Chapter 85 [Episode 44] Adventure King 2



* * * *


Swoosh! Crassshhh!

The Ordinary-Looking Guy wielded his whip and wrapped it around the neck of the Lava Phoenix that had attacked while he was off guard.

Then, with overwhelming force, he threw that monster off the steep rock face that he was climbing.

BAMM! Squeaaakkk!!!

The Lava Phoenixes did not think that the opponent who was hanging on the cliff, would attack first and it ended with all of them smashed by the Ordinary-Looking Guy.

The Lava Phoenix was a semi-named Monster, but it was weaker than a Stone Giant. They fell to the follow up attacks without much opposition after they were smashed by the strength of the Ordinary-Looking Guy’s first attack.

This time again, the whip was wrapped around the Lava Phoenix’s throat, its neck was broken and after it was smashed against the cliff, its health dropped to 0 instantly.

With Lava Phoenixes being killed that fast, then obviously the Fire Goats was no match for the Ordinary-Looking Guy.

The last obstacle protecting the summit of Boor Mountain was rock wall that vertically stood about 900 meters high and at that section, the Lava Phoenixes appeared frequently.

The Ordinary-Looking Guy climbed up the steep cliffs and immediately finished the Lava Phoenixes that attacked him simultaneously. Because it would be troublesome if the number increased, he quickly finished them and moved forward.

The Fire Goats were much simpler to defeat, so he has paid attention only to Lava Phoenixes.

The Ordinary-Looking Guy climbed the cliffs with his bare body and swept away the attacking monsters. When the Mountaineers of Annapurna climbed this kind of cliff, even in the game, they would install some safety equipment that was specifically made for the sheer cliff face, they relied on it and climbed.

But the Ordinary-Looking Guy had no plan to use safety devices. Moreover, if he used the safety devices, it would interfere with him in handling the monsters, so he boldly threw them away.

He just believed on his own skill and climbed up the cliff with his bare body, so if the professional Mountaineers had seen the Ordinary-Looking Guy climbing up now, they would have been astonished.

The Ordinary-Looking Guy hung on the cliff with just a few fingers while he swung the whip or jumped up. His climbing speed was as fast as Spiderman climbing buildings in the movie.

And moreover his stability can be seen.

The Ordinary-Looking Guy heading towards the summit of Boor Mountain at a tremendous pace. No sign of difficulty can be seen on his expression.



The Ordinary-Looking Guy jumped up as hard as he could barely avoiding the flowing lava to one side.

Phaatt! Floop!

Then he stretched out his hand and caught a small rock that would be the last hand hold. The Ordinary-Looking Guy was able to hang the weight of his entire body with only one finger, so it was not hard to raise his body with just one hand.

The Ordinary-Looking Guy slowly pulled up his body and climbed.

Right at that moment. Finally, the message he wanted was displayed in front of Ordinary-Looking Guy.


You are the first to climb to the summit of Boor Mountain, one of the five mountains representing the Planet of Treenark. Your challenging spirit, which brought you for the first time to this unconquered place, is a model for all travellers.

You’ve obtained the rare grade title ‘The Volcano Conqueror’.

You’ve obtained the memory of the fire that is eternally burning in the Fire Mountain. This is a piece of the Legendary Quest.

The Legendary Quest ‘???’ has been updated and changed into ‘The Birth of the Planet of Treenark’.


“Wow, it has not even been four days and I’ve reached the summit.”

The Ordinary-Looking Guy stood at the top of Boor Mountain and looked down. At his back, the lava continued to bubbled up without rest, but the Ordinary-Looking Guy was able to withstand the intense heat because he is not an ordinary person but a traveler with a high level.

After photographing a little more of the surrounding scenery, the Ordinary-Looking Guy came straight down from the mountain without hesitating. If it’s the professional Mountaineers, they might have savored the moment, but Sang Hyuk did not have a reason to enjoy it, so he just came down from the mountain using ‘return’.


Quest, The Birth of Planet of Treenark [Legendary]


– Five Absolute Spirits that existed when the Planet of Treenark was born in the beginning….. If you can hear all of the Voices of the Spirits, that have slept for millennia…… Could you know the great secret of this world?


[Linked Quest]


–  The Mountain Where God Sleeps (Read more)

– Forever Flaming Mountain

– ???

– ???


The Quest was definitely changed. The name of the quest now came out and although it was rough, he could see how to progress.


“If you conquer all four mountains, you will need to conquer the last mountain right? Then it absolutely couldn’t be cleared immediately after all. It’s a legendary quest?”

Sang Hyuk was still thinking about this legendary quest and eventually thought of the final stage of the quest.

The most extraordinary mountain among the mountains in the planet of Treenark.

The mountain that can never be climbed in an ordinary way.

It is a tremendous challenge to climb the mountain itself… The mountain couldn’t even be reached without the ‘Sky-grade ship’ patch as well as ‘Magic Armor’, both challenges in themselves.


“But first, let’s conquer Khroon Mountain.”

Since it’s started, it would be great to record the Ordinary-Looking Guy’s activity for a little bit more and in the same time conquer Khroom Mountain. The concept was the Adventure King, but the achievement of conquering only one mountain, Boor Mountain, seemed far less than the performance of the other members of the One Guild.


* * * *


The conquest of Kroom Mountain took a little longer than Boor Mountain, it took six full days. It obviously took more time since the height was much higher and the level of the monster that appeared near the summit was also high. But, the most important thing was that it had been conquered.

Although he obtained the rare grade title ‘Conqueror of Sky’ by conquering Khroon Mountain as well as Boor Mountain, but this was as useless of a title as the Volcano Conqueror title.

Because Sang Hyuk had so many titles, it has reached the stage where all the titles he had cannot be active at the same time. So, Sang Hyuk decided to deactivate these two titles and placed them to one side.

While Sang Hyuk conquered Boor Mountain and Khroom Mountain, Gladiator Hall and Hall of Mortality season 1-2 was over. Sang Hyuk almost focused exclusively on the Way of Proof, but he also played in Shadow Forest just to keep the 1st ranking.

He was able to rank 1st in ‘Way of Proof’ and ‘Shadow Forest’ in season 1-2. In the other arenas, other guilds took first place because Sang Hyuk was uninterested in the Moonlight Temple or Hall of Mortality

The number of users registering in Gladiator Hall and Hall of Mortality has been increasing rapidly because many users have gone to the Heroic Lands.


“Now it would be hard to fight Gye Baek like crazy.”

The large number of registered users meant that there were a lot of users who applied for battle. So, the number of times of Gye Baek and the Lone King would meet in Way of Proof would be significantly reduced.


“I really have to meet him personally later.”

Sang Hyuk was going to meet Gye Baek personally once there is a chance.After confronting him for more than 1000 times, it seemed the relationship grew deeper than expected.

Anyway, Sang Hyuk, who came down from Khroom Mountain, caught up on his tasks quickly. There was always a lot to do. However, Sang Hyuk did no forget to do ‘hunting’ for a certain amount of time everyday, no matter how much he had to do.

Hunting was not to be missed.

First, even if it was difficult to raise the level, he had to build Karma steadily everyday to raise it someday. Karma could not be bought for either gold or cash.


“Let’s move the hunting ground from today.”

In the meantime, he had been hunting the Stone Giants every time, but Sang Hyuk was thinking of moving the hunting ground because honestly he felt bored and it was not very helpful in growing battle sense to fight with monsters that had the same, repeating patterns.

“Let’s see…. As expected, the most useful hunting ground at this point is the Tower of Nightmare.”

Tower of Nightmare was a steadily popular hunting ground since the early days when Heroic Lands was open to users.

There are 7 floors in total, the first and second floors were easy enough for users who arrived now in the Heroic Lands, to form a party and hunt without difficulty.

The higher the level, the higher the difficulty, so in the case of the 7th floor, which is the top floor, it was a hunting area with the highest difficulty so that it would not be conquered until after a very long time had passed.


“The first and second floors were quite like that…. Until the third floor would be enough, right?”

The third floor of the Tower of Nightmare was the hunting ground where the top players must form a perfect party to capture.

However, Sang Hyuk already had the ability to exceed the performance of a full party with players of the highest levels, so he could hunt on the third as well as the fourth floor.

Anyway, Sang Hyuk, who made the decision, moved directly to the Tower of Nightmare. He could not waste his time because it was more precious than anything else.


“This is too much, isn’t it?”

A bunch of angry expressions on the face of the user. Not only was he angry, but his six colleagues who were standing behind him also had their face redden while forcefully holding in their rage.


“No matter what you say, nothing is going to change.”

The Dark Dragon’s member, ‘One Punch’, who was blocking the entrance of Tower of Nightmare was not very interested in whether the other party was angry or not. His mission was to prevent the users from trying to enter the Tower of Nightmare by warning (more like threatening) them.


“Don’t forget that I’m warning by words only until you get to the tower. Whoever comes into the tower will be able to know what kind of line is Line Dark.”


Line Dark…. with the Dark Dragon is the center of this union, which is defined as ‘a group of trash’.

All kinds of malefactors, trash that existed in EL belonged to this line. Although they don’t acknowledge it, the majority of ‘malefactors’ unofficially belonged to this line.

The rumor that one of the most famous ‘malefactors’ guilds, ‘Blood’, changed its name to ‘Dark Blood’ and went under Dark Dragon, had been around for a long time.

Of course officially Line Dark also acted like they weren’t ‘malefactors’. But it was just scum and trash insisting that they were not scum and trash themselves.


“No matter if Line Dark was the first to reach the Tower of Nightmare…… Isn’t it too much to block the entrance and prohibit us from entering at all?”


“Aish, damn it. Just be quiet! If it’s not fair just go on in. And it will be on your heads what happens after that.”

One Punch said while he gestured toward the entrance with an annoyed face and his hand. But the seven users who were in front of One Punch stood in their place and were unable to move.


“Jerks who have no courage to get in and talk too much.”


“We.. We will protest to the community!”


“Do it right away. When were we afraid of it?”

As One Punch said, Line Dark did not care about that kind of reputation in the Community at all.

The Line Dark who control the Tower of Nightmare. As soon as they reached Heroic Lands, they occupied the Tower of Nightmare, which is the sweetest hunting site and made it like their own private hunting ground.

When the other lines were concentrating on different content, Dark Dragon took over the Tower of Nightmare and used it to grow quickly.

One Punch continued to provoke them after that, but eventually the seven players were forced to step down. They were also members of large-scale guild, but not enough to challenge Line Dark.

In fact, Line Dark was one of the top-ranked guilds who should not be touched. It was more advantageous to give up quickly because it was a gathering place of vindictive and malicious people.

Is that so? The control of Tower of Nightmare had been uncontested for 10 days without any disturbance.

When the seven users withdrew, One Punch stretched and yawning lazily. Keeping the entrance was a very boring task, but a low-ranking guild members like One Punch, had to contribute to the guild in this way, giving him a chance to hunt in Tower of Nightmare.


“This time, I have to do something profit…”

One Punch was scheduled to enter with the 7th party on the first floor of Tower of Nightmare in two hours. Line Dark had a complete control of Tower of Nightmare and was hunting like a factory.



But at the same time, one user appeared in front of One Punch. The user walked naturally to the entrance of Tower of Nightmare where One Punch stood.


“You can’t enter it.”

One Punch blocked the way and tried to warn him. But suddenly at the moment he blocked the road, the user who was in front of him disappeared.



The user, like magic, went past One Punch and entered the Tower of Nightmare.


“You, you…. If you go in….”

Perplexed One Punch tried to warn him hastily, but before he spoke, the user who entered the Tower of Nightmare shouted first.


“Hunting Ground Control? Do it if you can!”

The user who simply ignored the warning by One Punch, no, Line Dark.

Of course, he was Sang Hyuk.



Chapter 85 [Episode 44] Adventure King 2 – End


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