Chapter 96 Black Wings (1)

Quest – The Road of the Shadow King [Myth, Hidden, Main]


-Where there is light, there is darkness. A legend is born when one walks the dark road to sit on the shadowy throne. One who finds the path in the dark…let there be luck…


[Relevant Quests]


-First relevant quest: ‘Hellfire Desert’s Secrets’ [Complete]

-Second relevant quest: ‘Heroic Secrets’ [In Process]

-Third relevant quest: ‘Light Disciples’ [Complete]

-Fourth relevant quest: ‘Shadow King’s Dignity’ [Complete]

-Fifth relevant quest: ‘To the Sunland’ [Complete]

-Sixth relevant quest: ‘Light and Shadow’ [Activated]


The sixth step of Sanghyuk’s most important quest, The Road of the Shadow King, had not been activated for reasons unknown after he had arrived at the Sun Land. The fact that he had not received the fifth relevant quest reward had astonished him, as a message had said that he would get the reward only when the sixth quest was activated.

He had left it for later because he had been so busy, but the quest had been suddenly activated today. The reward had also come.


The Adventure King ‘Nato’s Belt [Legend++]


-The greatest adventurer Nato had worn this belt everywhere, and it is his symbol.


[Basic stats] Agility +100(+20), Vitality +70(+14)

[Special stats] Moving speed +30(6)%

[Special effects] <Space enlargement(S): The inventory bag size increases by ten times>

[Item skill] <Emergency recall(S): One can move instantly to a priorly designated spot without any cost. To use this skill in battle, one needs to wait four seconds. Cool time 4 hours>

[Bonus effect] Moving speed +10%, Agility +15, See into the darkness [1st level (Able to increase)]

Class: Unique

Details: As you are now used to the Sun Land, you can now examine the darkness in the Sun People’s souls. You now need to find the ‘Black Wing.’

Effect – [Passive Effect: <All Seeing Eye(S) – Focus, and you can see the power of darkness in souls. However, you can only see level 8 and 9 Black Wings. <Break the Black Wings(S): All stats increase by 2% when you face the Black Wing>


The belt was incalculably valuable to Sanghyuk, who was affiliated with smuggling. Also, he now understood why the sixth quest had to be activated to receive this reward. He needed prior information to understand fully what he needed to do. The sixth quest was simple in its request, as he needed to remove all dark forces in the Sun Land and restore the power of light. However, actually doing so was a completely different matter. He had indirectly known how difficult Black Wings had fought in his past life.


‘The reward is amazing, but the last quest is really difficult.’


Sanghyuk bit his lip as he needed to find a Black Wing in 72 hours, terminate the individual, and confirm his will to protect the light. It was a sudden quest, and while he could still go on with his main quest even if he failed, he would receive a severe penalty. He needed to solve the quest.


‘Let’s search Gorren. There has to be at least one…’


Searching for one was only the start, as the individual would be normal on the outside and would be difficult to remove. Sanghyuk situated himself in the central plaza to observe the people going by. It was difficult to find a Black Wing, as the All Seeing Eye was too difficult to use. He needed to focus for one full minute to see a faint color around a person. He thought he could quicken the pace if he got used to this, but he also needed to use his vitality and life strength to observe each and every person. He observed for over four hours, and Sanghyuk thought he would faint. However, he had to go on if he did not want to do this all over again.


‘Am I too early? Wait…!’


Sanghyuk found a person with a black aura. While he normally could distinguish the levels with the color depth, he could not. However, he knew the Black Wing would be either level 8 or level 9. Black Wings were stronger than normal Sun People, and Sanghyuk needed to be careful. He started trailing the Black Wing, as he had never seen him before and needed to know his identity. He went into the ‘Vigilante’ building, which meant he may be an NPC.


‘I would need to talk to the Black Cat.’


Unfortunately, there were no other Black Wings, and Sanghyuk went to Yufir to ask who he was. Luck came through here since she knew who the Black Wing was.


“He is Pervil, a special investigator for the Vigilante. Why? Is there a problem?”

“No, I just wanted to know them better since what I am doing is dangerous. What does a special investigator do?”
“The Vigilante leader controls the organization using seven special investigators. They are called group leaders there.”


Sanghyuk felt a headache at Yufir’s explanation, as Pervil would be a difficult target.


“Is there a way to know their movements? I plan to smuggle a larger quantity this time, and having prior knowledge may prevent accidents.”


While Sanghyuk did not need to know their movements for that reason, and while Yufir seemed suspicious, she did promise him that she would give a rough sketch of their routes by tomorrow.



Yufir did keep her promise, and she was useful. While he had not expected much from Bacan ordering her to help him, he was extremely grateful now. Sanghyuk managed to know Pervil’s basic schedule from that information. He knew only that he needed to take care of Pervil in secret without anyone knowing.


‘Let’s think of this as an easy quest. I can do this if I prepare this well.’


While Pervil was much stronger than Sanghyuk, he only focused on how to defeat this man. His goal was simple. Sanghyuk needed to find a moment when Pervil was alone and remove him without any traces. No matter how intricate, moving according to a plan would fail. He would need to improvise and end things quickly before other NPCs noticed. Sanghyuk would lose his place here and be deemed a murderer then. He needed to prevent that at all costs.


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