Chapter 84 [episode 44] Adventure King 1

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Title – ‘The Gladiator who Refuses to Give Up’
Rating: Unique
Explanation: We applaud you, someone who absolutely won’t give up even in a situation others would have given up a hundred times. Although you’ve been defeated a thousand times against the same user in the same battlefield, we’ve noticed that you have not given up yet. We present this title for you, you who never gave up.
Effect: [Prefix: None] [Suffix: None] [Continuous sustainable effect: <Lessons in Defeat (S): each time you lose in Gladiator Hall, you can gain a certain amount of Karma based on the level of the user who has defeated you.>]

Gye Baek stared blankly at the letters on the floating window detailing the effects of the title he had just obtained.
Obviously it was a pleasure to get a unique title. But, he was puzzled. This title he obtained after 1000 losses to the Lone King.
Apparently, the effect of the title seemed great. First, the additional karma acquisition had no bad side effect.

“Damn it, does it mean ….. do you want me to be at ease and just keep on fighting?”
It was a ridiculous title, but it was obviously not bad.

“Well, let’s try it out again until the end!”
Gye Baek muttered his pledge and applied again for battle in the Way of Proof. Since he obtained such a title, he would continue his challenge.

* * * *

Quest [Legend]

– The Mountain Where God Sleeps (Read more) -???


Sang Hyuk once again looked at the floating quest window. It was a legendary quest that one year ago he hadn’t expected.
During this time, he has not forgotten about this.
But, because he couldn’t meet the condition, he just pushed it back.

“Because I can’t postpone it forever …. for now, should I conquer both places?”
The quest was accepted, but Sang Hyuk knew that the goal was the four remaining mountains out of five mountains, that represented the Planet of Treenark, except for a special mountain that cannot be reached by normal route.
The very high ‘Khroon’ mountain that pierced the sky in the middle of the Heroic Lands, and the eternally burning ‘Boor’ Mountain that exist at the southern end of the Hellfire Desert.
The mountains that Sang Hyuk will conquer this time, were those kinds of places.
Both mountains were not as easily conquered as Puyan, that Sang Hyuk had conquered before. In fact, there were various large and small mountains on the Planet of Treenark and there were ‘Mountaineers’ who specialize in them.
The reason they do EL is only to climb mountains because the virtual mountain was much safer to climb than the real mountain and it was fun at the same time, but Boor and Khroon were not mountains that even the Mountaineers can climb.
One of the reasons was the mountains were high and tough, but the bigger reason was due to the powerful monsters that exist near the summits.
Because the professional Mountaineers were only the people who play the game for climbing mountains, their battle skill was weak. Of course, they did not care about this at all.
Unfortunately, there was a clear limit to those who play EL for climbing instead of battle. The top-class Mountaineers had gathered together several times to try to challenge ‘Boor’ like a dungeon raid.
However, they were blocked by the monsters and failed to conquer the summit.
Because Khroon is a mountain in Heroic Lands, the Mountaineers’ challenge is still a far-off story. The mountain, which is the best target for all Mountaineers who enjoy EL at this point, is the Fire Mountain called Boor.

“Would you like to make one more Adventurer?”
Sang Hyuk was basically just planning to conquer the mountain as Immortal. But after more thoughts, conquering the mountain seemed to be good content for broadcast.
Climbing the top of a mountain that no one conquered, discovering a new island, etc. The adventurer image of exploring numerous areas hidden on the Planet of Treenark has certainly gained great popularity.
So far, Sang Hyuk has created a total of five fake identities.
Ordinary-Looking guy, Gale, Blake, Large Golden Mountain, the Lone King.
He still could make another two more fake identities. But Sang Hyuk did not plan to make a new identity.

“Anyway, let’s make the Ordinary-Looking Guy, who had been rarely used, to be One Guild’s best adventurer user.”
The Ordinary-Looking Guy was almost useless now. When he made the Ordinary-Looking Guy at first, Sang Hyuk was trying to blend in while walking around, but it became necessary to disguise his identity anyway, as his various aliases had become well known.
So he was planning to recycle Ordinary-Looking Guy with this chance.

“The best weapon for the adventurer is a whip, isn’t it? And because the Ten-Millenia Goldbone Whip is so eye-catching, so I think I have to get a proper whip.”
Sang Hyuk, who had finished setting his appearance, slowly began to worry about what abilities would be displayed by the ‘Ordinary-Looking Guy’ Adventurer.

“If I use a Whip as the main weapon and the Buff System Skill as an aid, it would be great, right?”
There was no big difficulty because the Buff System Skill had similar effects to combination cards. Because Sang Hyuk would only be buffing himself and not anyone else, even with combination cards, no one would notice that it was a magic card.

“The armor has been set to the leather-base and … because the viewers’ eyes were very sharp, let’s make them all new.”
Sang Hyuk knew that he could be caught red-handed by the viewers if he recycled the items he had used with another fake identity.
Some viewers with keen eyes were already asking while looking at the sword used by the Lone King, whether it is the same sword used by Blake.
Sang Hyuk didn’t post anything, but situation had been covered when someone suggested that it was because they are from the same guild, so they could make a deal between them and handed it over to each other.
With no choice, Sang Hyuk had to use another sword the next time Blake appeared on air. That way, the scenario that the viewers hypothesized was more convincing.
Anyway, because Sang Hyuk realized that he could not share items even among his fake identities, he decided to get the Ordinary-Looking Guy all new items.

The armor was one that Sang Hyuk really liked. The armor was similar in appearance to the clothes worn by Indiana Jones, a very old classic film… the performance was not bad as well, so Sang Hyuk bought the armor right away.
But, it was unexpectedly harder to get the weapons than the armor. Because Ten-Millenia Goldbone Whip is a very good item, and he could not see any decent whip items as they were especially rare, so he kept looking and looking at the auction sites for two days before he finally got a Rare Whip enhanced to +8.

+8 Wyvern Leather Whip [Rare class +]

A very strong whip made of Wyvern leather. It is a special weapon that the craftsman made with all his skill.
It has been reinforced eight times, it has obtained enough force to shake the sky and earth.

[Basic Abilities] Attack Power 70(+7)(+84), Critical Chance +10(+1)(+13)

[Special Abilities] Critical Damage +40(+4)(+52)

[Special Effects] <Steel Leather(B): Leather, which as hard as steel.>,<Extreme Pain(B): Critical Chance increased by 5%>

[Strengthening Effect] <+5 Strengthening Effect: Agility+20>
<+7 Strengthening Effect : Strength +50>

[Bonus Effect] (1) Critical Chance +3


Though it only had a rare grade, it was a very good item.
Sang Hyuk bought it just for 500,000 gold.
If you exchange 500,000 gold for cash, it was a little less than 30 million won.
He bought the rare but not unique grade item with a huge price because it was excellent, first it was a powerful item that was reinforced to +8 and the options were also just like what Sang Hyuk prefered.
In fact, the case which rare grade items were strengthened to +8 was quite unusual. It was because it felt like wasting enhancement stones. However, at this point, the unique grade items were still hard to find, so there were sometimes some users who had such high level items.
Then if we look at it again, it seems almost a few hundred thousands of golds would be needed for the price of the enhancement stones alone. Anyway, for Sang Hyuk, it was not bad because he could buy that good thing ‘cheaply’.

Sang Hyuk, who got the most important main weapon, hunted stone giants for hours to master it.
He quickly got used to the leather whip after spending three hours concentrating and hunting. It was not so hard to Sang Hyuk to get used to the whip because he is used to the Ten-Millenia Goldbone Whip, which was 10 times more difficult to control than this whip.
Right after Sang Hyuk got used to the whip, he left for ‘Boor’.

* * * *

Boor was a volcano. It was an active volcano that continues to emit lava in real time…

Actually it did not make sense to climb such a mountain if they were real.
Climbing was not the problem with a volcano, the problem was the control of the mountain entrance and evacuating people near the mountain.
But this place was virtual reality, not reality. It was also the world in a game called Eternal Life.
So, there was no possibility of Boor exploding at all. Of course, it could explode with a large patch by Chaos, the administrator of EL, but an explosion like that would happen as an event, not directly affecting the user. For that reason, Boor has received even more challenges from the Mountaineers.
Climbing the active volcanoes that can not be climbed in reality! This also gave the Mountaineers a different kind of fun.
According to Sang Hyuk’s investigation, the biggest and most famous guild of Mountaineers was ‘Annapurna’ guild.
The guild, which belongs to famous Mountaineers from all over the world who are actually well known in the real world, was the guild where the best mountain climber in EL gathered in.
But even Annapurna could not reach the summit of Boor Mountain.
There were two types of monsters appears on Boor Mountain’s summit, one was a normal monster called ‘Flaming Goat’, average level 57, and the other was a named monster called ‘Lava Phoenix’, average level 59. It was these two monsters that annoyed Annapurna’s Mountaineers many times.
Especially the Lava Phoenix had the worst attack pattern for Mountaineers who were climbing the steep mountain. If there was a slight gap in attention or a user who was fatigued, it grabbed the user with its powerful claws and thrown him down the mountain.
Even if the users have safety equipment, the safety equipment would fail eventually if the climber was kept being thrown down like that. That would be the end.
It couldn’t be helped but to die if you’ve been thrown off a mountain, no matter how high the level of your armor or strength. All members of Annapurna Guild had such an experience.
Because Annapurna’s guild members did not hide this information, Sang Hyuk could easily find Boor Mountain’s information.
The reason Annapurna revealed the information was simple. Because they were mountain climbers before gamers, anyone could use this information to conquer the mountain.

“Hyuhh, how far have I come?”
Sang Hyuk, who was climbing up the mountain, stopped for a while and looked back.
People said even if someone from the Annapurna Guild managed to climbed up to Boor Mountain’s peak inside the game, they needed at least a week to get to the top. But because Sang Hyuk planned to get to the summit in three days rather than a week, he climbed the mountain very quickly.

“This seems to be higher than I thought …. Will four days enough to get it?”
Sang Hyuk was not a professional Mountaineers, but at least in the game, he climbed the mountain far better than the so-called Professional Mountaineers.
He had climbing experience for many years in past life and high VRA. And he had a delicate control that no one could follow.
Not only that but Sang Hyuk was definitely stronger than any Mountaineer. The two kinds of monsters that the Mountaineers were struggling with ….. They would not able to become Sang Hyuk’s opponents, ever.

Chapter 84 [episode 44] Adventure King 1  – End


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