One Man Army Chap 102 The Reaper of the Battlefield Comes Again (2)


The first shot killed Kanta, Ultra Toyota’s submaster and Musasi’s close confidant. The higher-ups of Ultra Toyota had been in a meeting at the time, and the Guild House’s atmosphere was warm. They were confident they would win and had been discussing how to destroy the Rising Guild after conquering Moglion.

The second shot came right after the first, which killed two more who were present in the room.


“Everybody, get out!”


Musasi then realized they needed to take cover, as trying to understand the situation would only delay action.


‘Where is this attack coming from? Is there a battalion of mages?’


Musasi thought that at least seven mages had prepared this attack, as he could not imagine an individual had done this much damage. He even imagined that there were several teams as the attacks continued.


‘To ambush at this point with their best…Rising is not thinking clearly.’


Musasi thought the attack ended here and thought removing those who dared to come here would simplify the battle for Moglion. That was why he was mistakenly confident.


[There are at least fifty enemies here. Set up the magic circle, and do not let them get out!]


Musasi alerted other guild members. The magic circle would prevent all users within the fortress from moving far away. If his guess was right, Musasi’s maneuvers would have worked perfectly. However, he was quite wrong.

That was when the third shot exploded within the Guild House and killed even more users. It was then Musasi felt something was wrong.

No matter how many magicians had invaded here, mages could not attack this often due to mana drain.

The Guild House was in chaos. There were those with low levels but other skills or social status in real life among the higher-ups in Ultra Chaos.

Therefore, the damage was even more extensive when the fourth shot came. Four more died, and the right wall of the Guild House crumbled. It was then that Musasi thought he had made a big mistake, especially when he heard the reports coming in.


[I cannot see the enemy!]

[There is no mana response!!]

[There is no mana drain.]

[Where are the enemies?]



‘What are they saying?’


Those attacking like this would be noticed anywhere. Where could the enemies be?


“Search the perimeters with search magic!”
There were many magic circles within Cobalt Fortress. Large guilds used a lot of them, but the three most important ones were the ‘long-distance blocking circle,’ ‘search circle,’ and ‘Home blessing circle.’

These three were expensive to set up and expensive to use, but this was not the time to save 50,000 Gold.

The spell searched Cobalt Fortress, and even Sanghyuk could not avoid being detected. He was seen, but Ultra Toyota was the one surprised.


[Scan result…There is one…enemy…]


Musasi could not believe what he was hearing.

“What are you saying?! That cannot be true!”


There had to be at least fifty, and Musasi expected a hundred. However, the search showed…one.


“Do the spell again!”

Musasi took out his blade with those words as his body readied himself for the crisis. The spell worked again, but the result was the same.


[There is still only one…! The enemy is moving!]


The scan result was shared by everyone in the guild, and they saw the red dot near the house.


“Catch that individual first!”


Musasi could not believe what he saw but would take care of that dot first. However, another shot came in as Sanghyuk fired.


“Surround that red dot now!”


Musasi could not understand the situation, but he could not stand by. Ultra Toyota’s samurais surrounded the building with the red dot, as they thought there were many enemies in disguise within.


“Secure all exits and clear each floor! Don’t trust the scan results. Think that there are at least fifty people inside.”
Hiruma, one of the Leading Samurais, spoke in a serious voice. He then led his group of 64 men to surround the building. They were all summoned by an emergency call.


“We will surround the building in several layers, so the enemies cannot escape. Think only of exterminating the enemies.”


Hiruma’s group was to lead his comrades, as they were one of the top three. Hiruma was also ranked as the seventh strongest within Ultra Toyota, and Musasi thought he and his group would be able to easily take care of the situation.


“It is estimated that most of the enemies inside are mages. There will be only a few guards, so check the area. We will be able to take care of them easily..”

Most samurais favored one-on-one battles, as that was their specialty. They were even chosen by PvP battles, which meant they were confident in fighting against mages. Ultra Toyota thought this was an easy job. While the problem was that they did not know how the enemies avoided the scan spell, it was not crucial in actual battle.


“Let’s go!”

Haruma took out two swords and entered first. He was determined to find the enemy with sight and finish them off.

Sanghyuk, however, was at ease even though he was trapped.


‘It is as expected.’


He was thinking straight because the enemy was moving exactly as he had thought. Sanghyuk stopped shooting as enemies were coming. He changed Ice Flame into Volcano and Blizzard and moved towards the stairs.

He had chosen this building because of its structure, as there was only a single stairway and no feasible way to climb up the walls. Sanghyuk needed to fend off only that spot. As he could not remain unnoticed due to the magic circle, the remaining method was to overpower his opponent.


‘I need to strengthen myself first.’


Sanghyuk took out four expensive cards that had strengthening effects. This was the time to use them. He felt the effect cruise through his body and then took out three trap cards. They were not cheap but effective when thrown onto the stairs. He did so.

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