One Man Army Chap 102 The Reaper of the Battlefield Comes Again (1)


“I want to receive Gold according to our kill numbers.”


Storm understood what Sanghyuk wanted with those words, as many mercenaries asked for the same condition when signing a contract.


“Of course, the amount of Gold I ask differs from who we kill. 10,000 Gold for the Guild Master, 5,00O Gold for the highest officers, and 1,000 Gold for the samurais they are so proud of. 500 Gold for the rest. I think that may be appropriate, and what do you think?”

Sanghyuk had given a significant discount to Rising because he felt sorry. He would have asked for five times more if this had been a normal contract.


“Thank you. I’m grateful for the rate. However, honestly, we’re low in funds. We may be able to sign a contract with a firm within a month that will solve this problem, and…”
“Ah, you don’t need to pay me now. I can until your fund problems are solved. However, there will be a 10% interest.”
“It’s a relief. Of course, we will pay the interest. I thank you again.”


Storm smiled after listening to Sanghyuk’s answer and bowed low. He could pay a more considerable amount after this crisis passed, and Shooting Star had also said to delay the payment first.


“Then, let’s sign the contract. Since you’re Rising’s sub-master, you can receive the rights as a representative after contacting your Guild Master, right?”


“Right. I will prepare the contract.”

Since both parties gained from this contract, they signed quickly. Sanghyuk immediately requested a Guild Battle to Ultra Toyota under One Guild’s name to announce that he was entering this fight.

This news went viral, and while most Korean users said they may win, a few were pessimistic. While aware of One Guild’s achievements, foreign users agreed that a long time had passed.

Ultra Toyota even sent out an official announcement after One decided to come in.


[We will make Korean users realize that time is cruel.]


The message angered Korean users, as this was the first time Ultra Toyota mentioned Korea by name. It became a battle between nations, and Korean users answered by supporting the Rising Guild with funds or going into battle themselves.

The situation changed then, but Ultra Toyota was still at an advantage. A global firm supported them, and their equipment and items said so. Rising still had insufficient funds, and even after all that help, it seemed Ultra Toyota might still win.

However, a user had armed himself and went to the ‘Cobalt Fortress,’ which was Ultra Toyota’s central area.



Cobalt Fortress housed Ultra Toyota’s Guild House and was a big city in its own right. However, it was not a first class city, and Ultra Toyota planned to move to Moglion after winning this battle.

Musasi planned to charge into Moglion after two days of conquering other areas on the Eastern Coast. Rising had given up on other areas except for Moglion, so this was a simple process.

That was why Ultra Toyota’s best users were gathered in Cobalt Fortress and preparing to charge to Moglion. They even protected the city in case of ambush, and it was suicide to come here, but Sanghyuk did so. His reason was simple.


‘Should I begin?’


Sanghyuk had checked his equipment and condition a kilometer away from Cobalt, and now changed his titles before stretching lightly. He looked at the sky, where the dark clouds hid even the moon. It seemed that even the weather was helping him, as he was going to hunt tonight.

Sanghyuk loaded Volcano, holstered it on his waist, and walked slowly. Since he did not know Cobalt’s structure, he did not have a specific plan. However, he believed in his strength and that Ultra Toyota belittled One Guild and focused only on Rising. That was their biggest mistake.

If Ultra Toyota prepared carefully against him, Sanghyuk had a difficult battle in front of him.

It was important to know your enemy, and Sanghyuk knew Ultra Toyota while his opponent did not.

He thought of two ways to go in. The first was to shoot the guard, and the second was to go stealth.

Sanghyuk had thought the first would be better but saw that there were quite a lot of ways to go in once seeing the city. The lack of light helped. He did not need to make a fuss from the beginning and could break apart the city from the inside.

While Sanghyuk had originally thought of going into Cobalt and picking battles to erase as many Ultra Toyota users as possible, the second way made it possible for him to ambush and assassinate.

He would cut the head off by assassination and mess up the body through guerrilla fights, which would seriously damage Ultra Toyota.

Sanghyuk looked around, found a good spot to infiltrate, and went in. Cobalt Fortress was quieter than he expected, even though there were even more than 10,000 users. They were all doing their tasks for their future battle, and this bustling atmosphere helped Sanghyuk.


‘The night is long.’


Sanghyuk did not want to rush things and make his situation difficult, so he went in slowly.

His goal had been small at first, but it became bigger as he went in. Sanghyuk moved for a few hours before arriving at the Guild House, where the important users would be.


‘Shall we begin?’


He did not plan to go inside but had no thought of doing so at this time. Instead, he went into position on another building’s rooftop, where he could observe the Guild House. Sanghyuk took out Ice Flame, whose goal was to assassinate anyone who seemed important.

He loaded Ice Flame and focused on the large building in front of him.


‘Shall I start from the top floor?’


His first strike was like a missile with all his strengthening spells and buff effects. He would shoot into the building and focus on his kill score and the rank of those he killed.

Sanghyuk planned on becoming a reaper tonight, as he secretly had also been angry at Ultra Toyota’s aggravating message.

The shot went into the building like a comet.

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