Chapter 186


95 (1) – Expansion

Part 1


(T/N – Until now, you might have seen references to the ‘top of Camille’ but I’ve finally figured out what that meant. Camille in the raws is always referred to as Camille Sangdan (상단) – which according to the dictionary, generally means ‘top of’ but if you change the hanja ( to 商團 instead of 上段)  – it also refers to merchant groups who have their own security or armed forces hired to protect them. So the correct translation would be Camille Company or Camille Merchantry) (EN: Merchantry (in British English) the business of purchasing and selling commodities)


‘To catch a tiger, you have to enter the tiger’s den, right?’


Sanghyuk decided not to think too hard about it.


Hasad was an opponent who he had to meet at least once anyway, even considering the fact that he was after Sanghyuk’s life didn’t change that.


Sanghyuk, who had come to a decision, approached an NPC from Camille who was monitoring him.


Thanks to the fraudulently powerful ‘Pioneer’ correction effect, from having created the ‘Riot of the Black Cat’ legendary quest, he could immediately detect the surveillance that Camille had placed on him.


Since there were three Camille Merchantry NPCs that were monitoring Sanghyuk, it was easy enough to pick one of them.


Sanghyuk approached the man who was closest to him out of the three. Naturally, the NPC that had been monitoring him showed no reaction visibly, though he was shocked for a moment when Sanghyuk approached him.


“Don’t be too surprised, I already know that you belong to the Camille Merchantry so just pass on his message to Camille – no, to Hasad, exactly as I say.”


“What – what are you-?”


The man immediately tried to deny Sanghyuk’s words but Sanghyuk just continued to speak without caring about the man’s denials.


“Tell Hasad that if he wants to do business in a really big way, then come and find me.”


“What are you talking about?!”


The man seemed like he would play dumb to the end, but Sanghyuk had already said everything he wanted to say anyway, so he no longer cared.


He had stuck his neck out and made this proposal because he was already 100% certain that this was an NPC sent by Camille.


“You just have to pass my message on to Hasad.”


He then left without listening to the man’s answer.


Now that he had thrown the bait, he just had to wait for Hasad to bite. If he didn’t take the bait, then he would go with a different plan.


‘If he’s a man with as great an ambition as Euphir says, he will have no other option but to go for it.’


Based on the information he had obtained, Sanghyuk had cast out his lure after tailoring it for Hasad so he believed that Hasad would not refuse it.


Now that he had done what he needed to, he moved as usual. After some simple preparations, he moved on to the Dark Jungle to hunt.


His main prey when hunting in the Dark Jungle was Karma and Sunstone so it was what Sanghyuk was focused on right now.


In particular, the karma obtained from hunting the Dark Jungle was not all used to raise his levels, rather, 30% of it was dedicated to developing his growth skills and items.


In the long run, growth-type skills and items were as important to develop as levels, so he had to put in time and constantly develop them.


If he tried to grow them all later on, when he really needed them, it would get really frustrating and tedious. In particular, all of Sanghyuk’s growth-type skills and items required enormous amounts of karma to grow, so it was even more crucial for him to prepare in advance.


So in that way, Sanghyuk comfortably focused on hunting for about a week.


At some point, one might become impatient and anxious while not receiving contact from Hasad, but Sanghyuk wasn’t like that.


Rather, he thought of the absence of any news as a positive sign.


The fact that there was no news meant that Hasad was considering it. And the longer he considered it, the more likely he was to take Sanghyuk’s bait.


Like that, time kept flowing and on the 10th day after Sanghyuk’s words had been delivered to Hasad  – he finally initiated contact.





“Honestly, I have a lot of things I’m curious about, but I can’t ask them, can I? So it might be better to talk about the future rather than your past.”


Even at first glance, Hasad wasn’t an ordinary NPC.


Sangyuk was a Player with a better eye for NPCs than anyone else, and in his opinion, Hasad’s Artificial Intelligence seemed to be a level higher than other NPCs.


‘He might be of Legendary Grade…’


He had never heard the name Hasad in his previous life, however, there were numerous NPCs who were of legendary rank on the Sun Continent. No matter how much Sanghyuk knew, there was no way he could know of all of them.


“Well, I didn’t come here to talk about your background.”


“As expected, it looks like we’ll be able to talk.”


Hasad ’s response to Sanghuk’s calm words came with a light smile.


“Can I know what you mean by doing business in a really big way? Oh, this isn’t a threat, however, if your answer isn’t up to scratch, then I may have no choice but to satisfy my curiosity about you.”


Hasad  said he wasn’t threatening him, but it was most certainly a clear threat.


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