One Man Army 193

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‘VR Over-Immersion Syndrome’


This illness was quite peculiar, and Sanghyuk only knew its name a few years later. It was that rare and was not even known at this time. Therefore, Sanghyuk began to be more careful rather than leaving things to the doctors.

He first began to sleep for more than six hours every day and took a resting period every four hours of playing. Also, he took time to exercise with Leah.

He gave up on the LGN competition, saying it was due to health reasons, and it was accepted because he had openly fainted at the scene.

Sanghyuk had also set back his own live stream for a week as he prioritized his health.


“So, press this.”


Sanghyuk saw a 3D model of himself and specific numbers on the monitor after Leah pressed a button. The numbers told Sanghyuk’s condition, as Leah had brought in her top model physical monitoring equipment.


“This is your current condition…which is all right. Just a bit of stretching.”

“Thank me, as this equipment is quite rare.”

“I tried to buy it, but no one sells this.”

“It’s custom-made due to the price.”


Sanghyuk looked at the numbers and thought he would be able to stabilize his condition with this device.

VR Over-Immersion Syndrome occurs mostly when the body cannot maintain the balance between body and soul, so checking one’s condition was paramount.


“Use it, as I don’t.”

“Thank you.”


Sanghyuk would take up on her offer.


“Are you all right? The world seems in an uproar…”

Leah was shown to the world when Sanghyuk had fainted ten days ago. It was natural that Leah Collin being there would attract much more attention, and all internet communities were wild about why she was there.


[The secret relationship between Leah Collin and EL player ‘Immortal.’]

[Hollywood is astonished to see Leah Collin]

[Who is Immortal?]


It seems that there was an endless number of articles, and Sanghyuk’s live channel community was clamoring with requests to clarify his relationship with Leah Collin.


“People will forget soon. I told Chris not to make an official announcement, which will quiet people down.”
“Really? I heard that journalists want to know my address badly…”
“Just don’t go out for a while.”

Leah was indifferent as she was used to all this.


“You’re probably right…”

“Don’t think such things and look at this. I set out your exercise plans.”


Leah’s goal was to restore Sanghyuk’s health completely, but he was astonished to see her plans.


“Isn’t this too much? I’m not a pro athlete.”



“I’ll tone it down a bit…”

Leah took back the schedule with a disappointed face.


“Let’s take one step at a time. I’ll work hard, too.”


Sanghyuk smiled at Leah as he was grateful for her goodwill.



While Sanghyuk had reduced his playtime, he had not given up on his agenda. He still hunted to gather Sun Stones and Karma and worked hard to place Geumhae firmly in Sun Land.

It was then other users arrived in Sun Land. Emperor Si had brought four thousand users on his fleet with over four hundred ships, but only fifty made it. As even more users had gone down, only forty-one users managed to go through the Red Whale’s portal to arrive at Sun Land. The survival rate was barely one percent.


“While the damage was even more severe than expected, our top users in the Royal Guards, West Troops, and East Troops had made it. That is good.”


Emperor Si murmured as he looked around, and he still looked confident as those he mentioned were his elite forces.


“How should we go on?”


Emperor Si’s right-hand man, Jegal Ho, asked his leader’s opinion.


“We should make a base first. Have the rest marked in the book, and let’s find a village nearby.”
“I understand. Also, I will send our raid video to our strategic support team for further analysis.”
“Have it prioritized. Also, ask the Gold support team to send more Gold.”

“How much?”
“3 million should be enough.”

3 million Gold meant two million dollars, but Emperor Si thought it petty cash, which warranted his wealth.

Sanghyuk had finished preparing his live stream as Emperor Si prepared. He was going to reveal the Sun Land himself.


[When’s it on?]

[8’o clock. Ten minutes left.]

[Today’s the day…do you think Leah Collin will come out?]


[Leah Collin! Leah Collin! Leah Collin!]

[Stop calling her name. I want to see the Sun Land!]


Eight million people were waiting for the reveal, and since the broadcast had not even begun yet, it seemed that this live stream would break records for the most watched one. Everything about the broadcast had caused a massive hype on the internet.


“Over 8.1 million…”


The LGN monitoring center was already in emergency mode, and Unho Kim CP watched the monitors with a mixture of worry and anticipation.


“We will definitely go above ten million at this rate…maybe fifteen million. Do you think our servers will last?”

“I had them increased, but I can’t say for certain if the numbers reach that high.”

Things were even more hectic than Unho had anticipated.


“We will use the emergency servers once the numbers reach twelve million or reroute other channel capacities…so just concentrate!”


Unho’s eyes remained on the monitor. At the same time, Sanghyuk entered the capsule. He was about to introduce Sun Land to the users himself. He accessed EL, turned on broadcast mode, and connected to his channel. The small drone cameras Sanghyuk had flown near the tower would then send videos.


“Start broadcast.”


Sanghyuk confirmed that the connection was all right before turning on the broadcast after changing the cameras into blind mode. Even more users gathered to watch the broadcast, and very soon, the stream was being watched by more than ten million users.


“You have waited for a long time. I will introduce the Sun Land now!”


The cameras were turned on for the users after Sanghyuk’s words, and the chatting went crazy. The users were astonished to see the new land above the sky.



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