘Wind Walk’. Wind Walk was one of the basics for a battle magician, so Gye Baek’s magic spell was simple and quick.

pat pat pat!

Gye Baek who retreated a few meters in a flash, looked at Lone King with both hands holding the beads.

The ancient knowledges of Gye Baek was ‘Ice-Element Wizard’ and ‘Blood Mage’.

The Ice-Element Wizard now has grown to 5 levels and the Blood Mage has grown to 4 levels.

Ancient knowledge of the wizard series was able to grow in levels like this, but there were limits in the ancient knowledge.

Gye Baek’s Ice-Element Wizard was capped at 8 levels and Blood Mage was capped at 7 levels. The interesting thing is all users who learned the ancient knowledge of mage-series were able to choose 1 – 2 levels of ‘General Magic’.

One user could choose up to 7 spells of general magic, but they have to choose them well. The Wind Walk that Gye Baek used just now was one of the common general magics.

“Ice Spear and Blood Hand!”

Gye Baek’s choice was Ice Spear, a level-3 Ice-Element Magic and Blood Hand, a level-3 Blood Magic.

Both of them were level-3 magic, so even if he cast as quick magic through the bead, it needed 1 second and 0.9 seconds casting time each. However, Gye Baek did double casting at the same time and reduced the cast time as much as possible.

Double Casting was only possible when you were producing different quick magic in both hands like now but it could be done only with a 250 VRA minimum.

In fact, even if the VRA was high, it could not be done if the disposition did not match. Double casting is only possible for a few users who are often said for being a born magician… Gye Baek did this double casting faster and more accurately than anyone else.

Widening the distance and double casting happened almost in the same time. That’s why Gye Baek thought that he would not be blocked by his opponent this time.


“Held by Blood Hand and penetrated by Ice Spear!”

The combination of Blood Hand and Ice Spear was very simple and powerful.

Especially if the double casting could be done perfectly like Gye Baek has done, it can be felt as one skill because both skills executed at the same time.

If it was a normal opponent, the moment the 2 spells were completed, the opponent would react in one of two ways. It was a very natural reaction to make a violent maneuver to dodge the attack or to take a defensive posture to block the attack.

But Lone King was different.

He did not dodge nor did he block it.

He just…endured it.

Rat-a-tat, slaam!

Lone King pushed forward through the Blood Hand and Ice Spear like bulldozer.

Actually, it was a nonsense scene. With the Blood Hand wrapped around his body and the Ice Spear stuck accurately in his head, he should have either collapsed or fallen down, at the least with this amount of damage his body should be shaken or pushed back.

That was normal.

But the Lone King, without bothering to defend at all, just took the two spells. In return, the Lone King gained distance and time.

He quickly closed the distance faster than he should be able to. Then at the moment of attack, the Lone King struck with his sword without hesitation.



Gye Baek was astonished by the unexpected counterattack of his opponent and twisted his body in a flash. Then at the same time, completed the spell quickly with his right hand.

People can tell by this that Gye Baek was not a regular user. In this situation, it seemed natural that no one could even react properly and Lone King’s sword would penetrate the heart.

But, at this moment Gye Baek responded. Although it might be late, he would not give up until the end.

The fastest spell that Gye Baek could choose in this moment was the level-2 spell, ‘Freezing’.

Gye Baek knew it well that it was impossible to avoid or block Lone King’s sword. So he froze the sword and weaken the sword’s piercing power as much as possible, while at the same time twisted his body to avoid a full strike on his vitals.

This was Gye Baek’s best option.

Tzing tzing tzing! Thwaackk!

It was a short moment, but Gye Baek managed to cast Freezing in time, and Ogreslayer froze. However, Lone King stabbed Gye Baek’s body with Ogreslayer, whether it was frozen or not.

Because he twisted his body quickly, Gye Baek avoided the strike to his heart. Instead, the sword penetrated his lungs.

Gye Baek believed that if this was the case, he could avoid fatal blows as much as possible and might even try to counterattack. But…when Lone King’s attack became a critical hit, all of those thoughts disappeared like bubbles.


Sfx: heavy breathing

In a flash, Gye Baek’s health dropped from 100% to 20%. And of course, a strong stiffness surrounded Gye Baek’s body.


“What, what is this…”

The first thing that came to Gye Baek’s mind, who could not move his body because of the stiffness effect, was “This is nonsense.”.

It really did not make sense. By avoiding very quickly and moreover using Freezing spell he had considerably reduced the damage. But nevertheless, the critical strike has blown most of Gye Baek’s life.

Gye Baek, whose body was petrified and completely stiff, was like a sandbag for Lone King.

Thwaaack, thwoock!

Lone King, with a nonchalant expression, pulled out his sword from Gye Baek’s lungs and immediately stabbed it into his heart.

There was no personal feeling. He just killed his opponent for victory.

Sfx: fallen body.

Gye Baek fell to the ground. Until the moment he fell, he still could not understand this situation.


“What was that? Was it possible? For sure? Really?”

Even if the opponent was a guild member of One Guild, Gye Baek could hardly accept that he was so easily defeated. But because he still hadn’t lost the match, he thought he should try to fight Lone King again.

Gye Baek rushed back after resurrection.

He never intended to be defeated ridiculously like this.


Even when people said that the world doesn’t work as you want, Gye Baek thought it was too much.

In conclusion, Gye Baek was defeated 4 times in a row since his first defeat. It was a series of gruesome defeats that were not much different from the first defeat.

He was beaten like that from the first clash.

Of course, Gye Baek could not understand the results. He not only became very competitive but also more stubborn.

So, he did not hesitate and immediately applied for battle in ‘Way of Proof’.

Then he lost 31 times in 5 hours. The one who inflicted 31 straight defeats was the Lone King. The Lone King had beaten Gye Baek without a single loss.

With a 31 defeat losing streak, Gye Baek’s mentality got shattered into pieces. In particular, not just simply 31 defeats, but all 31 battles were defeated with a ‘5 : 0’ kill score.

He was unable to kill Lone King even once.

He could not even inflict on the Lone King proper damage.

In this situation, Gye Baek was almost out of his mind.

Gye Baek was a well-known PvP user. If the battle magicians were picked, he was always in the first 3 as a true top class player.

He was so thoroughly trampled.

Based on the results, it seemed that he could not win no matter how much he kept challenging. Of course, if he was a normal user, when encountering 10 straight defeats in a row, he would obviously give up and would not challenge anymore.

But Gye Baek did not give up.

Even with 31 defeats and his confidence shattered, he still did not think of giving up. For him, his shattered confidence and refusing a challenge were 2 different stories.


“Fiuh… I will not give up!”

Because Gye Baek was exhausted mentally, he was going to rest for just 10 minutes and try it again.

Fiery man who doesn’t know giving up.

He was Gye Baek.


* * * *


“Warlord Gye Baek… I will meet you here.”

Sang Hyuk closed the battle application window and muttered with smile.

He knew who Gye Baek was.

Gye Baek was a figure who had been written in EL PvP history as ‘the Warlord’ and later as an active pro-gamer who proud of his excellent skills.

He did not have any special contact with Sang Hyuk. It was just few simple greetings here and there. The teams themselves were different and moreover their main activities timeslots were also different.

When Sang Hyuk was making his name as a senior player, Gye Baek was no longer playing as a pro-gamer and slowly turned to play-for-fun mode.

So they did not have a chance to make a relationship.

But Sang Hyuk knew very well what kind of person was Gye Baek. He was so famous and many pro-gamers have heard a lot about him.


“At that time, to summarize him in one word…Good Man. It was hard to hear bad reviews about him.”

Occasionally there were some people gossiped him, but when Sang hyuk saw them, those who were gossiping were often weird guys.


“He’s a figure who can be one of the legends of EL, though… Did I stepped on him too hard?”

Even though Gye Baek was a very great user, he could never be a match to Sang Hyuk now. Gye Baek could never defeat Sang Hyuk because of the huge gap in experience even though Gye Baek has level-2 control.


“31 times… Have you been given up now? I heard that you are a very fiery gamer who does not know how to give up, tho…”

Sang Hyuk quietly hoped that Gye Baek would continue to challenge. To be honest, the matches against Gye Baek was a real ‘Speed Game’ that ended between 7 to 9 minutes, so for Sang Hyuk he was a good opponent without a doubt.

How long do i need to wait?

Finally, the battle was started and opened a match window.

And then at that time…

Sang Hyuk smiled pleasantly.

The name ‘Gye Baek’ floated on the match window.

Gye Baek was indeed a fiery gamer who didn’t know how to give up as he had heard from his previous life.



Chapter 82 [43장] Fiery Man who doesn’t know giving up (1) – End


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