Chapter 88 [Episode 46] Hunting Daeho (The Great Tiger) 1



@ Hunting Daeho (The Great Tiger)

(T/L note: Great Tiger – Daeho, the great tiger in Joseon era)


“He’s still as combative as ever.”

Sang Hyuk was hunting on the third floor of the Tower of Nightmare and he had been battling in Way of Proof in the same time.  And a while ago he met Gye Baek after a long time and he was able to fight with him in an exciting battle.

The result was as always 5 : 0, but the game was very intense. Because Gye Baek somehow managed to fight back against the Lone King, despite being overwhelmed, so the battle was intense for sure.


“By the way, I really have to do some item farming. Have I focused too much on titles and gold? The condition of my equipment sucks.”

Of course, the equipments that Sang Hyuk currently had were enormous things for other users to dream about. But Sang Hyuk only saw them as the items that were going to be obsolete in a short time.

Especially now, Sang Hyuk was in a position to acquire the pieces of sets, so he was required to do more farming.


“Great sword is good, it would be nice if I get two more and I also need some other daggers as well… Armor is too bad overall.”

Sang Hyuk looked at the overall settings of his items and frowned. Actually, the item farming that he has been doing was using Gold Mountain.

To be more exact, the NPCs that belonged to Gold Mountain sifted the items purchased at the auction house and the items that other users pawned at Gold Mountain.

But because Sang Hyuk has discerning eyes, it was hard to satisfy him in this way. The level of the items that the ordinary users put on the auction site or pawned to Gold Mountain was not as high as the items Sang Hyuk wanted now.


“When the fight is over, I will set up a farming plan.”

Anyway, he was planning to properly farm once before crafting Magic Armor. So that later he could concentrate on crafting the Magic Armor at leisure.


“But for now I need to be focus on this fight, right?”

Two days had passed by since he swept out Dark Blood, he could not see any particular movement. This meant that Line Dark, no, DD was preparing something.


“How do you plan to come out? It seems that you noticed that I am One Guild since you moved so carefully… If it was DD, I don’t think he’ll come out recklessly.”

Sang Hyuk knew very well that DD was a very cunning person. Others knew that DD was simply a user with good tactical sense in a fight, but thanks to his memory of the past life, Sang Hyuk knew more than that.

Although Sang Hyuk knew all about this, he did not worry.

Even though DD was preparing something, he did not care.

Sang Hyuk was confident of breaking through everything with his own strength.


* * * *


“If I give the operation name… should I say, ‘Hunting the Great Tiger’? Anyway, three things are important. If these three things work properly, he can be taken even if he is Daeho, the Great Tiger.”

DD moved toward Tower of Nightmare and told the Field Doctor, who was next to him, summarizing this operation.


“First, luring. Second, Decreasing power. Third, finishing.”

The Field Doctor did not fully understand DD’s words. But, he knew roughly how the operation would work.


“Can you handle it?”


“I have to catch it. If it was Daeho, the Great Tiger, we are the wolves, right? No matter how strong Daeho is, he can not win against a bunch of wolves alone.”

DD laughed with a confident expression.

16 guilds were mobilized in this operation. Most of the guilds belong to Line dark were involved.

Of course, not all the guilds members from the 16 guilds were mobilized, but 344 people were mobilized to meet certain conditions.

A battle of one great tiger, Daeho, and 344 wolves.

DD believed that no matter how strong Daeho was, eventually it would fall.


When all preparations were over, DD began to search for the Great Tiger, Daeho by unleashing the wolves at Tower of Nightmare. Surprisingly, Dark Blood’s malefactors were mobilized once again.

They were spreading wide and searching every corner of Tower of Nightmare, and this was a very obvious move.


“Are you asking me to kill them? In the end, you’re using Dark Blood as sacrifices to pinpoint my movements accurately.”

Because Immortal was not a fool, so he knew exactly what DD wanted.


“It is obviously the rotten rice that makes the stomach ache if it’s eaten.”

Immortal laughed when his opponent made such an obvious move. The reason why DD spread the bait stupidly like that was so simple.


“In the situation like now, he noticed that I will take whatever he throws.”

The condition or variety of the bait were not that important anyway. Whatever the bait is, Immortal was going to eat it and DD was aware of it.

So he throws a rotten piece of rice to provoke Immortal.*


“Well…. I will chew everything as you wanted.”

Immortal smirked and lifted his right hand forward.

Then he swung Ten Millennia Goldbone Whip towards the rotten Dark Blood’s malefactors.


[He took the bait.]




[He’s moving.]




[Approaching the destination.]


DD waited quietly as he listened to the report being delivered. At first he was a bit worried about whether he threw out too much rotten rice, but when he saw his opponent did not hesitate and take the bait, DD could see that his prediction was correct.


“Ckck, arrogant guy. Whatever you want, you will break it all down? Arrogant enough to pierce the sky.”

Everything was as DD had expected, but the feeling was rather worse. It was because it meant that the opponent was looking down at Line Dark as extremely easy.


“Wait a moment. I will crush your nose that is pointing to the sky.”

DD was waiting for Immortal. Of course, he did not wait foolishly in the game. How long should you wait for the ‘signal’ in reality without logging in to the game?

Finally, the signal that DD waited has come.


[He arrived.]


The signal was a simple group message. Naturally, DD was not the only one who received the message. Approximately 300 Line Dark users received the same message.

And all of them log into the game in the same time while receiving the message.

Because the preparations were done before the message was received, their connection was made almost at the same time, and in a few seconds, 300 Line Dark users were connected and appeared in the game.

Flop, flop, flllooooppppp!

All the users of Line Dark appeared in the same place. It took no more than 10 seconds for 300 users to simultaneously and tightly fully surround one area. *

The area they surrounded was a big square in the middle of Tower of Nightmare ground floor. And in the middle of the square, there a single user stood.


“Wow…. I did not expect this.”

The man who was still laughing in this situation.

He was Immortal.

Immortal knew that if he ate the rotten rice, DD would appear and lead the team by himself. And he really did.

So he had not worried too much. Anyway, if the anticipated dispersed hunters in a wide area concentrated where he was, it would not be a problem because it would be enough to break through at one point.

However, he did not think he would be completely surrounded at once in this way. Because it was a tactic that he hadn’t expected at all, he could not do anything.

More than 300 Line Dark users surrounded Immortal. They were not even malefactors.

In other words, they made an untouchable formation and sealed the Immortal.

Immortal looked around quietly. At this point, he had  to break the perimeter here to escape and he would become a malefactor because of attacking a non-malefactor without provocation.

This was the worst result.


Just then, the formation split up and a man appeared in front of Immortal.


“I know that it’s funny to have a conversation between the one who will die and the one who kills him. But there is one thing that I’m really curious about.”

He was DD. Immortal saw DD many times through game video in his previous life, so he saw at a glance that he was DD.


“One Guild, right?”

DD who wanted to hear the confirmation from the Immortal’s own mouth. Immortal laughed while looking at DD. Then slowly he opened his mouth.


“It doesn’t matter anyway, right?”

When he heard Immortal, DD had no choice but to laugh.

It was a wise answer to a foolish question.

Correct. It doesn’t matter. Anyway in this situation, even if the opponent is not One Guild, there was no difference. And even if he was One Guild, there was no difference there as well.


“Oops, sorry. I just took the time uselessly. So, let’s do the thing we were going to do.”


As soon as DD finished his words, he naturally retreated and disappeared into the ranks of his formation.



A word that heard from the inside of the formation.

With that word, the four users at the front ran towards Immortal.

They were one group.

Of course, they were not malefactors. But they did not hesitate to attack Immortal. They were not afraid of piling up evil karma.

Because the other party attacked first, even if Immortal killed those four people who ran toward him, it would be acknowledged as self-defense, and no evil karma would be accumulated.

Swoosh! Clank, clank!

Immortal quickly swiped Ten Millennia Goldbone Whip and simply handled the four users who attacked him.

Two of them had shattered heads and one had the heart pierced. And the last one was decapitated after his two arms were cut off.

All of this happened in just one second.

However, even though four of their colleagues died in front of them, the users of Line Dark who are part of the formation, were still maintaining discipline.

All 300 users selected directly by DD from 16 guilds, were thoroughly trained in this situation.

They were the hounds that DD picked and trained.

When the field doctor was curious about this strategy, DD told him this.


“Hyung, do you know how did the Russian hunters hunted the tigers long ago? Once they found a tiger, they unleashed dozens of hounds and chased the tiger. Of course the tiger was not afraid of the hounds. However, since the tiger has been living alone, when he fights the hounds who follow him, he could not help but be hurt by the harassing dogs. That way, after driving the tiger for about 10 days, when the hunter thought that the tiger was exhausted, the hunters and the hounds joined forces to attack the tiger. I’ll catch him in this way.”


This is why DD named this operation Hunting Daeho,the great tiger. 300 hounds that DD picked by himself… They were all those who preyed on other users but despite that took care to not become malefactors even though they accumulated evil karma.

Using the hounds to built the formation and make the ‘harrassing’ teams attack in turn, to decrease Immortal’s power. Anyway, if you were completely surrounded by a formation of enemies, there was no way out.

DD has prepared another group of more than 100 Line Dark users who are offline just in case 300 users were not enough.

He thought after decreasing Immortal’s strength by using the endless waves of harassing attacks, at the right time, he was going to finish Immortal himself together with the elites of the Dark Dragon guild.


“You are going to die in this place no matter the cost. And through your death, we will gain even greater fame.”

DD, who was back far away, was laughing comfortably as he watched the second group go to Immortal following the demise of the first group.

Hunting Daeho, The Great Tiger, by DD.

The beginning was almost perfect.



Chapter 88 [Episode 46] Hunting Daeho (The Great Tiger) 1 – End


* Editor’s Notes:  If you’re going to catch an animal, it only makes sense to be clever, and use wholesome bait.  By using rotten piece of rice, or obviously using Dark Blood as bait, DD is telling Sang Hyuk, “I think you’re arrogant enough to disregard the obvious trap.” In another words, DD is deliberately provoking Sang Hyuk.  This obviously will not end well for DD.


*Editor’s Note: So DD had his team get into formation, and log out.  Obviously when they logged back in simultaneously, they’ll spawn at the same place they logged out…smart.



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