One Man Army 103 The One


They had never expected a trap like this in a familiar building. While the building shook from the explosion…he appeared. Komei, a soldier-level user, remembered the moment like this.


“I only saw a dark flash of light as my neck rolled on the floor a moment later. Since the death was so harsh and sudden, I logged off the game. I did not see what happened later, but other members told me that was the beginning.”


The black shadow came through the explosion and cut through two soldiers in a single strike. Hiruma realized that something was seriously wrong. He tried to swing two swords, but Sanghyuk was a step faster. He blocked Hiruma’s attack with Blizzard and shot Hiruma’s head with Volcano, which finished him. Sanghyuk then ran to the troops.


“Stop him!”


Someone shouted, but all the Ultra Toyota members were scared stiff. It was like a wolf had dived into a flock of lambs. Sanghyuk wielded Blizzard and Volcano, and the users were swept away. Unless a user was above a certain level, they would be killed instantly. While some tried to counterattack, their attack did not affect Sanghyuk. He avoided almost all of them, and his high defense was not even used.

Sanghyuk rolled on the floor to cut off two Ultra Toyota members’ legs and checked that they logged out under unbearable shock. He then aimed Volcano to the left and fired.

Another user died, and half of the soldiers were dead in two minutes. The Ultra Toyota members now knew how strong their enemy was.

When an individual faces many foes, the individual usually loses. Especially if the foes were in the tens of hundreds.

Also, if the individual was going against a guild’s home city, that was madness. Any user would tell you this. However, Sanghyuk was not even tense as he faced off thousands of enemies and was not even scared. He knew his first strike was deadly and would be of the same power to all enemies.

Therefore, Ultra Toyota was facing the worst enemy they could imagine. Their elite soldiers died like a tomato in a blender, and other users followed suit. Musasi hurriedly used every magic circle and brought the remaining elite users to where the enemy was. He also was present.

Musasi could not understand the reports his subordinates were giving him, especially since only one enemy existed.


‘That’s impossible.’


Musasi used the search magic circle three times to scan, but there was only one red dot.


‘I first should confirm the situation myself.’


He was moving on his own to avoid complicating the situation.



“How many have died?”

Ultra Toyota had covered the building the enemy was supposedly in perfectly. Since there were seven thousand of them, it seemed impossible for the enemy to break through.


“One-third of our elite soldiers are gone. Should we send Team Manhae, standing guard at the door?”
“No, I don’t think they can take this. Place them back, and let’s think of another method.”

Musasi’s face was rigid.


“However, we cannot waste time. As we’re in battle, the enemy cannot log out. However, keeping the magic circles active like this would cost too much gold.”

It had been an hour since the battle began, and they had already used too much gold. If this kept up too long, they would waste meaningless gold.


“I know, but I cannot keep sacrificing users. Let’s go after confirming things.”


Musasi was prioritizing something else over gold.


“Let’s confirm what we know. There is only one enemy from the damn One Guild. We do not know this individual’s level, but he is unbelievably strong. This was confirmed by our Information Team, correct/
“Yes, you’re correct.”

“Damn…so it’s One Guild and Immortal again? Who the hell is he?”

Musasi clenched his teeth as he glared at the building. One had come back and was stronger than ever as he faced the entire Ultra Toyota. Musasi did not like this, as he believed an individual had his limits.


“From the fallen users, we have analyzed that we need to block at least one attack from him. We will all be pulverized if we don’t last.”

“Hmm…does his first attack have a special bonus effect?”
“Our Information Team thinks so.”
“He was already a monster…where did he get that? I’m going nuts.”

Musasi frowned as he murmured.


“Let’s go like this. Get the users with the best defense and place our best defensive buff skills on them. We will create a wall to corner Immortal and attack him at once. If we can do that, we will win. How can he guard such an attack?”

Musasi believed that Ultra Toyota could win if they managed to endure for a while.


“Let’s show this arrogant bastard his foolishness.”


Musasi knew that Immortal was powerful but also thought an individual had his limits. That was why he was going to show Immortal his place now.

Musasi gathered fifteen tanker users to create a human wall and placed twenty elite users, including himself, behind them. Everyone received buffs and wore magic equipment. There were hundreds of long-range attackers waiting to attack, and Musasi thought this would be enough to beat even Immortal.


“Tankers, go!”


The tankers went in at Musasi’s command, and when they went up the building, there was a single shot.

Sanghyuk killed off the enemies coming up and took a breather. He was a bit tired.

If Musasi had continued throwing users at Sanghyuk to tire him before attacking him, that would have been tricky to fight back. However, thankfully Musasi was sane enough not to sacrifice thousands of users. His responsibilities as a Guild Master would not allow him to do that.

Therefore, Sanghyuk had bought some time to rest and prepare for the next attack. He knew that unless Musasi was stupid, tankers would be coming at him, and the heavy footsteps coming up the stairs told him that he was right.


“Well, if you bring out your shields…I’ll just take them out.”

Sanghyuk pulled the Ice Flame’s trigger, resting on his shoulder. The shot blasted out.

As he had already used several reusable enhancing skills, the shot exploded against the tankers’ shields. However, the tankers did not break formation after one explosion since they were also quite sturdy, but it was a close call.


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