Return (1)


[The relevant quest for The Road of the Shadow King ‘Light and Shadow – Proving Light’ has been cleared.’]


‘It was a close call.’


While it seemed on the surface Sanghyuk had defeated Pervil easily, it was not the case. Pervil had tried to unleash his dark powers to the end. If Sanghyuk had not managed to get in the last attack with a critical hit, Pervil would have succeeded and countered. Then, things would have been extremely different.

However, the important thing was that he had won. Sanghyuk could now find peace after clearing the quest. Now, he needed to solve his offline problems. While his online ones had a time limit, the offline problems were the more difficult to solve.

He first needed to revitalize his live channel ‘One’ and participate in a competition to do so. While he did not need to participate in the pre-eliminations, the final rounds would take almost a month.

Sanghyuk came out of the pod and accessed his live channel management page.


‘Where are those videos I had gathered…’


Sanghyuk saw that he had about 260 files while he had navigated the Sea of Sky, which was much more he had expected. He removed the minor files as he planned a preview broadcast announcing that Channel One was coming back.

He chose the best ones and managed to save sixteen. He could release four videos per week and try to build excitement for a month. Sanghyuk would then show the Sun Land after, which would coincide with the competitions.

He could work for the Geumhae Group for a month, as the competition would hinder his progress there. He would need to gather Sunstones and build a firmer foundation for Geumhae. He would be busy for the next month then.



Sanghyuk played the game as much as he could during the next month, even more than before. He needed to make sure the Sun People saw Geumhae as a positive and useful organization, which took a lot of work. Cigarettes went a long way to convince these picky people.

The Sun People embraced them even more than they had in Sanghyuk’s previous life. He managed to increase Geumhae’s power in the Sun Land. As soon he could, Sanghyuk used his memories of the past to full use in selling items that the Sun People would like.

Handing anyone a cigarette would make a path, and Sanghyuk managed to expand his horizons in marketing. His memories kept him from making mistakes. He managed to sell items at much higher prices than their original value. Sanghyuk managed to earn gold after initial losses.

Also, he hunted for twelve hours in the forest to gather much Karma, which he used to raise his levels and nurture his items. He slept three hours per day to firmly place Geumhae in the Sun Land and increase his level to 99. Level 99 meant many things.

To reach level 100, the master level, one needed to meet certain special conditions. They were called Master Certifications, and the important thing was that Sanghyuk had completed all of them. The conditions were not that difficult to meet naturally if one knew what they were. While the High Master Level and the Double Master Level certifications were a bit more difficult, he had finished them already because he had prepared.

Channel One also changed, as the sixteen videos shocked the EL users. They went even more viral because most of them were navigating the Sky Sea. The two most popular were the Reverse One fight and the Red While Raid videos. While there were tens of thousands of replies, most of them compared Sanghyuk with Emperor Si. Korean and Chinese users fought with one another in arguing about who was the better player of the two.

The Reverse One fight was the more controversial of the two, and the Chinese users tried to argue that this video was fake and brought down Sanghyuk and Guild One. They were more sensitive since one of the main forces of Reverse One was Red Star Blood, one of the big Chinese Guilds.

Red Star Blood was currently incorporated into Myung Empire, Emperor Si’s Guild, and its Guild Leader Cao Cao was one of the twelve generals who represented the Myung Empire.

Myung Empire was a massive allied guild that contained 80% of the Chinese EL users. No one could beat them in sheer power. Due to these factors, Chinese users had come to terrorize the replies.

However, they met severe backlash when trying to do the same thing with the Red Whale raid video. Not only Korean users, but other country users had come to argue how amazing the fight recorded in the video was.


[So this is the end of the Sky Sea…]

[To think this video is free…thank you, Guild One.]

[EU No.1 is grateful for the hint.]

[Other high class guilds need to learn from this.]

[How can just three do that?]

[From what I can see, there are no bugs or editing. Amazing fight.]


While Chinese users tried to put up a fight, most of them hailed Guild One or showed admiration for Sanghyuk and his members’ skills. The sixteen videos placed Channel One on first place, and the last two were viewed repeatedly by most users.

Also, Sanghyuk uploaded a screenshot along with the words ‘Coming Soon, New World’ after the last video. The screenshot was from a video he had taken of the Sun Land. The completely different atmosphere shown in the picture exploded the internet. The tens of thousands of users who had been watching the live broadcast all went ecstatic at the same time.


[So, that is the new world!]

[Is he really going to show us that next week?!]

[So now I understand why he had not shown himself!]

[Guild One is ALIVE, people.]

[Immortal! Immortal!]


This broadcast earned 300 million won from users, and Guild One was now at the center of attention. While other guilds who were just making their names may feel slighted, this was what Immortal and Guild One could do.


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