Chapter 96 [Episode 50] Midas 1





It was not an empty words that Immortal should hunt the Drake King with Dark Knight and Gye Baek.

In fact, the roles of the Dark Knight and Gye Baek in the Drake King hunt were very important. First the Dark Knight was the main tanker, he had to hold on tight to the Drake King’s aggro.

Of course, because there was no healer, so normal tanking was impossible. So, Immortal and Dark Knight precisely calculated that the standard provocative tie-down tanking, would only be allowed when the Dark Knight is attacked in a normal attack with 100% defense ready, then the Dark Knight is allowed to keep the the aggro.*

And when the Drake King tried use a skill that is powerful enough so the Dark knight couldn’t endure, Immortal quickly took over the aggro by provoking him. When the Immortal is determined and raised his evasion ability, it wouldn’t that hard to avoid a powerful attack by it.*

Usually when the Dark Knight is holding the aggro, in a dangerous moment when the Drake King is only attacking without defense, the Dark Knight will change his position from attack to defense very quickly while he was doing dodge tanking, this kind of provocation tie-down tanking could go wrong mercilessly if anyone makes a little mistake.

Their breath must be in a good harmony (*) but it was possible so Immortal and Dark Knight did this well even without much practice. (*To share thoughts and intentions in doing something.)

Both of them basically have good senses so this kind of coordination was possible.

While Dark Knight was the main tanker, Gye Baek played a simpler role but an important role as well.

He was freezing the ground.

It wasn’t just freezing the surface of the ground only, but it was freezing down to the underground, so the Drake King won’t be able to burrow into the ground.

In fact, there were many ways to keep the Drake King from burrowing into the ground. Among those ways, the way Gye Baek could do best was freezing the land.

If the Drake King goes into the underground, it was right away in a concealed state while its ability to regenerate its HP increased by 900%. No matter how much its HP was reduced, once it got into the ground, it was absolutely invulnerable.

So not letting it go into the ground was one of the main cores of the strategy.

Dark Knight and Gye Baek were able to say that they were doing their share even if they only did that well. The rest was completely Immortal’s share.

In some ways, it might seem unfair.

However, Immortal thought it was more important that because of their help he could hunt the Drake King much more easily than he could solo and without suffering.




Exactly on the fourth challenge, the Drake King stuck out its long tongue and slowly fell sideways.

It was not as good as when Dark Knight and Gye Baek threw down the Giant of the Exiled Moon at the Dark Moon Temple, but at this moment, they could feel a great feeling of accomplishment.

This time, there was Immortal’s condition that they had to give up all the unique set items that the Drake King dropped, but it didn’t matter at all.

They also got a unique title of ‘The First Drake Hunter’ and got one more level up.

Dark Knight and Gye Baek were thinking almost simultaneously, ‘So, I can play game this easy.’.

No matter how much Immortal praised their help, they couldn’t help to not think that they were still on an express bus.


“For now, after we take all the items, let’s go to Courtney for the final settlement of this Drake Hunt.”

With his words, Immortal collected all 57 items on the floor.

The three returned to Courtney they grabbed a small room at a hostel named ‘Night Forgotten Guest’ and gathered in it.


“As agreed, I will take all the unique set items and the Drake Blood from this hunt.”

The unique set items that can be obtained from Drake Valley was the ‘Special Grade Drake Leather Armor Set’.

It was a set of five leather armor pieces, consisting of the armor for chest and legs, shoes, gloves, and pauldrons. The shoes and gloves were obtained with a low probability from the regular drake, while the remaining chest, legs, and pauldrons armor were obtained only from the Drake King.

Fortunately, they got two pairs of shoes and one pair of gloves while they were hunting 174 regular drakes to complete the set with the chest, legs, and shoulders armor that the Drake King dropped.


“Oh, there is one more pair of shoes…. both of you discuss and take care of it by yourself.”

Immortal will only need one set to be completed anyway, so he did not need the other pair of shoes.


“And also share all the rest of the items.”

The remaining items were originally divided into 4(Dark_Knight) : 4(Gye_Baek) : 2(Immortal) ratio, but Immortal gave up his share. Because honestly he didn’t coveted things and Dark Knight and Gye Baek suffered a lot since Dark Moon Temple to Drake Valley so he boldly gave them up.



Gye Baek tried to say something, but Immortal ended his words and opened his mouth again.


“Please just accept it. These were not items that I won’t see anymore anyway.”

Immortal laughed while saying it like that, but it seemed hard to refuse.


“Then I will thankfully receive it.”


[Thank you.]


Gye Baek and Dark Knight could not speak anymore and received Immortal’s gift(*if it can be said as gift).


“Well, then see you next time.”

Immortal woke up from his seat and he had not lost his smile. Although he did not plan to get them into the guild or continue any raid with them again, he did not think he would end the connection with them at all.

And it was the same with Dark Knight and Gye Baek.


* * * *


Title – ‘The First Drake Hunter.’

Rating? Unique

Explanation? The first Drake-type named monster hunted. It is very difficult to defeat the drake that inherited the dragon’s blood.

Effect – [Prefix: Physical Defense increased by 20%.] [Suffix: Increases magic defense by 20%.] [Sustainable Effect: Novice Dragon Hunter (A): All abilities increased by 5% when hunting a dragon.]


Unfortunately, the unique title that Sang Hyuk got this time was not very useful to him. Because Sang Hyuk already has a Dragon Hunter (S) with the special effects on Twin Moon Blade, so the effect of Novice Dragon Hunter (A) was not applied.

It was the same effect only the grades were different, so it was not possible to apply twice. The prefix and suffix effects also increased, but he did not feel like it was that great.

Although it was a great title for Dark Knight and Gye Baek, but Sang Hyuk was not a hungry user like the other two.

Instead, he liked the Drake’s leather armor set.


Special grade Drake Leather Tunic [Unique ++]


– Leather Armor made of several layers of leather harvested from the head which is the toughest part of the hide.


[Basic Abilities] Agility +40(+8), Defense 5(+1)%


[Special Abilities] Movement Speed +10(+2)%


[Set Effects]2 sets – Agility +20

3 sets – Movement Speed +15%

4 sets – Critical Damage +50%

5 sets – Agility +15%


[Special Effects]<Dragon Toughness: Dragon leather provides strong physical defense. Physical Defense +10%>


[Bonus Effects] Vitality +10, Charm +15 Special Grade Drake Leather Pants [Unique +]


– Leather Pants made of several layers of leather harvested from the head which is the toughest part of the hide.


[Basic Abilities] Agility +40(+4), Defense +5(+0.5)%


[Special Abilities] Critical Chance +5%(+0.5)%


[Sets Effects] 2 sets – Agility +20

3 sets – Movement Speed +15%

4 sets – Critical Damage +50%

5 sets – Agility +15%


[Special Effects] <Like the Wind (A): Because the armor is very light the movement speed increased by 10%.>


[Bonus Effects] Strength +10


Special Grade Drake Leather Pauldrons [Unique +]


– Leather Pauldrons made of several layers of leather harvested from the head which is the toughest part of the hide.


[Basic Abilities] Agility +40(+4), Defense +5(0.5)%


[Special Abilities] Critical Damage +20(+2)


[Sets Effects] 2 sets – Agility +20

3 sets – Movement Speed +15%

4 sets – Critical Damage +50%

5 sets – Agility +15%


[Special Effects] <Spiked Armor (A): Sticks up like dragon spikes to reflect physical damage. Reflecting the physic damage received to the opponent 10%.>


[Bonus Effects] Strength +10


The Special Grade Drake Leather Armor pieces had all the same basic abilities, but the special abilities and special effects were slightly different in each. However, one among those three abilities/effects per piece was randomly set by the system.

The Special Abilities came with one of Movement Speed, Critical Chance, and Critical Damage while the Special Effects came with Like the Wind, Dragon Toughness, and Spiked Armor.

The shoes and gloves that Sang Hyuk obtained had the Movement Speed and Like the Wind attached.

Because of that, the Movement speed has increased tremendously because of all five pieces of special grade drake armor.

The speed movement option was Sang Hyuk’s favorite option. Basically, because Sang Hyuk is a user with very good senses, so the higher the speed the better control he could show.

Ordinary users considered other abilities more important than speed movement, but the more advanced the users, they were more likely to prefer the speed movement.


“It was good. Very good. Certainly the unique rated set items are almost same as legendary items.”

Especially when five pieces are a complete set like this, it is treated as even more precious.


“Anyway I will get enough shape change orders to change the shape in each situation and continue to use this armor.” *

Sang Hyuk, who was planning to get some more kinds of armors but favored the Special Grade Leather Armor Set, thought that if he spent his money generously, he would have plenty of shape change orders and use it according to the situation.

He obtained the great sword, daggers, and armor in full sets.

Although he could not find the secret dungeon ‘Mark of the Stars’ and did not get one of the ornaments that he wanted, but still the basic equipment was done.


“Let’s keep looking for the Mark of the Stars steadily.”

As he said that he did not give up on Mark of the Stars, so he was going to look for it using the Shadow Line.


“Come to think of it, the Shadow Line that exists in the Heroic Lands should also be acquired… it seems that it couldn’t be bought with money like before…. in the end, should I go untie it calmly from the bottom?”

As always Sang Hyuk still had a lot to do.


“Ah! I think that’s not the most urgent thing right now.”

Sang Hyuk, who was thinking about this and that, had seen a message from the community yesterday.

It was a sort of guild member recruitment.

But the guild that recruiting members was not just a simple guild.


“Midas! Finally, Midas Guild appeared.”

Midas guild was a guild that Sang Hyuk knew very well. And it was the guild that he was waiting for.

Honestly, Sang Hyuk wanted to establish the Midas guild himself. But the problem was there is not enough information to do so.

So, Sang Hyuk gave up on the establishing Midas on his own and decided to make a very friendly relationship with them as soon as possible after Midas was created.

If Gold Mountain and Midas cooperated, there would be very good things for each other.

Sang Hyuk contacted Midas at the contact information that was mentioned in the post after he switched to Large Golden mountain.


“Is it the head of Gold Mountain?”

Midas, who was contacted by Large Golden Mountain, reported directly to their guild master ‘Outside Life’, which resulted in the meeting of Large Golden mountain and Outside Life right away.

Midas was still a small guild, so they did not believe that the master of Gold Mountain, the most famous in EL, had come to find them by himself.


“That’s right. I am Large Golden Mountain, the master of Gold Mountain.”

When the Large Golden Mountain formally introduced himself, they saw the name ‘Large Golden Mountain’ above the Large Golden Mountain’s head.


“Oh…sorry. Gold Mountain’s reputation was so high that I did not understand why the master of that place was contacting and coming to us, a minor guild like this.”

Outside Life said that Midas is a minor guild. Of course, he was not wrong.

At least it was correct that Midas today is a small size guild with only about 50 users. But Sang Hyuk did not come to Midas to see its size.


“Haha, I am the man who is a trader to the bone. Why do you think I come to Outside Life, no Midas?”

Large Golden Mountain smiled and looked at Outside Life. Then he opened his mouth again.


“I want to make a deal. If you allow us, Gold Mountain, to sell items made by the many artisans gathered in Midas…. I will be happy to help you to see the end products of your production technology.”

Large Golden Mountain did not turn around to say useless words and said to the point right away.

Midas, that he came to.

This was just a group of users who were all-in doing the production content (of EL) only.

They had not seen a green light yet at this time, but as the time goes by, Midas would grow into a huge cartel that no forces could ignore.

One thing that was crazy was that their concentration was enormous, which meant that soon they were very likely to be the best users in a different way from the average users.

So, Large Golden Mountain was going to make a solid bond with them while they are undervalued now.

Especially since Large Golden Mountain knew exactly what they wanted. They simply did not aim to earn money or raise their level.

Their goal was to see the end products of the production content that they were focusing on.*

Large Golden Mountain who presented exactly what Midas guild member wanted.

Is that so? Outside Life’s expression was strangely changed.



Chapter 96 [Episode 50] Midas 1 – End


* Editor’s Notes: Whew, that’s a mouthful.  Standard provocative tie-down tanking is holding the enemy’s aggro using taunts and other skills, to tie down the enemy while it is focused on your main shield-using Tank.  Provocation(taunts and other aggro attracting skills) is used to tie the enemy down, focused on your main Tank, while your (damage) dealers get to work attacking.


*Editor’s Notes: Remember SangHyuk has skills as a dodge-tanker…and remember that enhanced skillbook he spent millions of gold making on chained evasion. 😀


*Editor’s Notes: There was that mess with Ogreslayer being used by two members of the One Guild.  He’s going to buy a different look for each piece, depending on who he is disguised as.


*Editor’s Notes: The guys in Midas are obsessed with the Production Content in Eternal Life. This is the crafting system in other games. They basically want to make everything that can be made using EL’s crafting system.  They’re obsessed gaming craftsmen. 😀


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