Chapter 89 [Episode 46] Hunting Daeho (The Great Tiger) 2



* * * *


If the Russian Hunters had harried the Tiger with their hounds for ten days, DD, during 2 hours, sacrificed as many as 99 groups, a total of 396 users.

Since the first 300 people were not enough, DD added 100 people more.



The Immortal, who fought against 396 users for two hours, collected his breath while looking around.

Although he was the Immortal, if he keep on battling for two hours without resting for even a second, he would inevitably accumulate fatigue.


“60 people? 70 people?”

It was true that the enveloping formation of people that surrounding Immortal were much thinner. However, DD somehow maintained the formation by pulling in all the power that can be pulled from the Line.


“The Endless Battle Wheel… was well prepared.”

Immortal acknowledged DD.

If the strategy that DD used was successful, then it would be like an antlion hell that can never be escaped.

Even now, the formation is thickening again. In other words, it means that DD had no plan to release the formation before he thought that Immortal was exhausted.


“Is this the power of quantity?”

Immortal showed a bitter smile at the formation that was even now being reinforced. DD would absolutely keep on maintaining the formation even if Immortal refused to get tired, which is what DD wanted.


“But, I did it!”

Immortal met irresistible force with even more irresistible force.

Even at that moment, Immortal wielded the Ten Millennia Goldbone Whip without hesitation at the long-anticipated 100th group was running towards him.

It was done in an instant as usual, drawn like a moth to flame, but nevertheless they didn’t stop.

In fact, at this moment, the person who felt unpleasant was DD. He watched for about two hours, as nearly 400 Line Dark users were literally ground up in front of him.

When about the 30th group was torn up, he thought it was the expected casualties.

Then when the 50th group were torn up, he thought it was still possible.

However, when the 70th group was torn apart, he began to feel uneasy and when the 90th group was torn up, his hands began to tremble.

The 100th group was cut down shortly before. If the Line Dark’s users were running like they were unstoppable, they still died like they were being fed into a shredder.


“Is this possible? He has been battling without rest for two hours, but he looks just a bit tired… Does it make sense?”

This was clearly reality, but DD could not believe the reality.

Even at this moment, he mobilized the whole Line Dark to maintain the formation.

Even if Line Dark is a giant union, it could not keep maintaining the formation indefinitely. In fact, the other guilds except Dark Dragon began to sound their regrets.

If it was going to be a little bit more complicated and there were further developments, then there could be repercussions.


“I have thoroughly calculated the vitality and health as well as the skill reuse cooldown timers, but the result…. impossible. Is this guy really a user? Perhaps he is an NPC with extraordinary artificial intelligence and we have mistaken him, right?”


DD even now denied reality.

It was not DD’s style, but he could not help it because it was a hard thing to believe.

100 followed by 101, 102… Line Dark’s users kept on running to the Immortal and Immortal slaughtered the enemies who ran toward him without hesitation.


“If it is like that, the formation will fail first.”

Now, there was almost no user left to be sacrificed, the users who weren’t afraid to accumulate evil karma and expend themselves for Line Dark. In fact, from the moment he lost more than 400 users, the formation began to collapse.


“There was no help for it. It was not enough, but there is only this one chance.”

At first, he was going to appear after the Immortal was tired enough, but there was no time to grind the cold rice, or even the hot rice.


[All ready for battle! After the 104th group, we will start the final battle!]


DD ordered the elites of Dark Dragon, who had been nervously waiting behind the formation.

A total of 47 elite users including DD.

This force is enough to wipe out a medium sized guild. But DD’s expression was not so good.

The opponent was not a medium sized guild.

It was a single enemy, but it was an invincible monster that absolutely could not even be compared with a medium sized guild.


[As you can see, your opponent is not a simple user. Raid Boss…. From now on, think of your opponent as a Raid Boss Monster.]


DD quickly activated ‘Dark Flame’ after giving out his command. The ancient knowledge that DD had was ‘Dark Destruction Magic’ and ‘Dark Machine Soul’.

Both were ancient knowledge of the Black Magic System. Both of them were at level 2 of ancient knowledge and the combination was excellent, but to DD it now looked mediocre damage dealer.

One hit.

The first attack produced this result. Even though it was the Immortal, it was very hard to deal with more than 400 people without stopping.

If Immortal did not have this special ‘first’ hit, he even might really have been caught by DD today.

The Immortal was like a race course with huge walls blocking the start from the beginning.

If one could jump over the wall, you could run a little longer, but if one could not jump over the wall, you could not go forward even for a single centimeter.

If someone could endure the first hit, there was a possibility of fighting with Immortal. In fact, the Immortal was also the Lone King, and Gye Baek figured out how to take the first hit of Lone King so he can endure four out of ten times the first hit.

But, Line Dark’s users were unable to do that and as a result they got sliced as soon as the battle started.

After all, it was a simple difference.

Whether this huge wall can be jumped over or not…. The results that this simple difference made, were as far apart as the distance between the earth and the sky.


“Hosh, hosh.”

The battle between Immortal and Line Dark has already lasted for two and a half hours. Was it because of the long battle? Now Immortal’s breathing was also rough.

Clearly DD’s strategy of power reducing was great. However, the problem with that strategy, was that the power of Immortal was overwhelmingly greater.

Kwiririk, Kwathuk!

Immortal jumped over one of the Dark Dragon Guild and swiftly wrapped the Ten Millennia Goldbone Whip around his neck. But separating that Guild member’s head was not the end of the Dark Dragon Guild.

Immortal ran forward and stuck a dagger in the heart of another Dark Dragon Guild.


In just two seconds, two people were killed.

DD tried to block Immortal’s moves by using the ‘Fatigue Spell’ on Immortal, but Immortal made DD’s spell fail as a result of ‘Mental Resistance’.


“It’s like he hasn’t received  any attacks. Obviously, he’s received a lot of attacks. But… why does his condition still look great like that?”

Most of Dark Dragon Guild’s members died and disappeared, leaving only five members including DD.

Immortal in DD’s eyes seemed more than a Raid Boss Monster. He has enormous attack power and incredible avoidance ability to the extent that there is no words could match to it. And the movement skills that you can only admire. And now, even the defence that does not seem to fail even if you keep on striking it… Everything far exceeded DD’s expectation.

If DD had known before, he would never have fought no matter how strong he was.


“We can’t win. It would be much easier to fight a war with all the other lines than to fight this monster.”

By this time, the famous DD was tired.

Ba ba ba bang!

Dark Dragon’s guild members were quickly being cleared while he was baffled.

It has been long since the enveloping formation was gone.

The only thing left is lots of items dropped by Line Dark’s users who became malefactors.

DD pushed all his power into the Dark Flame that was burning on both shoulders.

With that, he was going to attack the Immortal until the end.

As the power of dark flame grew stronger, DD’s hands and legs and all of his body were turned into machines. Although it was a ‘Dark Mechanization’ that lasted only 10 minutes, it increased physical ability by 200%.



DD roared and ran towards Immortal. His hands already had strong black magic energy.


* * * *



In the end, his last remaining arm was broken. As a result, all of his limbs were broken and half of his neck was cut off.

However, he could survive and not die thanks to the ‘Dark Machine Heart’, one of his passive abilities.

But, it did not have the power of immortality, so it seemed that he couldn’t last much longer.


“Well, if there was a solace, then it was that you did not fall in one hit, right?”

DD frowned and wondered how many attacks he had made.

About 20 to 30 times… It certainly seemed to be a lot. But it was not very meaningful because he was still beaten.


“… Damn, it was the last though, just one thing….”

He was going to die silently actually, but he kept thinking something in his head, and in the end open his mouth.

Immortal, who was about to smash DD’s head for the last time, stopped at his words. Should I call it as a ‘Reward’ for him who has been harassing me for nearly three hours?

Anyway, he thought he would listen to DD’s last words.


“One Guild… Right?”

DD who was relentless to the end. Immortal nodded gently as he looked at DD.


“Yes, correct.”

Ka-thud, Pupupung!

Immortal smashed DD’s head horribly at the end of his answer.

With this, finally the very long battle has come to the end.


The ‘Immortal’ of One Guild has taken down the ‘Dark Dragon’ of the Dark Dragon Guild.

Congratulations. Cumulative karma has exceeded the limit and the level has risen.

By winning the nonsense battle, he got a unique title ‘Come On!’.

In a PvP situation, 400 enemies were successfully killed in a single attack. This is almost impossible. He got a unique title ‘Grim Reaper.’.


“Fiuh…. Creepy fellas.”

In the end, although he was using overwhelmed power, but in a sense, it was also a breathtaking battle even for Immortal. If the power difference between Line Dark’s users and Immortal was a little bit smaller…. they would have enough power to manage at least one hit…. Immortal could have fallen first.

Of course, he still had two cards left unused, but he couldn’t used them recklessly because they had clear penalties.


“I have to be a bit more careful in the future.”

Even if it was Immortal, it was very dangerous to be surrounded like this. Especially, the encirclement formation, that was made by using ordinary users, was a big threat even to Immortal.


“However, thanks to those guys, I got an unexpected benefit.”

Immortal got three things in this fight.

First, the level has risen. Although the level-up, that was delayed because he was in battle, has risen just now, but it has risen easier than expected thanks to the Line Dark’s users who have each given Immortal a tribute of karma.

And he got two unique titles. Good titles were always welcomed.

And for the last, he obtained lots of items. There were many items on the floor… There were many things that seemed quite expensive.


“Ah! There was another one.”

Immortal, who grabbed an item that was on the floor, looked over his head because something suddenly emerged.  On top of his head, there was an action camera that still worked hard.

Immortal also got a great broadcast video.

Overall, it was tough fight, but because he was able to get good quality rewards after the fight, he could forget the difficult memory quickly.

He had no idea that the Line Dark had been destroyed all by himself.

In the end, the most pitiful thing was DD who confidently said that he will catch Daeho, the Great Tiger.

The Hunting of Daeho by DD, was overwhelming in the beginning. Sang Hyuk was not Daeho, but a more horrible monster and moreover DD and Line Dark’s users were not wolves but sheeps.

From the beginning, to Sang Hyuk they were just delicious and nutritious preys.*



Chapter 89 [Episode 46] Hunting Daeho – End


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