Chapter 90 [Episode 47] Item Farming 1



@Item Farming.


The devastating defeat of Line Dark could not be concealed. DD and Line Dark’s top managers tried to prevent as many rumors as possible, but it was impossible to quietly cover what has already been experienced and seen by more than 400 users.


“A single user of the One Guild has beaten the entire Line Dark to death.”


Once you started turning the thing called rumor mill, it was absolutely unstoppable. Because of that, the image of Line Dark hit the basement.

There was no big change although the image of the One Guild was rising to the extent that it couldn’t rise anymore. But anyway the One Guild was splendid and the Line Dark fell down.

Everyone expected the official announcement of the One Guild, but as always, One Guild did not do such a thing. Rather than wait for it, it was wiser to go to Channel One’s broadcast and ask Gale directly.

Of course, Sang Hyuk was not going to give a correct answer when such questions came in. The video that shows Immortal overwhelming Line Dark was scheduled to become the first ‘paid video’ content to be released in Channel One soon after editing.

So, until then, he was going to make the viewers as curious as possible by avoiding giving an accurate answer and only answer it vaguely.

Almost all the communities were burning hot this time but the source of all this, Sang Hyuk, was not interested at all. He was quietly confirming his new titles.


Title – ‘Come On!’

Rating? Unique

Explanation? Winning in a battle where it is impossible to win according to common sense. Everyone praises your great ability to destroy common sense.

Effect: [Prefix: None] [Suffix: None] [ Continuous Sustained Effect: <Come On! (S): The more you fight the enemy, the higher your abilities. If you have more than 10 enemies spawning within a radius of 500 meter around you, you will be given an additional 10% to your primary ability (agility). After that, each time the number of enemies increase, your primary ability (agility) is increased by 1% for each 10 creatures. This effect applies to monsters as well as users.>]


Title – ‘Grim Reaper.’

Rating? Unique

Explanation? The number of attacks required to defeat an enemy is only one. Your capacity is a non-standard force that can hardly be measured.

Effect – [Prefix: None] [Suffix: None] [Continuous Sustained Effect: <Coup de Grace (S): If you beat an enemy in one attack, a buff that gains an additional 10% damage for 10 seconds will be given. This buff can be increased up to 4 times and after 4 times, only the maintenance timer is renewed.>]


“Daeeeebakk!!” (Aaawesome!!)

Sang Hyuk confirmed his new title and felt so much better. Both titles were so good for Sang Hyuk.


“I received a big gift that I couldn’t have expected.”

Sang Hyuk laughed very loudly and nodded.

With these two titles alone, Sang Hyuk would be stronger than before. Especially when dealing with large groups, these two titles seemed to have a great synergy effect.


“Because this time I had suffered a bit, would the next fight be a little easier? But, thanks anyway.”

Sang Hyuk, who was feeling better, looked over the title once more and closed the information window with a satisfied look.

He only checked the new title effects and was just getting ready to do the Item Farming just as he planned.


“Combining the information of the past life that I know and current information obtained through various ways, there are four places that I have to clear in the end. Two are Raid Dungeons. One is a Hunting Ground. And the last one is the Secret Dungeon.”

Sang Hyuk summarized the information he had organized.


“Spirit Forest.”


“Dark Moon Temple.”


“Drake Valley.”


“The Mark of the Stars.”


All four places were not easy.

Spirit Forest and Dark Moon Temple are Raid Dungeons that users didn’t even know existed, and Drake Valley had creatures that have inherited the Blood of Dragons named ‘Drake’, although it was the weakest type of dragon.

Drakes could not fly and was called Jiryong (Earth Dragon), but at this point it was a very powerful monster.

The last one, The Mark of the Stars was a secret dungeon in which Sang Hyuk only knew the name and few simple hints.

It would take planning, and finding it would take effort. But if he could find it, it has a great benefit, so Sang Hyuk was going to find it.


“The order is to clear the Spirit Forest first, then Dark Moon Temple, and the last was to go to Drake Valley. Then while attacking the three places like that, let’s keep looking for The Mark of the Stars.”

Now, that he has the rough plan, he just need to execute it.


* * * *


Spirit Forest was a dungeon.

It looked like a field judged by its name only, but you can enter the Raid Dungeon named Spirit Forest when you pass between two giant spirit trees deep inside the  Dawn Forest at the west end of Heroic Lands.

The Spirit Forest was divided into a total of five sections.


‘Burning Forest’, ‘Underwater Forest’, ‘Steel Forest’, ‘Wind Forest’. These four areas were the foundations of the Spirit Forest. And if you success in defeating the named monsters that exist in these four areas, ‘Burning Golem’, ‘Giant Crocodile’, ‘Steel Giant’, ‘Storm Giant’, the hidden area underneath Spirit Forest appeared. That place where the final boss monster called ‘Weakened Shadow King’, existed.


In fact, Sang Hyuk was targeting this Weakened Shadow King’. More precisely, the ‘Weakened Shadow King’ was known to drop the ‘Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King’.

It was a great big sword, but it was a super Rare Item that never fell apart.

Since it was a legendary item and not a unique item, the drop probability was very low.

Sang Hyuk intended to get this through the first kill bonus.

He planned to move to Dark Moon Temple right after he attacked the Spirit Forest.

Although there was an entry quest in the Dark Moon Temple, he had experienced this in his previous life and it was not a difficult task, so there was nothing to worry about.

Rather, the problem was the final boss of Dark Moon Temple.


The final boss monster called the ‘Giant of the Exiled Moon’, was a very powerful guy. And to decisively kill this guy, Sang Hyuk had one problem to solve.

Actually, if this Giant of the Exiled Moon had not dropped a set of legendary daggers called ‘Twin Moon Blade’, Sang Hyuk would not have dared to attack this dungeon.

No, if there was any similar daggers, he thought he’d give up the Twin Moon Blade.

But the Twin Moon Blade could not be replaced by any other items.

Legendary items were not common in the first place and it was hard to find anything better than the Twin Moon Blade among the dagger class items.

It was worth it because it was even a legendary grade set item.

Drake Valley would be easier if he could finish farming up here. As it was said to be halfway to finding the secret dungeon, ‘The Mark of the Stars’, so the most important task was to defeat the ‘Weakened Shadow King’ and the ‘Giant of the Exiled Moon’.


Sang Hyuk began to smash the Spirit Forest when the other users were still challenging the outside.


‘Burning Forest’ was three hours. ‘Underwater Forest’ was two hours. ‘Steel Forest’ was five hours. ‘Wind Forest’ was four hours.

In total 14 hours, Sang Hyuk, who finished all four raid boss monsters in the Spirit Forest, fell asleep for about five hours.  After his rest, Sang Hyuk entered the area where the long-awaited ‘Weakened Shadow King’ existed.

First he raced up to where Weakened Shadow King was. Since it often happened in a raid dungeon for a group of monsters to spawn, the two new titles also gave a boost to the attacking Sang Hyuk.

Then he entered the ‘Room of Darkness’. The place that ‘Weakened Shadow King’ was in.


“There are three important things when attacking the Weakened Shadow King. First, to not be stuck in the dark prison. Second, to accurately use gapstrikes, despite the reach of the Weakened Shadow King’s sword. And the last one, the third, to handle the shadow illusion as soon as possible. Ah! But when I think about it, because I am a solo player, Shadow Illusions are almost meaningless, right?”


When one of the three most important things became meaningless, he felt like the difficulty was getting smaller.


“In a time like this, being a solo player has this kind of benefit.”

Of course, ordinary people would never be able to challenge raid bosses solo, even if there were parts that would benefit greatly.

Raiding as a solo player actually doesn’t make sense in the first place.


“Two days. I’ll clear in two days.”

Sang Hyuk, who estimated roughly, stepped into the dark room vigorously.


* * * *


Sixteen hours.

Sang Hyuk defeated the Weakened Shadow King in exactly 16 hours instead of two days. At the last minute, the Weakened Shadow King disappeared into the darkness while shouting that this was not the end.

In fact, the Weakened Shadow King with all his strength was almost like a dragon, no matter who Sang Hyuk is, it was impossible to hunt at this point.

However, Sang Hyuk was able to defeat him, because of the setup, the energy that flowed from the four sections of the Spirit Forest above was suppressing the Weakened Shadow King.

Of course, the Weakened Shadow King was not extinguished but flew into the darkness of the void, but he dropped all the items he had to drop and disappeared.


The final boss named ‘Weakened Shadow King’ has been defeated in the Spirit Forest.

You hunted the Weakened Shadow King for the first time. It was not just hunting, but hunting alone without anyone’s help. To said it clearly, this is a great achievement. Your feat will be remembered forever.

You obtained the legendary title [The First Solo Kill of the Weakened Shadow King].

Since you were the first one who defeated the Weakened Shadow King, you received all of the 29 kinds of items that you can get from him with the first kill bonus.


“Huh? Not a unique but a legendary title?”

Although Sang Hyuk was weakened, he had thought that it would be enough to get a unique title because the Weakened Shadow King was a Weakened Shadow King.

However, beyond the expected unique title, he got a legendary title. This was a reward beyond Sang Hyuk’s expectation.


“Now, it’s clear. I have a Solo play achievement that did not exist in my previous life.”

Sang Hyuk now firmly believed the former hypothesis through this proof.


“Has this changed because of me too? Well, I’m thankful as this change is unconditionally good for me.”

The achievement that related to Solo play, was inevitable for Sang Hyuk. So, Sang Hyuk felt better.

In addition to this, he got the ‘Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King’, so he had not choice but to keep laughing all the time.


“Prepare to enhance the Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King to the maximum and let’s go to Dark Moon Temple. Once I start running, I will run surefooted and finish farming properly!”

Sang Hyuk was going to have fun only for today, starting from tomorrow he was going to be totally focused on the next goal.

A runaway locomotive that keeps on racing without stopping. But to be precise, it was just an increase in speed, not a runaway.

Even while racing like this. Sang Hyuk was controlling himself very coldly and accurately. He was never…. a person who would make a mistake because of overdoing or getting emotional.



Chapter 90 [Episode 47] Item Farming 1 – End


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