Black Wings (2)


“Now, it is the time to see this week’s rankings!”


The last item on ‘Sena’s EL Analysis,’ the most popular program on LGN, was to provide a general ranking for the week by adding up all available official EL rankings.


“Let’s see the weekly PvP rankings first.”


Sena, a popular show hostess, looked at Minho Jang, an EL specialist. The rankings were then listed on the big screen between them.


[1st] Emperor Si [Myung Empire]

[2nd] Alexander [EU No.1]

[3rd] Dmitri [NSA]

[4th] Jaecheon [Myung Empire]

[5th] Tornado [Rising]

[6th] Ploteu [EU No.1]

[7th] Nike [NSA]

[8th] Musasi [Ultra Japan]

[9th] Jaha Sword [Myung Empire]

[10th] Dark Dragon [Dark Dragon]



“The rankings have not changed all that much.”


Sena spoke up, and Minho Jang answered.


“However, many things happened this week.”
“Is it the guild battle between Myung Empire and Rising?”

Sena was well-known to be an avid EN player and thus had a firm grasp on the current trends in EL.


“Yes, while I am disappointed as a Korean user at the result, it was also inevitable.”

“Why is that?”
“As we all know, Chinese, American, and European players are becoming much stronger. While they were weaker than Korean players a year ago, now they are emerging as the victors.”

“I also feel sad that I cannot disagree with you, Mr. Jang.”


Sena looked sincerely sad.


“It can’t be helped. The investment funds are on a different level, and Guild One had been the major factor in Korean users being at the top.

“Ah! I see that Guild One has now disappeared from even the top 100.”


Sena and Minho Jang were Guild One’s fans, and except for those playing against One, every Korean user were the same.


“Right. It was natural that other countries would catch up to Korea due to their market size. One had been the reason that slowed down this process.”

“Right, but they’re gone…”

Minho Jang spoke with the fervor of a fanboy.


“They’re not actually gone. The guild exists, and its live channel is still active. However, most of them are recorded, and there is no communication, which led to people thinking that members are inactive.”

“That’s why they’re no longer the number one guild.”

“Yes, most people think they are a thing of the past, but not me.”

“What are your thoughts?”

“I believe that they are onto a completely different area.”
“Does that mean you believe Guild One has navigated the sky to the unknown lands?”

“I believe it a very probable possibility.”
“Isn’t that being too hopeful? There is no real reason why they would not reveal their progress if that is the case.”


Sena hoped that was true but thought Minho Jang’s opinions as too improbable/


“While I don’t have concrete evidence, I’m also not naïve. Something tells me that Guild One will make an appearance soon.”

A fan’s hope and Minho Jang’s instincts as a game specialist were pointing in this direction.


“I hope you’re right. However, even if Guild One comes back, will they be able to fight against Myung Empire, EU No.1, and NSA?”

EL was now filled with allied guilds, and China’s Myung Empire, Europe’s EU No.1, and America’s NSA had divided EL into three sectors even if there were others.


“It will be not easy, but Guild One had won against such a guild before. While things are different, I do hope for the best.”

“It’s exciting to just think about as a Korean user.”
“Yes, since Korea’s Rising Guild had lost against Myung Empire, things are looking a bit bleak. However, there is always hope.”

One of the reasons Minho Jang mentioned Guild One was to bring hope, and Sena also cheered before mentioning the next topic.


“Right, let’s talk about Emperor Si, the most powerful EL player. His performance at the guild battle had been impressive and gone viral.”

“I was astonished. I knew that China was investing massively, but I did not think that all of his equipment would be legendary and reinforcement levels would be ten. His magic armor is rumored to be 3.5 level.”

“Is that even possible to make one?”
“I don’t know, but it is said that he spent over 5 billion won for that item.”


“As people know, Emperor Si’s user is one of the richest of the rich in China and also young. He has spent over 15 billion won in EL.”

“That is a completely different number.”

“Yes, and other high-level users are following suit. Ww=hile I believe Korean users are the more skilled, such difference in funds cannot be overcome.”
“So, EL is a capitalist world…Does that mean the three guilds will remain in power for now?”

“I believe so. Things may change if they clash with one another, but their agreement not to interfere with each other is still in place.”

“It’s sad to be the weaker ones.”


Sena looked sad, as were other Korean users. After Korean guilds had lost power, Korean players were oppressed more than other country users. However, she smiled as she moved on.


“Let’s still have fun! There may be hope for the future. Now, let’s go to the PvE rankings.”


While Sanghyuk knew the situation spoken above, he did not respond as he was looking at the future. He needed to prioritize now.



Pervil looked down at the two wires that pierced his heart and stomach in astonishment. He wanted to speak, but only white light emerged from his mouth. Pervil’s level was exactly 185, and he was in the top twenty in Gorren for fighting skills. Even in the entire land, he was in the top 10%. Therefore, he was always confident and used to go on monster patrols alone instead of in pairs. He liked being alone but had not expected this tendency to be so fatal. Sanghyuk had successfully ambushed Pervil, and this was the result.




Pervil had no intention of dying like this and had been about to unleash his dark powers. However, Sanghyuk had expected this.




Ten ‘Flame Heart’ cards Sanghyuk had placed under Pervil exploded then, which managed to give Sanghyuk the moment he needed to rip Pervil apart before the NPC could react.

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