Chapter 94 [episode 49] The Results of Faith 1



@ The Results of Fatih.


Before Immortal started the raid, the first challenge was to be satisfied with only getting experience. He thought it was enough to just learn the tricks, as Gye Baek was getting used to the flashgun and Dark Knight blocking the Darkmoon Spirits and collecting the crystals.

But in the first challenge that he thought would be only an experience, the variables exploded.

The first variable, of course, was Gye Baek’s amazing shooting ability.

Gye Baek showed a remarkable hit ratio of the flashgun. If he shot 10 times, 9 times hit the bull’s eye.

In fact, after adjusting the first and the second shot, he missed the third shot, but since then, 6 shots consecutively hit the bull’s eye. However, now that he has adapted to his task almost 120%, he seemed he was not going to miss.

It was the ability to shoot that make people speechless. In Sang Hyuk’s previous life, considering that the average hit rate of those who boasted and were called masters of shooting, was not even 70%, so Immortal thought it was a crazy hit ratio.

And the next second variable was that the blessings of darkness succeeded twice consecutively.

The blessing of darkness, which is triggered by 40% chance, has been given twice in a row. In particular, Gye Baek shot the giant’s body for the second time following the first time.

When these two facts were combined, Sang Hyuk was able to strike the First Hit with tremendous power three times.

Although the Giant of the Exiled Moon is a boss named monster and has tremendous vitality, it was not funny how Sang Hyuk struck the First Hit three times in a row when the monster is in the unprotected state where all the defensive effects have disappeared. *

The three hits were powerful enough to blast half of the world. Of course, it was very hard to endure it.


Approximately 75% vitality flew to these three hits.

If anyone saw it, it was a crazy firepower that seemed like a bug that people can report right away.

Sang Hyuk thought that the moment he blew out that 75% vitality, maybe he could make a miraculous result of the One Try Clear.

The remaining vitality is 25%. But the opponent was a raid monster, so he could not get distracted.

Right at this timing, the third variable appeared.

The third variable was not as large as the preceding two variables. But the obvious thing was that this variable filled the 2% that was lacking.

Dark Knight. Following Gye Baek and Immortal, he exploded his potential and made it clear what the hunt was like. He grabbed the dark aggro of the Dark Moon spirits that flocking endlessly towards the flash, and showed the ultimate attacking shield.

He turned the shield around and pushed all the Dark Moon spirits. He exploded his skills as if he were told that he could not lag behind Gye Baek and Immortal. Thanks to him, Ilya was not doing much.

When these three variables were combined, the miracle of the first clear-try began to be seen.

The Giant of the Exiled Moon has been continuously struggling not to fall, but the win was already at Sang Hyuk’s side.


chwarrkkk, dudududuk!

Immortal pulled hard the Ten Millennia Goldbone Whip to wrap the neck of the giant. Immortal had to attack the giant as hard as he could, because he was already in the eleventh flashed and exposed all the giant’s weaknesses.

Because Gye Baek and Dark Knight did so well, Immortal was comfortably fighting.


“Let’s finish it now!”

He had to finish it now. A little more time here could allow it to berserk. Of course, the giant’s berserk could break the flash stun, but if they were unlucky this could happen while the flash is down, or the 10 seconds of (flash) cooldown time could happen during the berserk, so if it went berserk, it could blow up everything he had gained so far.



Dudududu, duduk! Udududuk!

Immortal squeezed all his power to pull the Ten Millenia Goldbone Whip and finally broke the giant’s neck.

Breaking its neck meant that his vitality was zero.


Ghoooo, kwakwakwakwang!

The body of the giant that its neck broken bizarrely, fell to the ground, and at that time, the message that Immortal, Gye Baek, and Dark Knight have been waiting for, appeared.


The last boss named monster, ‘Giant of the Exiled Moon’ of the Dark Moon Temple was defeated.

The first person who defeated Giant of the Exiled Moon. Moreover in the first challenge! It is a great achievement to beat a raid boss named monster with only one challenge. Your achievement will be remembered forever.

You’ve got a unique rating title [No Replay.]

Since it is the first time Giant of the Exiled Moon has been defeated, so the first kill bonus is applied and you get all of the 34 kinds of items that you can get from it.



Gye Baek was the first to roar.



And Dark Knight, who rarely expresses his emotions, shouted with his fists up.

The most careless was Immortal. He had such a great deal of experience, so he nodded his head lightly and arranged his rough breathing.



The 75% of the vitality was gone and even though he started the battle in this kind of situation, it was a very difficult battle. It meant that the Giant of the Exiled Moon was a powerful monster.


“If I missed the opportunity, I might have had a longer challenge.”

He took a very good opportunity and live it up well. There was no better result than this.


[Wow, Did we really finish it? Raid Boss Monster, did the three of us really get the that kind of thing in Heroic Lands? This is really….]


Gye Baek seemed to be drunk on the extreme emotions of the raid.


[… It was amazing.]


Even Dark Knight wrapped up by the feeling of accomplishment and talked with trembling voice.

After the giant fell down, a translucent staircase appeared in front of the control room and because it connected to the central square, Immortal was able to see the two people who expressed their joy through their body.


“Without both of them, I could never succeeded.”

Of course, it was Immortal who actually brought down the Giant of the Exiled Moon. Immortal solved everything by himself.

But even so, Immortal thought the goal of the raid was the same for all the three of them.

If there was no Gye Baek who showed a crazy flashgun hit rate, Immortal could never put out the good attacks. And without Dark Knight’s rushing monsters, then Gye Baek was not able to shoot as much as he could. *

The three men were intertwined and turned like gears, so that when one of them fell, the whole would stop.


“Believing somebody…. it’s been a long time.”

immortal laughed comfortably and bowed his head gracefully toward Gye Baek and Dark Knight, who came down the stairs.


“You’ve been troubled.”

At first, the raid of the three users, who seemed reckless, was finished with such a great success.


As promised, Sang Hyuk took only the legendary item ‘Twin Moon Blade’, and the remaining items were fairly shared by Dark Knight and Gye Baek.

Since this was the first time they made a mercenary contract and even wrote it on the scroll of oath, Dark Knight and Gye Baek have no dissatisfaction at all.

Of course, there were no complaints, but their curiosity has became even larger. Both of them knew that there is a first kill bonus available if you take down a named monster for the first time, but the question that they curious about was how come Sang Hyuk knew that they could get a legendary item from this monster.


“Do you have any close acquaintances at Raon Development Team? But the security is so perfect that I can not find any information from inside.”

Gye Baek had a headache.

Dark Knight had a similar idea, but because there was no way to find out about it, so he chose to be quiet.

Once they had left the question behind, they finished sharing the items.

Although the main item, Twin Moon Blade, was taken by Sang hyuk, the remaining items were also good enough for making Gye Baek and Dark Knight’s eyes shine.

After the distribution, the three met again at a bar in Courtney, the largest city in Heroic Lands.

According to the original plan, because the contract was terminated after the defeat of the Giant of the Exiled Moon, after the raid ended, they would cooly separate like there was nothing wrong with it, but Dark Knight and Immortal did not refuse Gye Baek’s suggestion to have the afterparty and this place has been set.

Usually, not only Dark Knight  but Immortal would have rejected this proposal, but this time is a special case.


“That’s why I spent a few months training at the Way of Proof while Lone King was breaking everything like crazy. ”

Mostly it was Gye Baek who talked while Dark Knight and Immortal were just listening. Instead, both of them were drinking Courtney’s Cloud Beer, which is known for its delicious taste, and they started to feel a bit of drunk.


“Immortal, please ask Lone King to be gentle. I always lost.”

Gye Baek looked at Sang Hyuk while keep on chattering.


“Do you really want Lone king to gently kill you?”

Sang Hyuk asked the question seriously while looking at Gye Baek.


“Ummm… Let’s take that I did not say anything just now.”

Gye Baek answered Sang Hyuk’s question by shaking his head. Sang Huk knew exactly what Gye Baek really wanted.


“Lone King said he would never give up on Gye Baek. So, he said he cannot be gentle.”


“Sigh, it seems he will continue to pull out my spinal cord.”

Although he was grumbling, Gye Baek also thought that Lone King was acknowledging him so he looked quite bright.


“Anyway, I’m talking about it again, the raid today… both of you were really suffering.”

Sang Hyuk drank all of the cloud beer in front of him and bowed his head lightly.


“We are the one who have to thank you. I actually got on the bus.”


[Thank you. I am satisfied with only seeing a new world today.]


Gye Baek and Dark Knight also bowed and thanked him.

The atmosphere that is getting better and better. At that moment, Sang Hyuk thought that it would be good to be together more with both of them.


“I’d like to give you one more suggestion… Would you like to hear it?”


“Well, I will agree even without hearing it though. But, let’s try to hear it out.”


[Please say it.]


Gye Baek and Dark Knight opened their ears and listened to Sang Hyuk’s words.


“Actually, I’m planning another raid. This time it is not a dungeon raid but a field raid and the difficulty may be higher than the Dark Moon Temple.”

Field Raid basically has a lower difficulty level than a Dungeon Raid. It was because of the difference in the number of people that could mobilized to the raid.

Dungeon Raid, no matter how many people he wanted, it could not mobilized more than 42 people, but Field Raid was able to mobilized thousands of people if he wanted to.

There were external factors too, random field raid was not easy. He could mobilized as many people as he could, but there was a possibility for uninvited guests to interrupt.

In other words, he was planning a massive raid, but if he does it full-hearted, he will have a big number of hunter to the extent that there was a possibility for the uninvited to steal the trophy.

After all, if he considered everything, Dungeon Raid or Field Raid was just as difficult.


“I want to do it with both of you.”

Sang Hyuk didn’t turn around and just said the point

He was planning to do Dark Valley hunting with Gye Baek and Dark Knight.


“I told you before, but yes I join.”

Gye Baek already seemed to have discovered the ‘taste’ of hunting with Sang Hyuk, no Immortal.


[Me too… I want to do it together.]


And another person. The one who was nervous to hunt with Immortal, in a little different meaning, nodded his head.*

With this, the extension of the two people’s mercenary contracts were confirmed.

Of course, no one knew how long this mercenary contract would last. But one thing for sure….the point that the three people who are now gathering are building trust with each other.



Chapter 94 [episode 49] The Results of Faith 1 – End


*Editor’s Notes: The implication here is that the first hit from stealth, (blessing of darkness from his sword) does extra damage.  Considering how many titles and skills are involved, this should be many times his normal (absurd) damage.


*Editor’s Notes:  As I complained last chapter, this section is very confusing.  I think that somehow, killing or hitting the Dark Moon Spirits creates the materials necessary to make the Dark Moon Crystals.  The author doesn’t seem to mention the exact method, but you get the idea. 😀


*Editor’s Notes: The third person is Dark Knight.  It seems that he still had reservations about fully trusting the other two.  You’ll find out why fairly soon. :p


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