Chapter 87 [Episode 45] Unsealing 2



“From now on don’t spread out. Maintain the formation like this and find the enemy!”

Ozen thought that 22 elite malefactors including himself, could remove the enemy even if he was a monster.


“The enemy is not an ordinary user. Everyone stay focused and just think like you’re hunting down a powerful monster!”

After Ozen warned his guild’s members, he pulled out two swords.


“A monster with ambushing abilities powerful enough to defeat our juniors in one attack… Normally if he has that level of ambushing ability means that all his other abilities are at the bottom level, right? So, it would be easier to catch him if he cannot use that ambushing ability.”

Ozen kept looking around while thinking endlessly about the mysterious enemy.

The tensed atmosphere in Tower of Nightmare.

But the users of Line Dark who were hunting in the Tower of Nightmare, couldn’t feel the tension. They saw Dark Blood’s malefactors rushing past and only thought, “Is there an intrusion?”

Rather than reporting the situation immediately, Ozen was thinking of removing the enemy and then generally reporting. There were many things that were too embarrassing to be reported as they were.


One of the most effective strategy for a single opponent against a large number of enemies was guerilla warfare. If you reduce their numbers by quickly assassinating an opponent and fleeing, it would be troublesome.

Of course from the numerically superior side, they were very likely confronting this guerilla strategy. The best counter was what Ozen did, just cluster in a tight formation.

There was no risk of being cut off when you’re grouped together. If the opponent tries to strike and fail, he would be done in by using the strength of numbers to surround and catch him.

Unless he has something like long-distance sniper ability, it was a very wise move.

Immortal has various abilities, but he doesn’t have that long-distance sniper ability. Immortal didn’t have the most effective ability to break the formation.

But nevertheless, Immortal was staring at Ozen’s party in the darkness with a contemptuous expression.


“United you live, divided you fall. Is that it?”

Ozen’s response was well predicted by Immortal.


“Well, it was clearly not wrong. But…. it is meaningless to me at all.”

Even with his enemies united, the Immortal had no intention to escape.


“Should we begin?”

The difference between scattered and united… For Immortal, the difference was only in whether they were defeated quickly or later.

Because they united to be defeated quickly by themselves, then it was enough to give them the consequences they asked for.

Shreeezzzz! Hop hop, baaammm!

The Ten Millenia Goldbone Whip, struck out the darkness and smashed the head of a malefactor in the outermost position.

At that moment, Ozen found out that the monster was unable to wait for any longer and showed up.


“He came out! All of you focus!”

Until now, Ozen couldn’t control the tactical situation but now it is different. With 20 malefactor elites… Ozen thought it was worth fighting no matter that the opponent was called a monster.


“This son of a bitch… did he really think that he can strike all of us down using only that one ambushing skill? You’ll be dead today.”

Ozen concluded that the opponent was very powerful, but that power came from the amazing ambushing ability. So, Ozen thought that if he could pull his opponent out of the darkness, he could deal with his opponent.


“Bring him out of the darkness!”

The malefactors quickly attacked towards the shadow of the Ten Millenia Goldbone Whip that came out.

The stealth ambushing power had no choice but to fall to half, no, even more than that. So Ozen believed that by breaking the enemy’s concealment, they could win.


All kinds of ranged techniques fell on the shadow of Immortal who was hiding and detonated. But before the barrage ended, Immortal came out of the shadows.

At that time, all the users of Dark Blood including Ozen were able to see Immortal properly. The malefactors did not stand still, but quickly surrounded Immortal by forming a wide circle.


“Now the little rat finally came out of its hole.”

Ozen muttered with a much more confident expression than before because he believed that his opponent was as vulnerable as a rat that came out of the shelter of its hole, so he could just crush the rat at once.

However, the rat that came out of this hole was much stronger than expected. He calmly glanced around and looked at the 20 malefactors who surrounded him.


“You’re done here.”

Ozen thought that the victory was already his. He was afraid of the blade when it was in the dark, but it was no longer scary now when it came out of the dark.


“Narrow the circle…”

Ozen tried to immobilize and kill the rat that was in the trap. But before he gave his order, the trapped rat moved first.

Rrrrrr, slinggg!

Immortal stretched his right arm forward and quickly swung his arm horizontally. In the same time the Ten Millenia Goldbone Whip appeared from his hand and made a sharp line i front of him.

The line that divided the world between the up and the down.

That line surprisingly divided not only the top and bottom of the world, but also the top and bottom of the bodies of the four malefactors surrounding Immortal.

Clank! Claaank!

It really happened in an instant. Immortal, who was standing in the kill ground, swayed and waved his hand, and at the moment the white light glows, four Dark Blood Guild’s members were divided into two and the halves of their bodies rolled on the floor.

All of that happened in about 1-2 seconds.


In a blink, four people were defeated. But, this was only the beginning. Because Ozen thought Immortal as an user with deformed skillset who only could do ambushes, so he did not expect at all that Immortal would fight back like this.

Is that so? Four guild members sliced into half and fell in front of him, and he was not able to give any additional orders.


“What is this…..”

While Ozen panicked and froze, Immortal wielded Ten Millenia Goldbone Whip once again as ‘Sword Wave’.

Slash! Zwoong!

In other words, Sword Wave means using Ten Millenia Goldbone Whip like a sword. If you wrongly used the Ten millenia Goldbone Whip, which turned into a sword, it was a very dangerous technique since it could injure Sang Hyuk instead of the enemy.

But, Immortal was not even a little afraid. He believed in his own senses and control abilities.


Another three of Malefactors were cut down at once. They tried to block or avoid it, but it was impossible.


“Aa….Attack! Kill!!”

In less than five seconds, seven guild members fell in vain, and it was hard for Ozen to keep calm.

Ozen thought he merely needed to attack the Immortal to stop him. But, the malefactors couldn’t stop Immortal from attacking them.

Clank clank clank! Swung swung swung!

Ten Millennia Goldbone Whip danced in the air. And it has countered most of the attacks that have been poured on Immortal.

That was not the end. Immortal easily avoided the attacks that the Ten Millenia Goldbone Whip couldn’t block by twisting his body back and forth.

In the same time, more than ten people poured out their attacks, but not even a single attack was actually effective.

The ‘Chained Evasion’ which combined multiple evasion skills, has gone beyond the limits of mere active defense, and the outstanding dodge ability that was enough to ridicule professional tankers, erased even the smallest possibilities of a hit thoroughly.

Dark Blood’s malefactors were not weak users, but at least for immortal, they were like puppies.

It was hard to land an attack on the Immortal in the first place, just as hard as putting a camel through the eye of a needle.

Ozen thought that Immortal was a rat that was trapped, but the Immortal was neither a rat nor trapped.

The advantage of Numbers?

The disadvantages of the Solo?

The words had no meaning. Even without ambushing, Immortal still trampled the Dark Blood’s malefactors very easily. The malefactors were still ants, and Immortal was a huge human who stepped on the ants.


“Am I dreaming?”

Again, two of the Malefactors fell while losing their heads in front of Ozen’s eyes. Ozen, who saw it, thought he might be dreaming.

It was also a terrible nightmare….

But unfortunately, all of this was not a dream.

The Dark Blood’s malefactors who became evil in order to live.

They were usually scum who enjoyed harassing and killing other users.

But now, at this moment, everything has become the opposite.

The malefactors who were unbelievably trampled down and killed without being able to do anything.

For them, the Immortal was The Great King Yeomra (King of the Underworld, who judge the deceased). *

Immortal, who became the great king Yeomra, judged and punished the malefactors fairly, but naturally the punishment was Death.


* * * *


All of Dark Blood’s malefactors including Ozen were sentenced to ‘Death’. Exception did not exist and moreover there weren’t even final arguments.

Finally, Ozen, whose body was divided into eight parts, seemed to have something that he really need to say in his last moments with a expression of someone unfairly victimized, but Immortal did not listen to his words.

There was no reason to listen.

To Immortal, the malefactors were only just the prey that must be trampled down and killed.

What hunter in the world would listen to the prey’s wishes?

Just like a fisherman does not talk to the catch and a hunter does not talk to his prey, Immortal just killed the malefactors like a machine.

Immortal, who destroyed Dark Blood, did not leave the Tower of Nightmare. Rather, he climbed up to the third floor and hunted comfortably.

He was waiting.

DD, the owner of the hunting dogs.  Immortal waited for him to move.


“You said, the Dark Blood was crushed by just one person?”

DD, who received the report, made a surprised expression.


“Yeah, it’s just that they were attacked if we use Ozen’s expression, but I listened to the other Dark Blood’s users, instead of Ozen, that I personally contacted, and it seemed that they were thoroughly smashed. Anyway, I think an extraordinary guy has appeared.”

The field doctor, who was two years older than DD but actually could be named as DD’s faithful subordinate, was reporting exactly what he had researched through various channels.


“Was it possible? Even if it was me, I think it would be hard to smash Dark Blood alone… Doesn’t it seem like he encountered a trap?”


“I could not believe it too, so I did some more research, and it was really as they said that they were shattered gruesomely by one person.”



DD , who fully frowned, opened his mouth again.


“Maybe that is….. isn’t it the One Guild?”


“One Guild?”


“Yeah, If you hear about a single user who is very powerful, the only thing that comes to mind is the One Guild, right?”


“Yeah, it’s true, but why does the One Guild suddenly bother us? There was no reason, right?”

The Field Doctor tilted his head a bit while making the expression as if he didn’t understand.


“Although the context is a bit odd, but the only guild that can chew out Dark Blood as solo player in EL world would be none other than a member of the One Guild. But who came? Gale? Blake? Or is this the newly appeared Lone King?”

When they instinctively felt that the One Guild intervened, DD’s heart began to pounding really hard.

The stronger he is…. the more difficult the situation is…. the more his heart was beating.

The strong enemy excited DD more than any kind of stimulant.


“According to the information I gather, it is not Gale, Blake, nor Lone King. It’s a user who has a completely new combat style. If he is really member of One Guild, then it will be a new member who has joined them.”


“Really? Then that’s even better!”


“But although it is you, you would absolutely not able to win by yourself.”


“Hyung, no matter how I enjoy battling with a Strong Man, have you ever seen me fight recklessly?”

DD looked at the field doctor and smiled.

Surely DD was strong enough as this Strong Man, but it was never a reckless challenge.


“I must win this fight. Even if the entire Line was mobilized…. I’ll have to push down that guy, no, that arrogant One Guild.”

DD was already convinced that the opponent was a user of the One Guild.

As intended, Immortal killed the hunting dog and the owner started to move.

Immortal, who is still alone, and DD who had the Giant Line behind his back.

Their collision would be a greater shock than anyone could have imagined…



Chapter 87 [Episode 45] Unsealing 2  – End


*Editor’s Note: Also known as King Yama in Hindu mythology.


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