One Man Army 104 The Greatest Immortal (1)


“Go! Push upwards!”

Musasi shouted in joy as the defense team blocked the first attack. However, there were still three shots left, and Sanghyuk consecutively shot two times. The defense team’s formation began to break down.


“En, endure!”


Someone shouted, but their shields were already almost broken, and their formation weak. The last shot rang, and the damage was catastrophic.

The defense team broke down, and Musasi shouted as he ran forward.


“He has to be vulnerable after this sort of attack! Everyone, charge!”


Musasi believed this was the moment they could catch Immortal, and that was why he went up the stairs with twenty of his best men. His decision would have been correct under most circumstances.


“Genji! Go and strike the first hit!”


Genji ranked tenth in Ultra Toyota and was skilled in ambush. Musasi planned to surprise Immortal with Genji and go in for the kill with others to finish the battle.


‘We have to strike quickly…’


Musasi was thinking about his strategies when a black shadow suddenly appeared amidst Musasi and the Ultra Toyota users. They had not expected this, so their reaction was a second late. That was fatal.

The black shadow span once, and four users went down in pieces. Immortal, wearing his armor, had snuck upon Musasi to greet him. He had no vulnerabilities, and that was what made Ultra Toyota lose.


“Kill, kill!”


Musasi charged at Sanghyuk with a long sword in one hand and a short one in the other. The other elites also charged, but only one would survive. Sanghyuk was going to teach them why his guild name was One.


‘Thunderous sky – let lightning rise from the ground.’


As the Blood Wire delved into the ground, lightning shot up. This skill could control a wide area, and Sanghyuk managed to activate it against all users for a second. He used that moment to charge at Musasi, who had broken free faster than others. Musasi raised his sword.



Musasi’s swordsmanship was fast and furious and looked quite elaborate on the surface. However, Sanghyuk knew that Musasi’s true skill lay in how he moved, as he would utilize it to remain one of the strongest users in EL.

He ignored the illusions Musasi made with his two swords and focused on cutting off the timing he moved. Sanghyuk could do this because he had high defense levels and lasted Musasi’s attacks before he found the timing to lash out with the Blood Wire.


‘Thunderous sky – let everything be bound.’


Sanghyuk had aimed for Musasi’s legs, as his priority was to tie him up first. He had decided if he managed to make Musasi immobile, he would win.




Two wires tied up Musasi’s movements, and this skill could tie him up for at least five seconds. That was crucial. Sanghyuk ignored the other samurais who were trying to attack him, as he knew that if he took care of Musasi, the rest would be easy.

Sanghyuk’s body became bigger as he used Giant Blood’s Soul Skill ‘Enlargement’ to tackle Musasi, which almost broke Musasi in half.

Musasi knew how much damage he had taken. While he did not die, the tackle was enough to give him a temporary shock.


‘No, no…’


Musasi knew that he had to move, but he had no way of doing so. Sanghyuk had pushed Musasi back, used the momentum to jump over him, and then tied Blood Wire around Musasi’s body.


‘‘Thunderous sky – Sword Dance.’


Musasi’s body did not last after that skill, and he was forcibly logged out since his body was ripped into pieces. While Musasi’s death was anticlimactic, Sanghyuk used almost all of his skills.

Sanghyuk turned back to see behind him. While he had gotten some damage when fighting Musasi, he had only minor wounds. Giant Blood had been a good choice, as it was better to endure than try to avoid attacks in this sort of battle.



[Is this for real?]

[This is my first year playing EL, and I didn’t know Immortal or One Guild. I will forever remember this from now on!!]

[The strongest user in the world has come back!]

[We beat Japan!]

[Those saying Japan would rule Asia can go home!]

[I was waiting for this!!!]

[Is this really possible?]

[EL wouldn’t allow bugs like this. Just give up.]

[Just shout Immortal’s name!]



Sanghyuk had broadcasted his battle with Ultra Toyota, despite there being little merit in doing so. He wanted to hide his skills as much as possible, which was more valuable than fame and money.

He had made this decision because Japan had played too dirty with the media. While Sanghyuk was not much of a patriot, Japanese users had been too much this time.

When Rising Guild had almost lost, Japanese users wreaked havoc on the Korean EL community, which had made Korean users livid. However, they really had no comeback, but Sanghyuk decided to do something to solve this issue as he could do something.

That was the reason for the live broadcast, which had started when the Toyota users had covered the building due to safety issues. He had turned it on and off, but 9 million people had watched this, especially the last part when he had massacred the Ultra Toyota as he came out of the building in a straight line. Even though Musasi and the elite users were gone, other users tried their best to stop him.

Sanghyuk had broken free with some damage, and he ended the broadcast right after he got out of the city. This streaming brought out different responses. Korean users glorified Immortal, while Japanese users asked EL to check for cheating. Other countries aligned with their own interests, but the fact that this was the most hyped event in EL now stood firm. News stations covered this, and all EL communities talked only about Immortal.

Sanghyuk had made others remember who he was, the strongest in EL. Also, he had successfully announced that One Guild had made a comeback.

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