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Chapter 93 [Episode 48] The not bad feeling 2



* * * *


Dark Knight and Gye Baek were two users with different personalities, but basically they have a great chemistry and work together without problems because they are people who speak freely.

And Ilya moved along with them.

Immortal thought that if it was these three people, they could control the control room of Dark Moon Temple perfectly.

Dark Moon Temple was a dungeon that if the main path works in harmony with the secret passage, the more they work in harmony the more the difficulty dropped.

Especially when party members entered the secret passage, it would make either the number of monsters appearing in the main path decrease or increase the weakening effect.

The three people actively talked to each other through the party channel. This dungeon itself was a place where communication was very important, so they had to exactly tell about the situation to each other.

Obviously users and NPC were different. The things that Ilya found hard could be easily solved by Dark Knight and Gye Baek.

There were Tanker and Dealer, but it is kind of worrisome because there is no healer, but they headed towards the control room through the secret passage.

Meanwhile, the Immortal was also moving forward and attacked the main passage. Dark Knight and Gye Baek watched him in real time through the Dark Crystal.

They…. surprised.


“Is that possible? Crazy…. Immortal was really stronger than the Lone King.”


“The ultimate power! The thing I have been looking for, is there.”

Gye Baek and Dark Knight were truly amazed. Immortal was doing his job alone because he has the combined strength of 10 users.

The monsters in this dungeon were monsters of at least higher level than Dark Knight and Gye Baek but if they got caught by Immortal’s hands, they were not able to survive even a single hit and disappeared like powder.

At the opposite, the secret passage with the three people the fighting was harder. Even so, the Dark Knight and Gae Baek were able to pass without any crisis because the NPC that was going with them is pretty powerful.

The Immortal who assaulted with irresistible force together with Dark Knight and Gye Baek who could barely follow the speed of Immortal.

Originally, Immortal had to lower the difficulty level of the main path by using various manipulations from the secret passage, but now the secret passage was the only passage that needed be passed and in the main path, regardless of the difficulty, the Immortal was sweeping all by force.

The first appeared named monster was cleared in an instant without any weakening penalties. And the second appeared named monster was destroyed by Sang Hyuk while remaining a strengthening bonus rather than a weakening penalty.

In this degree, Dark Knight and Gye Baek began to feel embarrassed by themselves. It was almost like Immortal carried both people on his shoulders.

Of course, there is an important role for the two people to make it through the passage, but that was all. Except that, they couldn’t do anything.

Dark Knight and Gye Baek were not stupid, so they knew that they were riding the ‘bus’ that people often say.

It was not just a mere bus, it was a super ultra powered bus that seemed to have three or four super power boosters.

Dark Knight and Gye Baek who excitedly ride on the bus.

They eventually arrived at Dark Moon Square. Sang Hyuk stood at the entrance to the Dark Moon Square, while Dark Knight and Gye Baek arrived at the entrance to the moonlight control room at Dark Moon Square.

This is the basic strategy of this place.

First in the moonlight control room, after the party members took control of the gun called ‘Moonlight Flash Gun’ , one person to manipulate the controls and keep on adjusting the moonlight flash to the ‘Giant of the Exiled Moon’.

When the giant that got hit by the moonlight flash was stunned for four seconds, it became defenseless when it was unable to use defense skills and that was the critical timing.

However, not only shooting the Moonlight Flash, but someone had to catch the running ‘Dark Moon Spirits’ endlessly, to collect 50 pieces of crystal particles coming out of it to make the ‘Dark Moon Crystal’ and load it into the Moonlight Flash Gun.

With one Dark Moon Crystal, the Moonlight Flash Gun can be shot three times.

If they don’t do this right in the control room, those in the Dark Moon Square have to fight a very difficult battle against ‘Giant of the Exiled Moon’.

Giant of the Exiled Moon was a named giant monster, so the ability to take damage was huge. The S-class ‘Endurance of the Giant’ was naturally attached and moreover the defense of the Moon’s Giant was extremely high. In addition, the special attack called ‘Black Moon Eye Light’ was a deathly, destroying technology.

As we have seen, the Moonlight Flash was important.

In other words, depending on how often and exactly how to shoot the Moonlight Flash Gun from the Moonlight control room, the difficulty level can be different like from sky to the earth.

Later, as the level of the users rise and the raid dungeon begins to be actively attacked, there are even those who joined a party with the phrase ‘Master of the Moonlight Flash Gun’.

In fact, when people use the moonlight flash gun a lot, they would become very good at shooting, so if they take it then the difficulty level of the raid would drop a lot.


[Do not think too hard, feel free to shoot. It is not a big deal if you miss it.]


Sang Hyuk keeps on making Dark Knight and Gye Baek to be relaxed before they start the raid earnestly.

Moonlight Flashgun planned to be used by Gye Baek. Then after Dark Knight and Ilya caught the Dark Moon Spirits that was constantly flocking toward the Moonlight Flashgun, Dark Knight decided to supply Gye Baek by making the Dark Moon Crystal.

Of course, although they had to retrieve control of the flashgun from the Dark Moon Spirits before that, but anyway the basic planning has been built.


[These shots would not spread?]


[They would. But if it matches well with the timing, we can end it with the moonlight flash.]


[Eventually, I hope everything will be solved if I do well.]


[If it is the user with a good sense like Gye Baek, with only few shots and you will get used to it quickly.]


[No matter how hard you encourage me, I don’t feel moved by it. Certainly, it should be Immortal who do it.]


The conversation on the party channel was mostly filled by Immortal and Gye Baek, the Dark Knight would only say what was needed.


“But, at a glance it looks like it is the first time you used it….How do you know all this information? The more I think about it, it is amazing.”

In fact, until they come here, the thing that Gye Baek and Dark Knight are most curious was this part.

They could not ask about it in a straightforward way, but both of them were thinking about this.

Let’s say that he got the information simply from the NPCs, but he knew so much about the details. It clearly felt as if the experienced person who cleared it explained the attack to the users who are in this dungeon for the first time.


“But it’s impossible that you have done it before.”

There is contradiction here. Of course, although he felt the contradiction, he could not ask about it. This kind of attack was a very important secret no matter how you looked at it, but it was really wrong to ask Immortal, who kindly informed them, where did he get this information.

Dark knight and Gye Baek knew the basic reason, so they could only to be quiet.


[It would be nice if you can aim the Moonlight Flash as well as possible, but you do not have to overdo it. The important thing is timing. I’ll check the timing and call it through the channel, so just shoot it.]




[Ah, then Dark Knight must take one of the extra shadow crystals. Otherwise, it can blow up everything because of the the range widening.]*


[Yes, I will do it like that.]


Immortal looked forward right after the explanation was over. The giant of the moon crouching in the middle of the dark square. It is the Giant of the Exiled Moon, but the ‘exiled’ in the front and the ‘Moon Goddess’ curse was a story after the beginning of the battle.


[It is okay if you cannot finish all at once. So, let’s try to put the burden down as much as possible and just do it with the thought of challenging.]


Immortal loosened the burden of Dark Knight and Gye Baek for one last time and then slowly approached the Giant of the Moon in the concealment state.


[The beginning of the battle would really start after shooting the Moonlight Flash. Although it is hard to shoot it for the first time… but if you can aim it correctly, you can start watching the big benefits.]


It was best to start the battle with Moonlight Flash. But if the Moonlight Flash was missed, it was the same as a big loss.


“Let’s think anyway that the first try is an experience.”

Because the road was fully penetrated, they can keep on doing ‘try’. Of course, Ilya’s summoning time seemed to end with this try, but if it was Dark Knight’s ability, it seemed he can finish the Dark Moon Spirits by himself.

As Immortal entered the center of the square where the Giant of the Moon stayed, Immortal, Dark Knight, and Gye Baek’s viewpoint were fixed and the unique event cutscene began.

Well, it was nothing. It was just an event that in the scenarios, it was originally the Temple of Moon and the giant of the moon was the guardian of the place, then he fell into the darkness that made the place into Dark Moon Temple, and the goddess of the moon personally descended from the heaven to here to punish and expel the giant of the moon.

After the event done, the Giant of the Moon became The Giant of the Exiled Moon. But nothing changed.

It was still a powerful named monster and the Immortal and friends had to take him.

About 10 minutes passed, there was the news that has been waited for, coming from the control room.


[Flashgun secured! In the progress I secured one dark crystal, should I directly shoot it?]


[Yes, shoot it directly. You only have to shoot it properly at the first hit. If the first hit can’t get it right, just keep on shooting the second and third. You just have to shoot it at the bull’s eye one out of three hits.]


The best thing to do is to start the fight with getting the first shot right then the giant become stunned (unprotected), and Immortal starts with a gruesome hit, but if that doesn’t happen, then the second and third shoot have to hit the bull’s eye so that he could get in the first hit as powerful as possible.

In order to do that, Gye Baek had to do well.


[I once received a pro-gamer offer from a D-FPS game, but if I don’t get one of these three hits, my pride would be torn so bad.]


Gye Baek laughed with a smile and ran into the flashgun. the basic structure was a howitzer. In other words, you have to calculate the angle of the trajectory to aim the Giant of the Moon at the bull’s eye… This makes it unexpectedly hard to hit the target.

Users with bad senses could not shoot well even if they shot countlessly.

Immortal believed in Gye Baek’s feeling. If it was Gye Baek whom immortal knew, Immortal thought Gye Baek would be able to get used to it with just one or two times and he would be able to shoot the flashgun with a high hit rate.


“Howitzer in the end is about feeling.”

Gye Baek was the main character in the D-FPS game ‘Battle Watch’, ‘Shrine of Gold Mountain’, is the most difficult level. The characteristic of Shrine Gold Mountain was to shoot at a ridiculous attack range through a unique ability called ‘Howitzer’.

For this reason, Gye Baek was even more confident in shooting the flashgun.


“Anyway if I assume that there is nothing like windage anyway…at this angle…”

Gye Baek took the utmost care from the first shot. Since the battle began and the Dark Moon Spirits came to the control room anyway, so he aimed more and more carefully.

The Giant of the Exiled Moon that is cursed by the Moon Goddess, went around without staying still. Because it was aiming at the moving target, so he needed to aim it accurately.


“Right now!”

Gye Baek, who was aiming, pulled the trigger of the flashgun immediately after getting the right timing.

Blarr! A lump of energy bomb flew through the air. Then it fell exactly to the position Gye Baek wanted.

Bang bang bang! Kieekkk!

Surprisingly, Gye Baek has shot the flashgun precisely right at the body of the Giant of the Exiled Moon with the first shot.

At that time, the Giant of the Exiled Moon stood  still as if it were a stone statue and Immortal didn’t miss the moment.

Because Immortal was already waiting in the shadows with the Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King in his hand, moreover with the reinforcement effects on it, right at the moment when the moonlight flash hit the giant, he did not hesitate to go out of the shadow and cut at the giant’s body with the great sword.

Kwakwakwa, segok!

As soon as the great power in the Great Sword reaches the body of the giant, a critical strike burst, and as a result, the critical hit has been amplified to enormous number.

That was not all.


The blessing of darkness! Concealment is maintained!


“It’s done!”

After Immortal made sure that the concealment did not come loose even though he was sure to cut the body of the giant, he hid himself in the shadow again.

That was the reason that he wanted to attack after the first hit.

Since the opponent was still stunned, he did not recognized the series of process ‘concealment-attack-concealment’. This meant that if he recovered from a stunned state, he would not be able to find Immortal, and if the concealment was retained for 10 seconds, he would have been able to release the battle with him.

Usually when the original battle was canceled, everything was reinitialized so that the Giant could regain all his life at once. But now it was impossible. It was because Gye Baek, who shot the flashgun in the control room, was in battle with the Giant of the Exiled Moon. *

There was no reinitialization.

In other words, had Immortal initiated the battle and Gye Baek hit second with the moonlight flash, Immortal would need to hit again. *


“Isn’t the beginning too good?”

Immortal hid back in the shadow and laughed. Gye Baek and Dark Knight unexpectedly were doing much better.

They gave their trust to Immortal.

The emotion that he feel when he could trust someone, was really…. not a bad feeling.



Chapter 93 [Episode 48] The Not Bad Feeling 2 – End


* Editors Notes: This part was confusing.  I think that Immortal was implying that if the Dark Knight had an extra power crystal, they could spam the shots and stunlock the giant in place.  Otherwise, when they used up the three shots, they’d have to retarget the giant (after getting another crystal from the Dark Moon Spirits), and Immortal might be too close at that time…causing friendly fire.


*Editors Notes: Gae Baek has the aggro.


*Editors Notes: Before the timer ran out and reinitialized the Giant.


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