Chapter 95 [Episode 49] The Results of Faith 2



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Title – ‘No Replay’

Rating? Unique

Explanation? The first boss monster in the raid dungeon, moreover knocked it down the first time. Your challenge has yet to be matched.

Effects: [Prefix: None] [Suffix: None] [Sustainable effect: The challenge is beautiful (A): If you defeat a new monster you have never met before, the challenge points increase by 1. If the challenge points accumulated to 10, the highest ability of your basic abilities (strength, agility, intelligence, wisdom, health, vitality, charm) is permanently increased by one. The Challenge Points can be increased up to 2,500.]


No Replay had a unique constant sustainable effect, and if it was up to this extent, it is a high-level effect even at the unique level.

It may take a while, but ultimately, filling all the points is a great way to get your primary abilities up to +250.


Twin Moon Blade [Legend++]


– The metal of the Moon that received the Red Moon’s essence called Flame Mithril and the metal that received the Blue Moon’s essence called Ice Mithril. The two metals which made the daggers were from the Red Moon and Blue Moon. This weapon that was used by the legendary ‘White Master’, had a very long sleep at the Temple of Moon. Moreover, this is also a special condition for a number of reasons.


[Basic Abilities] Agility+100 (+20), Strength +70 (+14)


[Special Abilities] Movement Speed +30 (+6)%


[Set Effect] 2 sets – Agility+50


[Special Effects] <Dragon Hunter (S): when hunting dragon seed, all abilities are increased by 10%.>


[Item Skill] <Sprint (A): Instantly increases the movement speed by 40% for 7 seconds. Cooldown 1 minute and 30 seconds.>


[Bonus Effect] Movement Speed +10%, Health+15 and another legendary item.

Although not as great as Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King, Twin Moon Blade was a legendary item that is good enough to be in the top. Especially, for Sang Hyuk, whose agility was his main focus, it was hard to find a better item.


“Hahaha, It such a shame it’s not a triple plus…. Am I too greedy? I am satisfied with this if the one I have to use was only +6 or +7.”

Because there is no premium enhancement stone, it was unreasonable to aim for a higher strength. In fact, it would be good luck to get +7. If there was a double reinforcement at +5…. But, it was not easy to build a level 7 even though he now has 15 high grade enhancement stones.


“By the way, do you think I will not catch a dragon? How come it was the dragon hunter option that came out.”

Sang Hyuk laughed a little and again looked down at the Twin Moon Blade.

The dragon hunter option was an option that would greatly help Drake Hunt. Drake was of course a dragon.

So, Sang Hyuk was able to get a buff that increases all stats by 10%. Let’s say if he combined all skills that increased by 10%, it would be like fighting while bringing a legendary item.

It was also a pure ability’s rising that doesn’t need to be distinguished as the primary weapon and secondary weapon.


“If Gye Baek and Dark Knight were join here as well…. I can sweep the Drake Valley more easily than I thought.”

Sang Hyuk originally thought that clearing the Dark Valley would take 10 days no matter what. However, thanks to the unexpected power up, he could now clear it not in 10 days but if it is like this, it would not take more than four days.


While Gye Baek and Dark Knight joined the Drake hunt, the most curious thing was where Immortal got information about these hunting grounds. But because asking that was like asking a business secret, they couldn’t ask.

But the next thing they were wondering was not a business secret. Is that so? Now that they have a little acquaintance, they seemed to be able to ask about it carefully.

This was what Gye Baek and Dark Knight were curious about, the question was, “Why Immortal does not hunt with other guild members of the One Guild?”

Of course, it was not Dark Knight, but Gye Baek who asked the question secretly (unnoticed).


“Each of us have a lot of things to do, so our guild does not really do this kind of party play.”

Immortal’s answer was simple enough to be futile.

Of course, this answer did not solve all the curiosity, but for now they can only accept it as it is.

But unexpectedly, Immortal continued with further explanation.

It was what Immortal said that made the expression of Dark Knight who heard it be not so good, so Immortal added the further explanation.


“Actually I preferred to be a solo player but because the Dark Moon Temple is so unique that I have been helped by both of you. Our Guild members are all very busy so it’s hard to get their help. Ah! Then you might be curious also about why will we do the next Drake Hunting together, right? The answer to your curiosity…. It is just because I happened to believe in someone and now I know the joy of hunting together with the people I believe.”

Immortal has said at length about the things he did not have to say, which was not like him.

Thanks to that, Dark Knight and Gye Baek were able to resolve their curiosity. And they could feel Immortal’s sincerity.


“Hmm, well that’s it.”

Was it embarrassing? Immortal cleared his throat for no reason and stood up front. When you think about it, Immortal never talked about it in this way even in this previous life.

He always said exactly what he needed to say only. Of course, he was a person who did not express his emotions not only in his words but also his expressions.


“What the hell are you talking about?”

Immortal, who came forward, made an awkward expression with his blushing face.

Unlike the shy Immortal, Gye Baek and Dark Knight felt some kind of proud. Being sincere was a good feeling for anyone.


Drake was an intermediate dragon among so many dragons. In fact, by its physical ability alone did not make a big difference compared to the highest level dragons.

But the biggest difference between drake and the other dragons was the ‘intelligence’ and ‘magic’.

Considering that it is a game, I could say they had the ‘Artificial Intelligence(AI)’ and they might have strong physical abilities, but they could not fly and moreover they could not use magic.

Among the dragons there were the opposite of Drake.

They were ether dragons, they were dragons with ghost-like body that have no physical powers.

Instead, they had magical powers. It was not dragon level, but it was able to use about 7th level magic. Interestingly, this ether dragon was a more powerful monster than Drake.

Anyway, Drake had harder and tougher leather than steel, and they have a ghastly tooth and jaw that once it bites, the body would be torn and shredded.

One of the specialities Drake possesses is a tail that had a powerful attack so that it can shatter even a large rock once it is wielded.

There are three types of Drake in the Drake Valley, the ‘Turtle Drake’ with hard shell and the ‘Flame Drake’ with fire-breath were two types of Drakes that can be found a lot in the Drake Valley.

And the last one, Drake King, was the boss monster, the ruler of the valley.

Drake King has not only the specialities of Turtle Drake and Flame Drake, but it also has the speciality to dig into the ground.

Immortal’s goal was to completely defeat the Drake Valley and catch the Drake King.

Of course, all orders in this hunt were given by Immortal.

The hunting started at the entrance of the Dark Valley with a flame drake.

Their hunting went on as fast as ever.


* * * *


A total of 174 Drakes were caught by the three of them in three days. Because of that, Sang Hyuk, whose level was not risen up despite numerous adventures, has gone up one level, but Dark Knight and Gye Baek had two and three levels up respectively.

Sang Hyuk has finally reached the 55th level, which is the beginning of the true hell.

From level 55 to level 61 was a section that EL users often said as hell inferno.

Now if you want to raise one level, you have to collect karma as much as you did to raise from level 1 to 55.

In short, it meant making as much effort as making six characters at the 55 level.

Besides, Sang Hyuk was a Quadra Soul. Even if he minimized the penalty with his various titles, Sang Hyuk had to collect a lot of karma, enough to make people speechless.

It was a section that looks like hell a lot and the level itself was pretty high, so almost more than 95 users did not get out of the section at Planet of Treenark. Even after the next second planet came out, a lot of users have not escaped this section for quite some time.

In other words, it was a real hell.

However, this hell section was not unconditionally bad.

At least, in this hell zone, you get four times more karma than usual per kill to raise the level. In addition, while raising a total of six levels from 55 to 61, you could open one skill slot at a time for every two levels.

Especially, when the final level of 61 in the hell inferno is reached, the ‘Awakening Skill Slot’, which is beyond the limits of the general skill slot, was opened.

In other words, when you reach level 61, you can get 7 general skill slot and 1 awakening skill slot.

Now, some of the general skills have been received thousands of times, but as time goes by and the continent of the sun comes up, the story has changed.

It was because at that time there was a new kind of skill book that hit the back of everyone’s head.

Anyway, if only can pass the hell it provided considerable rewards. But the problem was that it was too hard too pass.

Dark Knight and Gye Baek were able to escape from hell, unlike Sang Hyuk, who entered the gate of hell. Of course, the hell they took off was only the second level and if it was compared to the third level that Sang Hyuk got into now, it was the level of the kids prank.

But, Dark Knight and Gye Baek reached level 50 anyway.

Dark Knight and Gye Baek have already been raising levels since Dark Moon Temple. Both raised their levels at the Dark Moon Temple.

So, when the Drake hunt begin, the level of Dark Knight was 48 and Gye Baek was 47, but Dark Knight was in the early of level 48 while Gye baek was in the second half of  level 47, so when they became level 50, there were only about 10 Drakes difference.

It was certainly a good news that the level was up, but Dark Knight and Gye Baek could not afford to be happy right now.

Sang Hyuk, no Immortal hunted the drakes like a machine with no interest in whether his level was raised or not.

Of course, Dark Knight and Gye Baek were forced to run along Immortal.


If you asked Dark Knight and Gye Baek which was easier to catch between Turtle Drake and Flame Drake, it seemed like you could hear the answer of a meaningless question.

It was not that important. More important than that, the first hit was a critical hit or not.

Of course, if you are strict, the highly protective turtle drake could be a more demanding opponent. But his hp was the same as the flame drake, so if the first hit was a critical hit, it was almost the end of the fight.

The difference is that the Flame Drake dies at the moment of a critical hit strike but Turtle Drake does not die in a hit even if a critical hit occurs.

But because it was in a state of dying, it was stunned and not dead, so when Gye Baek was finishing it stealthily, it just collapsed like that.

The reality is that the Drake Hunt was so smooth. Of course, Drake reacted very roughly sometimes in the rare case of a catastrophic failure.

At that time, Dark Knight and Gye Baek participated actively a little bit.

However, this was only one out of 10 cases.

Critical hit was whopping 90% chance.

Dark Knight and Gye baek literally smashed Drake Valley by feeling the strange frustration and the comfort of a riding in a bus again.

Now only one left.

It was to catch the drake King.


“When we catch Drake King, Dark Knight and Gye Baek must play well. Our success will depend on your performance.”

Before the Drake King Raid, Immortal gave the two men a very detailed description of what should they do.

Dark Knight and Gye Baek, who heard the explanation, were still wondering where Immortal would get such great information again, but the two still could not ask for it.

Now it was important for them to do well in what Immortal asked.


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