Chapter 83 [Episode 43] Fiery Man who doesn’t know giving up (2)



Fortunately, Gye Baek’s losing streak ended. But it was not the end of the losing streaks caused by the Lone King. In the 45th battle, the battle was against a user other than Lone King, and Gye Baek crushed him and released some of his frustration.

And then again the string of continuous defeats …

During the next 4 days, he met another user and the second long losing streak was discontinued, but by that time he had lost almost 200 times to the Lone King.

Gye Baek never gave up, though he would have given up at least a few times if he had been a regular user.

Gye Baek who never give up! The miracle for him …… would not happen.

Fighting! Crashhh!

One blade, that flashed out of the darkness, pierced Gye Baek’s heart ‘again’.


“F*ck ….. I was expecting that, tho…….”

The first thing came out of Gye Baek, whose heart got pierced, was swearing. When darkness fell on the battlefield, was when he had to be the most careful of the Lone King’s surprise attacks. Gye Baek had counted separately for that thing only, so he knew that it had been more than a 100 times.

But although he knew it and he had been careful, it happened again…

It was a real crazy and thrilling situation.

This time, when the critical hit burst, 100% of his health disappeared in one blow.

It was such a familiar scene for Gye Baek he no longer was surprised.

When Sang Hyuk’s critical hit struck, he died. Against the Lone King, this was like a formula.

Gye Baek thought that the opponent had a special skill related to critical hits and his equipment’s settings were also optimized for critical hits. Say it like that, he could understand it, but it was a nonsense-level damage and there was nothing that could be done.


Gye Baek once again fell to the floor and after resurrection, once again got up, and once again started fighting against the Lone King. Gye Baek was really beginning to feel like a chewed-on rubber toy.


* * * *


“Warlord is warlord for sure.”

Sang Hyuk, who won the battle, logged out to prepare for the broadcast. Sang Hyuk admired Gye Baek in 2 things ….. The first, was the incredible tenacity to not give up and the second was Gye Baek continuously improved his skills after every battle, though it was very small amount.


“Next, it’s a counterattack …… I certainly feel accustomed to some extent with Lone King’s attack patterns.”

Of course, Gye Baek still was not fit to be Lone King’s opponent just because of that. It was impossible to overtake the Lone King just by being familiar with his tactics because the gap of their basic ability was so big.

But the fact that Gye Baek was able to resist his attacks even a little was certainly proof that he was an outstanding user.

It was very difficult to get accustomed to Lone king’s movements for a normal user, no, even for an advanced user.


“For me, thanks to you I can practice my skill combination or various controls to the fullest, so it was good for both of us. ….. Oh, not for Gye Baek.”

Sang Hyuk had a bitter smile at the appearance of Gye Baek who encountered 200 defeats at his hands. Sang Hyuk thought for a moment what would he do if he was Gye Baek.


“It’s too much. Even I, would give up if I lost a 100 times.”

Sang Hyuk would not lose to anyone in term of patience, but he was not confident he could be as patient as Gye Baek.

He obtained 2 Fantasy Elixir thanks to Gye Baek. Thanks to the double plus (++) rating on one bottle, which undoubtedly was because it was the first time that Fantasy Elixir had been won, Sang Hyuk  raise all his skill stats to +4 permanently with the 2 Fantasy Elixirs.

In the meantime, Sang Hyuk who continued to steadily grind monsters in the Grave of Sword King for the spiritual pills, eventually cleared it a thousand times, which is the maximum number of clears.

Sang Hyuk cleared the Grave of the Sword King for the 1000th time and got 174 spiritual pills.

This number that exceeded the target of 150 was a satisfying result. The number of spiritual pills was important, but he liked the variety more.

28 Magic Pills, 37 Agility Pills, 26 Strength Pills, 21 Intelligence Pills, 22 Wisdom Pills, 21 Vitality Pills, 19 Charisma Pills.

Sang Hyuk had the most number of Agility pills, that he needed the most, followed by the Magic Pills and Strength Pills. If it was like this, it really was an excellent result.

Did I get enough Spiritual Pills? Sang Hyuk’s basic abilities became even more powerful. Sang Hyuk has a lot of skills that work together synergistically, so the effect of the medicines were maximized.

In other words, Sang Hyuk had sucked out all the juice.


“Now slowly through Gold Mountain, time to start selling dungeon tickets.”

One of Sang Hyuk’s business items, the Dungeon Ticket was supposed to start from the ‘Hurricane Hole’, which he had found long ago. After finding more secret dungeons since Hurricane Hole, he was thinking of selling dungeon tickets as one of the main businesses of Gold Mountain.


“There are lots to do …. but no time. In this situation, seems it will be great if I have 2 bodies.”

Thanks to Gye Baek’s unstoppable challenge, Sang Hyuk has practically lived in Way of Proof for four days, so his neglected work had piled up. Sang Hyuk finished his work early and he was planning to face Gye Baek again.

It was fun to fight against Gye Baek more than the others.

Although Gye Baek certainly could not become a serious opponent for Sang Hyuk, but the improvements that he has shown every time has made Sang Hyuk very pleased.

Sang Hyuk, who had finished preparing for the broadcast, came back to the game for a while.

He hired two B-grade NPC merchants to join Gold Mountain. Of course, they were NPCs who would sell dungeon tickets for Hurricane Hole.

The tickets will be sold at Tirune, the largest metropolis city on Heroic Lands, with one NPC at the Sales office and one at Hurricane Hole. That was the plan to place the two people like that.

Because it was a simple task, B-grade NPC was enough.

Sang Hyuk, who had finished all other things, came out once again for the broadcast.

Gye Baek decided, in the end, he’d have to watch the broadcast.


Finally the Lone King appeared on the One channel today.

The broadcaster introduced Lone King as ‘The Invincible Hunter’. Right after the new member of One Guild has been introduced, the audience cheered.

Some users already knew the secret story about the gruesome defeat of Red Line and Terriculum, and moreover they knew that the only user who trampled them was the Lone King.

However, because there were viewers who did not know about the existence of the Lone King, most of the viewers were totally looking forward to watch the next video.

It started with Red Sun’s fight in Way of Proof.

Of course, Red Sun’s appearance was completely covered by filtering function. However, the chat window already revealed his true identity.

Most of the users were happy when they saw Red Sun get trampled on by the Lone King. Because Red Sun’s reputation was not so good, so they seem to feel more enthusiastic about his defeat.

The video continued to play, followed by Way of Proof, Shadow Forest to Temple of Moon, where Lone King chewed on everything in the Gladiator Hall alone.

And the reaction of course was a blast.

People instinctively liked the underdog. Therefore, Lone King, who faced lots of people alone, obviously received the enthusiastic support of viewers.

In fact, it was reasonable that they would be upset when the Lone King trampled on Red Line hard. But the viewers thought that the weaker side was of course Lone King as he was alone.

Although the reality was the opposite, but the viewers did not care about that detail at all. They just accepted whatever scene their eyes watched as it was shown.

The scene where the minority pushed over the majority, was always exciting. Especially, because it was not just pushed over but slaughtering until everyone was shattered, the viewers were so excited that they showered Sang Hyuk with gold stars.

It was the Channel One which though its rating had been dropping lately but it started to explosively increase again today.


[Ooo! It is the appearance of new monster!]


[Lone King? Even the name is so sick. Absolutely a Korean user, right?]


[Based on the look and name, 99% Korean user.]


[Obviously, the One Guild is surely a Korean Guild. But foreigners kept denying this fact.]


[In their eyes, there’s reason for dissatisfaction because EL’s strongest Guild is a Korean Guild. In fact, more than half of the famous guilds from EL are Korean guilds.]


[The game is unique to Koreans, though. Especially, EL is a game made in Korea.]


[Waow, but is it even possible even though it was one of the One Guild’s monsters? How can he trample on three people by himself? What’s his level anyway?]


[I am more curious about the soul than the level, though…… Maybe the Lone King is a triple soul?]


[uh uh, no matter what triple soul is exaggerating. Even double soul now requires a lot of karma to raise the level…. I think, triple is impossible.]


[We’ll never know, maybe he had figured out something?]


[No way, it’s likely Double Soul. Based on the skills he used, it doesn’t even seem like he has many souls.]


[That’s not important.  Just shut up and watch it.]


  • •••••
  • •••••


The appearance of a new strong man was an enjoyable show for most viewers who had nothing to do with the elite player’s world anyway.

One Guild’s Lone King.

Through today’s broadcast, he was called a ‘monster’ like the other members of the One Guild.


* * * *


After the broadcast, Sang Hyuk went straight to the game. Normally, he would have a look at the viewers trending topics and search for broadcasts from various communities, but he did not do it today.

As soon as he got into the game, he applied right away for battle in Way of Proof. Then the battle with Gye Baek began as if he had been waiting.

Gye Baek really did not give up until the end. Whatever Sang Hyuk did, Gye Baek always waited for Sang Hyuk in Way of Proof. The interesting thing was the ranking of Way of Proof.

Of course, it was Lone King who kept the first place with no losses. But at the second place was Gye Baek, who kept trying to bring the Lone King down like crazy.

98 win 947 loss.

It was Gye Baek’s performance in the Way of Proof, which he recorded without rest during the pre-season interval. Of course, 947 loss was the number of defeats against the Lone King.

By the way, Gye Baek, who has more defeats than victories, should not be the second place. But, he was able to be in second place because Lone King’s ranking in Way of Proof was too high.

If the ranking has more than a certain level difference, the defeated would not lose points even when they lost. So even though Gye Baek kept losing to the Lone King, he has not lost even one ranking point.

Instead, because Gye Baek won against all other users except Lone King, it was natural for him to be the second place.

After all, between The Only God, the Lone King, and the Strongest Human Being, Gye Baek, Way of Proof became a place where these two people dominated absolutely.

To become the Top Ranker in Way of Proof, you not only had to defeat the Lone King, The Only God, you also had to overcome Gye Baek, who was worth seeing aside from the ranking.

There were still ten more days for the 1-2 season to end, but there were many opinions that the first and second places had already been decided. Of course, now the numbers of users, who were passing through Path to Death and continued to Heroic Lands, is increasing rapidly, but it seems that Lone King and Gye Baek’s strong positions would not change.


“He’s a really interesting guy …….”

After finishing another battle in Way of Proof, Sang hyuk was laughing with an interesting expression.

This time as well, Lone King’s opponent was Gye Baek. And as expected, handily defeated to 5 : 0. However, there were many interesting parts in this battle.

Especially, using strategy like ‘give my flesh for the bones of the enemy’, Gye Baek had impressed Sang Hyuk by landing his first proper and strong attack on the Lone King.

(T/N: ‘give my flesh for the bones of the enemy’ is a strategy to strike hard by using the opening presented by letting the enemy inflict damage on you.)

Of course, the result was the other way around, he gave the  the bone and got only the flesh, Gye Baek was not giving up even in the current situation where he approached his 1000th loss and instead he came up with something new.


“I know he has the same age with me…….”

Sang Hyuk remembered what he knew about Gye Baek.

First, He is 22 years old now, he was the same age as Sang Hyuk.

And at least Sang Hyuk did not know his occupation. One thing he knew for sure was that Gye Baek was a promising gymnast who was good enough to be selected as a national representative for the Army at a young age but injured during training and gave up his practice.

So, his right leg was limping just a little.

That was the fact that sang Hyuk clearly remembered. And he vaguely remembered that the place Gye Baek lived was Suwon, Gyeonggi Province.


“Later, if there is a chance, i want to talk about it once.”

Was it because I fought too much in Way of Proof? It seemed like my mind was wandering.


“However, distractions are distractions, but winning is everything!”

Getting distracted was not Sang Hyuk’s style, so Sang Hyuk applied for battle again in Way of Proof.

Run and run.

Sang Hyuk and also Gye Baek, like maniacs applied for battle in Way of Proof.



Chapter 83 [Episode 43] Fiery Man who doesn’t know giving up (2)



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