Chapter 97 (2) – Date…?

Part 2


[Why aren’t they doing broadcasts? I think it’d be fun if they would live stream their matches.]


[Aspis never broadcasts]


[Aspis was originally famous for having the worst taste in costumes and skins. She has long been famous as a user who only plays ranking games without doing any live streams or community activities and always using costumes that were garishly bad.]


[72 Consecutive wins! How can they finish a match in less than 3 minutes? What the F is going on?!]


[I matched up with them around their 30th consecutive win. I have no words, they’re just crazy. Especially Thunderquake, what’s up with him? Is he a pro-gamer or something?]


[I was the sacrifice for the 59th consecutive win and I don’t think even a pro-gamer can do what Thunderquake does.]





Leah and Sanghyuk, who had won consecutive games from the moment they started, finally won their 100th consecutive game.


It was a winning streak recorded by playing almost nonstop for a full 8 hours and since they had been playing in the ranking matches from the very beginning, many top tankers were mercilessly and uselessly sacrificed to Leah and Sanghyuk.


Particularly in the last 20 matchups, a few top-ranked teams pathetically collapsed before Leah and Sanghyuk one after another.


Some rankers rushed in out of curiosity since they were not afraid of the Ghosts from the Past but they were all indiscriminately destroyed.


What was more shocking was the tier of Leah and Sanghyuk characters. Of course there were no cash items that could break the balance of the game in Tekken but levels still existed.


However neither Leah nor Sanghyuk were at the max level. No matter how small the change in ability was according to one’s level, it was unheard of for a team to not even be at max level and still be able to destroy the top ranked team, who were at max level.


In particular, Sanghyuk was only at Level 72.


Considering that the current max level was 125 – no matter how small it was, it was like losing about 0.1 in each skill’s maximum efficiency per level.


“Woah! Done! Let’s stop now,”


It was only after the 100th win that Leah smiled with a satisfied look.


They might have started playing just for fun but as the game continued, they just continued running without knowing defeat and as it went on, both Sanghyuk and Leah played more seriously.


“Looks like we made it to 100 consequtive wins,”


Sanghyuk also looked satisfied.


Tekken was a game that Sanghyuk had enjoyed even in his previous life, plus it became that much more fun since he was not playing alone. Teaming up with Leah and working closely together made it an awesome experience.


“I’m hungry, let’s go eat something,”


All they’d had while playing the ranking games for eight hours was a few sports drinks, of course they were hungry.


“There won’t be any restaurants open at this time so I think cup ramen is our only option right now,”


“Anything is fine, so let’s eat,”


There were not many places to relieve hunger at 8am so Sanghyuk bought some cup ramen and some snacks at the vending machines in the cafe and ate with Leah.


And like that, the two who had filled their bellies, fell asleep while sitting on the sofa next to the capsule.


Leah fell asleep while resting on Sanghyuk’s knee and Sanghyuk fell asleep with his body protectively curled next to Leah.


The two people collapsed after 8 hours of fighting hard. Just looking at their figures like this, they looked like a sleeping couple.


The two slept for as long as 7 hours without waking up once and because they had paid for the premium service, the part-time manager didn’t come to wake them up either.


The two, who woke up from such a good sleep, looked truly like Game Cafe junkies. And even after playing for so long, Leah had wanted to play some more in the cafe after they woke up.


However Sanghyuk felt that they might truly become nuisances in the full meaning of the word, so he was barely able to return home with Leah after making the promise to come to the game cafe with her again some time soon..




After returning home, Sanghyuk and Leah took a shower and prepared to focus on their day job (?) again.


Now that Leah had relieved her stress to the fullest, she was ready to back and run errands for the Sun People and Sanghyuk had to go back to resolving the dispute with the top of Camille.


Sanghyuk, who accessed EL for the first time in nearly a day, first checked the locations of the NPCs belonging to the top echelons of Camille.


With the rough idea of who the NPCs were, thanks to Euphir, he searched for their locations.


‘Talking to the rank and file is a waste of time and effort. I have to talk to someone high enough that I can realistically reach and try to finish it in one go.’


Sanghyuk was able to find one NPC that satisfied all the conditions.


Hasard, who managed the four cities, including “Goren City” for Camille.


He was definitely an NPC who could take responsibility for the current situation and resolve it.


Sanghyuk was able to confirm Hasad’s location in just a few moments, however it was with the most basic information.


There were many mountains he had to overcome in order to actually meet Hasad.


‘I prepared a few suitable baits, but the question is, whether or not he’ll bite.’


If only he could catch Hasad, then it would be a simple matter to solve this problem.


Though he could only know the exact details once he had met and spoken to Hasad, Sanghyuk thought it was possible that Hasad may have been the one who sent the order to have him removed.


Considering that Maxim Camille, the top owner of Camille, had left her seat empty while dealing with something very important – and that too being a matter related to Goren city – it meant that Hasad, as middle management, had some responsibility towards it.


“But it won’t be easy to meet Hasad…”


Hasad, much like the other top NPCs of Camille, was always escorted by other NPCs. Each one of those escort NPCs were as strong as the A-Class dark mercenary ‘Cress’ whom he had barely knocked down.


Therefore, considering the amount of security around him, getting through to Hasad would be nothing if not difficult. Sanghyuk smiled.


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