One Man Army 194

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Unlike previous broadcasts, Sanghyuk gave detailed explanations with video. He did this so other users would come out to the Sun Land more quickly. As Geumhae was now firmly placed, new users would increase its size. Therefore, Sanghyuk revealed all tips about the Middle Earth and information about Sun Land. While he hid the really good tips and only revealed the basics, users went wild over the two-hour broadcast.

There were over twelve million watching. The number was amazing, as two million went out after realizing Leah Collin would not make an appearance. Also, Sanghyuk earned about fifty thousand dollars as a live streamer.



“How much did you earn?”

Leah had been watching Sanghyuk nearby and witnessed the numbers pile up. While she could easily earn that much money, it was still a sight to see.


“After paying fees…about forty thousand won.”
“Live streams do pay well.”
“Not only that, but a hundred thousand downloaded my live channel videos, which will bring about thirty thousand dollars. Live broadcasts bring a lot of money, but I just had been too busy.”

“I see.”


Leah nodded as Sanghyuk asked a question.


“Do you know something about cars?”
“I’ve been thinking about buying one but haven’t decided yet.”

“I know something! What do you want?”

Leah’s eyes sparkled as she opened the laptop next to her.


“I think something flashy for a second car…something easy on the eyes.”
“Really? I’ll just bring some candidates as we cannot go look. You won’t regret these choices!”

Leah pointed out four supercars, which were all this year’s model and all very expensive.


“Aren’t these…expensive? And they seem to be limited editions.”

“You have the money. Also, I will buy the car for you. My name carries far when buying things like this.”


Sanghyuk could not deny that he wanted a car like this and thought things over as he looked at the choices. The prices went from one million to four million dollars, but Leah’s words made the choice for him.


“That two million dollar Laferrari. I can get that for you through an acquaintance and vouch for that as I ride one.”
“I trust you.”


While the price was high even for Sanghyuk, he decided to plunge.


“I like people who make quick decisions. I will contact my acquaintance immediately. The process will be that I buy the car before handing it to you, though.”

“That’s not a problem.”


They trusted each other to make the necessary transactions. Sanghyuk made the cash for the car by organizing his stocks.

The stocks he had bought based on information regarding Japan’s natural disasters had risen. His portfolio’s current value was about forty million won along with other stocks. He took about three million dollars, as he would invest a million in EL after buying the car.

Sanghyuk’s plan to bring other users to his level paid off, as the high-level users who had been stuck in the Middle Land were coming up fast. Emperor Si and his guild received the most damage, as they would have been able to suffer half than less the damages incurred when coming to the Sun Land.

Sanghyuk revealing his tips for free irritated Emperor Si, who had done everything without knowledge.


“How about attacking One Guild first?”


Emperor Si asked his right-hand man in secret.


“While we have a better chance of winning, attacking first seems not wise.”

“Why is it?”

“Time is on our side. Waiting for other members of our guild to come here and build our forces should give us a better chance.”

“Does that mean it’s not safe?”

“I think that…three months would give us a much better chance of winning.”
“Three months…all right. I should change my strategy to building our forces as quickly as possible.”

One of the reasons Emperor Si was successful was because he was able to listen to others.



Jegal Ho nodded after Emperor Si, or Backhyun, the president of one of the top three conglomerates in China, the 88 Group, gave his orders. As he was a secretary to Backhyun in real life, he had to follow his orders to the letter.


“Let’s crush Guild One and Immortal once and for all and confirm the new order of EL.”

Emperor Si did not like losing and would be only satisfied when he was the strongest of EL.



While Emperor Si and his guild were gunning for Sanghyuk, the opposite was not true. In fact, Sanghyuk was not interested at all. After raising his level to 101 with the karma he received from hunting, Sanghyuk was not busy with his next move.

His next goal was to clear the legendary quest ‘The Birth of Planet Trinark.’ While Sanghyuk had received this quest early on, he was now barely finished.


Quest: The Birth of Planet Trinark [Legendary]


-The five absolute powers that had existed when Planet Trinark had been born…If we hear all of their dormant voices, could not we learn a secret of this world?


[Relevant Quests]


-The Mountains Where Gods Sleep (Press for Details): Clear – The Eternally Burning Mountains (Press for Details): Clear – The Mountains That Soar the Sky (Press for Details): Clear – The Cloud Mountains Over the Sky Sea (Press for Details): Clear


[Final Quest – Conquering Ernark of the Sun (In Progress)


The final goal appeared after clearing the four special mountains in Trinark. The final goal was Ernark, the massive mountain range in the middle of Sun Land.

The pinnacle of Ernark was called the Center of the Sun, and that place had been conquered quite late in Sanghyuk’s previous life.

Those able to conquer Ernark did not want to go through all that trouble, and those who wanted to were late in getting strong enough.

However, Sanghyuk wanted to clear the quest as quickly as possible since he was strong enough. He wanted the prize and knew that Ernark landed high on the list of places users voted the best places to go in EL. However, Ernark was not a place to tread lightly, as it was a forbidden area. While many users had gone down there, Sanghyuk was confident enough in himself to try.

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