97 Return (2)


“Are you going to be all right? People may recognize you despite the hat and the mask…”

Sanghyuk stared at Lea with a worried look on his face.


“I don’t care. I can do without the hat and the mask. I’ve decided to live my life without thinking how others may look at me too much.”

Leah had learned a lot from living in Korea, especially her ideas on happiness. She now knew how joy it was to live with those who made her smile just by being together.


“All right, you can be my personal manager.”
“Am I going to be the manager for EL’s most famous star? Wow.”

Her smile made Sanghyuk feel less tired from his lack of sleep.


“People will say I saved a country in my previous life.”

“What do I do? Do I drive?”


While Leah seemed eager, Sanghyuk could not really use her as a manager.


“Calm down. I’ll drive. You don’t have an international license anyway.”

Leah smiled, and Sanghyuk nodded.


“If you’re okay, let’s go together and think of the consequences later.”



Leah and Sanghyuk headed to the LGN broadcasting company immediately.


“Who is she?”


Mirae pointed at Leah suspiciously as she looked at Sanghuk.


“Can I get a staff ID card for her as my personal manager?”

“You have one?”
“I can do that, but I need to confirm her ID.”
“Everyone doesn’t have to know, right?”

“I can confirm and have one made under my name, but who is she?”

Mirae looked at Leah from top to bottom again, and it was then Leah took off her hat, mask, and sunglasses. Mirae’s eyes widened.


“Leah Collin?”
“Hello, call me Leah.”

Mirae looked at Sanghyuk and Leah back and forth as Leah greeted Mirae in fluent Korean.


“I’m asking this because her being noticed may cause problems.”
“While I have so many questions, we can’t stay here…I’ll get you the ID card under my name. Leah, you can speak Korean, right?”

“Yes, I can understand most of the time.”
“Leah Collin…I’m at a loss for words. Get your hat and mask on again. I’m afraid someone may see you.”


People knowing Leah was here may cause a security incident.


“However, I have to report this, and someone above may try to use Leah Collin being here.”

Mirae spoke while glancing at Leah.


“Tell them to contact this guy and reach an agreement. Warn them that things will go hard if they use me without permission.”

Leah gave Mirae her agent Chris’s name card, who was capable enough to handle this situation. While she may be nagged, he would fix it.

Sanghyuk and Leah went about the LGN after getting two entrance cards, and both went unnoticed. While some recognized Sanghyuk, they just looked back briefly.

Today, Sanghyuk’s Group D and Junyung Kim’s Group A were playing. Many people were waiting to see the matches as it was the first day the prospected winners came out.


“Koreans really do get hyped for E-sports. This makes me remember my octagon days.”


Leah murmured as she looked at the audience while Sanghyuk prepared.


“You can still go back, though.”

“Nah…that’s the past. Maybe I should try E-sports.”

She was getting warmed up to the intense passion among the crowd.


“If that’s what you want, why not?”
“Sound advice.”

“Simple words. Now, I just need to set the specifics.”


Sanghyuk turned on the capsule after finishing the basic settings. While this process was usually done by LGN’s engineers, Sanghyuk preferred to do it himself. He had planned to use the allotted one-hour preparation time to set the specifics and plan mock fights.

However, a warning sounded the moment Sanghyuk accessed the game. The capsule opened with the warning message ‘Check user health – Emergency stop!’ An astonished Leah quickly checked Sanghyuk. The audience recognized her when she removed her sunglasses and mask to check his condition.


“That’s Leah Collin!”


While the audience went wild, Leah took no notice.


“Call an ambulance! Quickly!”


Leah shouted as she lifted Sanghyuk, who was in a dead faint. She did not care about the reason why he fainted but just wanted to get him into a hospital. Leah knew what to do in a situation like this due to her Octagon days, and she made sure he was breathing well.

While everyone else was busy taking her picture, Leah ignored them and looked at Sanghyuk.



“Are you saying that I was just too tired?”

Sanghyuk regained consciousness soon after he was sent to the hospital. He was not in a serious condition.


“Yes, we confirmed that you have no irregularities, and it seems that you suddenly fainted due to accumulated stress.”

“Is this common?”

“No, but it does happen. You need to rest, as you seem to have a chronic lack of sleep. Continuing like this may pose a real danger.”


The doctor looked serious.




However, Sanghyuk’s thoughts were elsewhere. He was going through his past memories and considered himself the stupidest person on earth even as the doctor gave him advice.

Even though he enjoyed playing the game this time, his body was still worn out. He had a similar experience in his past life. Still, He had only realized how serious his symptoms were until things were too late. After realizing what was going on, it took only two months for him to become completely wasted.


‘I had forgotten all this because I was too immersed in the game…’


Sanghyuk shook his head.


“What did they say, Sanghyuk?”


Leah came in and looked at him with a worried gaze, but it took Sanghyuk a while to answer.


“No, it seems that I had been too tired.”
“I told you to sleep more. You worked too hard for the past few months.”

“Right, I forgot that health was the most important thing. I do need rest, right?”

“Yes. Just play the game for one or two hours for the next few days. This is an order!”


Leah pretended to be domineering as she smiled.


“Yes, madam.”


Sanghyuk remembered that his past illness could not be diagnosed by normal check-ups. He was planning to rest to clear up several problems. He knew that his health needed to be prioritized over anything else for his future plans.

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