Chapter 91 [Episode 47] Item Farming 2



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Title – ‘The First Solo Kill of the Weakened Shadow King’

Rating? Legend

Explanation? The Shadow King was a powerful person who had reached the stage of transcendence. Even if he was called Weakened, but because the Shadow King is still the Shadow King, so your achievement of defeating him First and Solo is very great.

Effect – [Prefix: Increases the effect of all buff skills by 30%] [Suffix: Resist all skills with a debuff effect with 80% probability. However, for opponents with a higher level than yourself, it is reduced to 30% probability.] [Sustainable Effect: <Shield of Darkness (S): Concealment Ability in Darkness is greatly improved, and if you are not transcendent, you, who hide in the darkness, will not be found. Also, if an enemy is killed by a single attack, the concealment will not be broken with 40% probability even in battle.>]


The legendary title clearly confirmed why it was a legendary title.

The prefix and suffix effects as well the sustainable effect were perfect.

Especially, the Shield of Darkness, which is the sustainable effect, seemed to be wings for Sang Hyuk. If a tiger had wings…. Its strength need not be explained.


“The title is already amazing. Now, if I just enhance this guy properly, would it be super daebak?”(awesome)

Sang Hyuk looked down at the large great sword in his hands. The legendary item called ‘Great Sword of the Shadow King’. In fact, this was already an amazingly good item.


Great Sword of the Shadow King [Legend+++]


– It is a weapon made by smelting the black iron from the darkness of the abyss with a shadow spirit, and then forged and reforged for hundreds of years by the ‘Agon’, the Sovereign of Fear and the best blacksmith among the devils. The weapon was made for the Shadow King who was born in the Darkness, but without finding its proper master, the Spirit King of Darkness felt the magic of darkness and swallowed it whole. Also, it is also very special for many reasons.


[Basic Abilities] All abilities+50 (+15), Power +5 (+1.5%)


[Special Abilities] Damage +10 (+3%)


[Special Effects]<Sword of Darkness (S): When you are wounded by this great sword, healing effects are reduced by 20%.>


[Item Skill] <Darkness! (A): Attracts all the power of darkness and removes all weakening effects that have been inflicted on you. Cooldown time 2 minutes.>


[Bonus Effect] Power: +15, Agility: +20, Vitality +25


[Hidden Effect] Reveals all the powers of the sword to you, you who is on the way to becoming the Shadow King. Hidden effect <The authority of Shadow Duke (Growth Possibility) (S): All damage received in the darkness decreases by 20% and the evasion rate increases by 20%. Also, the critical chance increases by 10% and the movement speed increases by 20%. >


Not only was it a great sword by itself, but it also had a triple plus. But there was something that was more amazing than the triple plus.

The hidden effect that he had never expected.

Surprisingly, this Great Sword revealed a hidden effect in response to Sang Hyuk’s special rank, Shadow Duke.

He knew there were sometimes special items with such hidden effects, but it was the first time for Sang Hyuk.


“If it can be strengthened up to +8…”

Sang Hyuk thought that since it was like this then he should make a really good weapon. He was going to challenge making a premium grade legendary weapon over +8 by using the premium enhancement stone that he has been saving.

He has already visited all the Reinforcement Artisan NPCs in Tune while bringing all the enhancement stones he has.


“At least +8! I must get +8.”

The minimum goal for Sang Hyuk was +8. To be honest, he was thinking of using the highest grade of enhancement stone, but if it couldn’t get beyond +8, it would be shamelessly wasted.


“There are 15 high grade enhancement stones, so let’s make a very good weapon once and for all.”

Sang Hyuk had brought half of the 30 high grade enhancement stones he had collected. The remaining 15 were left to be used to reinforce the ‘Twin Moon Blade’, which he will get after this.


“First, we have to make it up to +3 by using the lower grade enhancement stones, then after that let’s make it up to +5 with the intermediate grade enhancement stone.”

That was the plan. After completing it up to +5 with countless of lower and intermediate enhancement stones, he would begin to reinforce it up to +7 with the high grade enhancement stones.

Of course, in the process of making up to +7, lots of high grade enhancement stones would be consumed. That was the first hurdle.

If you can finish +7 by passing the first hurdle, then it is time to take out the long-awaited premium enhancement stone.


The premium enhancement stone [Special Material Item]


– A stone with mysterious power. If you use this, great things could be accomplished.


[Basic Effect] Strengthening item to be more special.


[Special Effect] Unlike an ordinary enhancement stone, there is a special energy, so even if you fail to strengthen the item to +8, the item does not disappear or the strengthening effect does not decrease.


[Bonus Effect] Sometimes…. causes a triple or double strengthening effect, increasing +3 or +2 instead of +1.


That was the detail of the premium enhancement stone.

Premium enhancement stone was very very expensive but worth its price.

in fact, +8 or higher strength required the premium enhancement stone. He experienced a real hell when he tried to make +8 or higher with high grade enhancement stones.*


“If the premium enhancement stone can do a homerun…. we can see +10 which is called Perfect Reinforcement.”

Of course it was just wishful thinking. It was true that the enhancement success rate of the premium enhancement stone is not low, but double or triple reinforcement almost never happened.

Especially, the probability of a triple effect was as low as winning the lottery.


“Let’s start with a big dream first.”

Sang Hyuk laughed and talked to the reinforcement artisan.


Reinforcement was really 100% luck.

Some people have followed all kinds of superstitions and somehow tried to find a way to increase the reinforcement probability, but no matter how hard you try, the reinforcement has always been determined to be 100% luck.

In that sense, Sang Hyuk’s early luck today was not very good. Reinforcement up to +5 consumed more intermediate enhancement stones than expected. There was no big ‘fiasco’ because it was an intermediate level, but he kept repeating the failures and success at +4, so it kept going back and forth to +3 and +4.

After 44 intermediate enhancement stones were consumed then it barely raised up to +5.

Usually using 10 stones, it could be raised to +5, but today was particularly bad luck.

Sang Hyuk felt slightly insecure, but he did not stop reinforcing it. Because he was a user who believe that reinforcement was 100% luck, he thought no matter how bad his early luck, it would be okay as long he has great luck in the end.

The middle phase of raising from +5 to +7 could only be done using the high grade enhancement stones. The item itself could have been smashed by enhancement failure if he used a lesser grade.

The mid-luck was better than the early one, which was awfully bad. But on overage, it was not so good.

Only 14 out of the 15 high grade Enhancement Stones were used before reaching +7. It was really breathtaking. If he had failed once more here, he might have had to take out all of the advanced enhancement stones that he kept in the warehouse for the next reinforcement.

Anyway, after reinforcing until +7, Sang Hyuk looked down at the last step on his palm.

Premium Enhancement Stone.


“I still have one step left… Was it this?”

Sang Hyuk followed the script from a post-nuclear classic movie that he watched at a very young age, and laughed.

Anyway, the last shot was only a single step.



Sang Hyuk gently took a deep breath and gave the premium enhancement stone to the reinforcement artisan.


“Wowwww! This!”

The Reinforcement Artisan NPC recognized the premium enhancement stone in a glance.


“Please do it right away. I will leave it up to you.”

Since dragging on something was not Sang Hyuk’s style, so the reinforcement was immediately started right after the premium enhancement stone had been given.


“As-salakum in God’s name!”

If the reinforcement artisan was a user instead of NPC, he could have been nervous, but because he was NPC, he was not afraid to reinforce it.

Flashing! Along with the odd spell, the light came out of the hands of the reinforcement artisan.

But, surprisingly the light was not just ordinary light, it was rainbow-colored light.


“Double? Triple? Damn, I can’t see it.”

Even Sang Hyuk, he could not keep looking at the rainbow-colored light that burst out.

If the rainbow-colored light soaked into the great sword, then the reinforcement is success…. it was so hard to keep watching it.

In the end, Sang Hyuk bowed his head and closed his eyes.



The only thing he can do now is just to pray for good fortune.

A little time has passed.

Sang Hyuk closed his eyes and bowed his head, so he could not see the result. Since Sang Hyuk didn’t ask anything, so the Reinforcement Artisan NPC did not tell Sang Hyuk about the reinforcement result first.



Sang Hyuk calmed down slowly and lifted his head slowly.


“Jackpot or Fiasco?”

The last light he saw was the rainbow-colored light. This meant that if he succeeded in the reinforcement, he could hit the jackpot.

From +7, even if only +2, it would be +9.

This was absolutely a big hit.

But, the other way, what if it fails? Fortunately, it was the premium enhancement stone, so the reinforcement finished at +7 without anything changed… Since he used the premium enhancement stone, if that kind of result came out, it was almost a disaster.

Sang Hyuk, who calmed down enough, lifted his head and opened his eyes. And he looked forward.


Sang Hyuk was able to see the rainbow-colored light from the entire Great Sword. This meant that the reinforcement was successful.


“Okay! It’s done!”

At that moment, Sang Hyuk shouted loudly and clenched his fist.


“Congratulations. At the end, we succeeded in double reinforcement and it was reinforced to 9+”

It did not matter although it was double and not triple.

Anyway, +10 was not a thing he could casually achieve. In Sang Hyuk’s previous life, reinforcement up to 10+ would not appear for a very long time.

At least at this point, the legendary item which has been reinforced to +9, was called in one word as ‘divinity’ item.

It was the best legendary item with triple plus and hidden abilities.


“With this, I think it would be better than a few mythical items.”

Wondering if the mythical rating item can be reinforced to +9, for the time being, even if he got a mythical grade item, he would unconditionally use the Great Sword.

Reinforcement Effect with +9, the ability of Great Sword of Shadow King has increased to 180. In other words, the basic abilities and special abilities had changed.


[Basic Abilities] All abilities +50(+15)(+90), strength +5(+1.5)(+9%)


[Special Abilities] Attack Power +10(+3)(18%) All abilities immediately changed from +65 to +155 and strength changed from +6.5% to +15.5%. Is that all? Attack Power changed from +13% to +31%.

The real existence itself has become a fearsome and outrageous weapon. In addition to this, three reinforcement effects have been added.


<+5 Reinforcement Effect : Critical Hit Probability+10%>

<+7 Reinforcement Effect : Strength +100>

<+9 Reinforcement Effect: Shock Shield [Each time you damage an enemy, 5% of that damage is converted to a protective shield. The shield accumulates up to 30% of your health.] Creation>


The 9+ reinforcement effect did not disappoint Sang Hyuk. The technology of Shock Shield, which give him greater effect the more he use it, fits Sang Hyuk very well.


“I think the difference between when I hold on the weapon and not is incredibly huge.”

Great Sword of Shadow King was a weapon for Sang Hyuk.

However, the ability was so great, so Immortal thought it would be a little worrying whether it would ‘carry’ him.*


“But its appearance was so colorful and eye-catching, so only Immortal will use it for the time being.”

Although it was kind of regretful, but he has no more choice.

It was not the time to regret that he couldn’t share the items right now but it was the time to hide his real identity as much as possible.*


“Hohohoho. This is really daebak (awesome). In the previous life, my luck was not too good…. but  since the probability averages out and I was not so lucky with my past life, so in the end, would it be better for my current life?”

Sang Hyuk laughed happily as he once again swung around the Great Sword of Shadow King.

Getting an item with this kind of level was a lot better than anything else for Sang Hyuk, who was a gamer right down to his bone marrow.


“If the item is to this level…. I think I can pull off the next steps more easily than I thought.”

Because he complete the first steps very well, the start from the second step had to be much easier.



Chapter 91 [Episode 47] Item Farming 2 – End


*Editor’s Notes: This happened in chapter 43.


*Editor’s Notes: In gaming, ‘carry’ is when a superior player allows a weaker player to follow him, and consume a part of his kills to level up effortlessly.  Sang Hyuk is making a joke, saying that his sword would ‘carry’ him. Lol.


*Editor’s Notes:  Sang Hyuk got into trouble when Gale used Ogreslayer. This caused speculation that Blake traded Ogreslayer to Gale as they were in the same guild.


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