One Man Army 104 The Greatest Immortal (2)


“So, that’s a relief.”


Sanghyuk was completely worn out after escaping Cobalt, so he hid himself nearby and logged out. He rested and used recall to transport to a different safe place. It took him four days to recuperate. While he had made the fight look easy, one wrong step would have made all the difference. As everyone else except Sanghyuk had thought this feat impossible, the aftermath would be immense.

The biggest difference was that Ultra Toyota had been unable to invade ‘Moglion.’ As Sanghyuk had disrupted the guild in the foundations, they became unstable.

Many Japanese users vehemently criticized Ultra Toyota, and even their sponsor showed dissatisfaction. Many users took leave of the guild, and the number was such that Ultra Toyota had to focus on rebuilding first.

Also, Korean users came to the East Coast, stimulated by the situation, in a continuous flow. As they fought in individuals, fights occurred even in areas Ultra Toyota had announced to be conquered. Musasi’s plan to conquer Moglion went null and void amidst all the uncertainty, and Rising did not let this chance go. Rising had been an A-list guild, and they knew how to fight when there was a chance. Sanghyuk, of course, was going to participate in this counterattack.


“So…it’s time to earn some more money.”


Sanghyuk observed the EL internet communities and assessed the situation before acting. He was planning to make money out of this, and Ultra Toyota suffered the consequences.

After ten days, Musasi began to seriously consider aborting from East Coast. About twenty percent of Ultra Toyota members had withdrawn, and Rising had actually taken back a few cities with Korean users’ unanimous support.

The sponsor firm pressured them to control the situation, and the guild members were suffering. Musasi made the decision to get out of the East Coast after four days.

It was not a surrender, as Ultra Toyota was still a strong guild. However, they were going to retreat and reassess their situation, and ‘Immortal’ had played a large part in this decision.

While Immortal had not invaded the city like last time, he had taken out Ultra Toyota’s elite fighters all over the East Coast. The effect was such that they would freeze when only hearing the name.

Musasi thought that it was better to retreat even though he would go through a painful time once he returned. Sanghyuk agreed that it was a good choice. He thought Ultra Toyota would have been ruined if they had stuck with their original plan on the East Coast.

Even if their sponsor contract was cut, it was better to step back. The Korean users helping Rising would not follow Ultra Toyota to their territory, the Middle Mountains.

Rising also needed to take a break after returning to the East Coast, so there was a silent agreement that there would be a temporary truth the moment Ultra Toyota stepped back.

Sanghyuk had earned 140 million won by hunting down Ultra Toyota members ad selling recorded streams of his hunts. While earning this much money so easily worried, as people did not know the actual amount, it was not made an issue.

Rising had called to say there would be a slight delay in payment, and Sanghyuk told them there was no hurry. As there would be interest to pay, Sanghyuk actually wished they would pay him later.

While he had earned a good profit, Sanghyuk did not plan to go back into battle unless Ultra Toyota provoked them again.



“It’s irritating.”


Sanghyuk was having drinks with Lea and Gyebaek, which had been a while.


“What should I do? Dive in?”


Gyebaek emptied his cup with a livid expression.


“While I understand why you feel that way, they had been smart in exploiting the system’s blind spot. It would be your loss to attack first and just wait. Myung would have a different plan in wait.”


Sanghyuk consoled Gyebaek, as he knew that Myung had a plan from his past life.


“Myung is quite aggressive.”

“The large guilds with their global firms are being aggressive. But our Immortal crushed one of them.”


Gyebaek smiled at Sanghyuk on hearing Lea’s words.


“Ultra Toyota had been careless and did not know me. I had been lucky, as I’m unsure how to face Myung or Team Apple.”


Lea asked Sanghyuk again after hearing those words.


“While things may go differently during the actual fight, One is on the losing side objectively.”

“Why? If you have all your guild members in position…”


Sanghyuk decided this was the time to speak the truth to Lea and Gyebaek.


“I was going to say this sooner and later…but actually…”


Sanghyuk slowly told them about how One began, his multiple aliases, and the fact that he had been the only guild member. He trusted Gyebaek and Lea enough, and it surprised him that he could tell this secret to someone else.

The two were, of course, surprised, as they both had met with Sanghyuk’s other aliases. Sanghyuk could get drunk now as he had now revealed his secret.


“Ow, my head.”


Sanghyuk managed to wake up with a throbbing head and looked around. They had drunk through the night, and it had been nearly morning when they had parted.


‘We sent Gyebaek back, I head returned with Lea, and…what?!’


Sanghyuk remembered something and looked at his side. She was there, naked and beautiful.

While they had been drunk, Sanghyuk remembered what had happened. They had finally declared their feelings for each other with the help of alcohol, and the result was this.

He wondered whether this had been a dream, as he had loved Lea for a long time but never thought they would be together. He could not believe that he had been able to catch her.

Sanghyuk smiled, this time in true happiness. He remembered Lea’s whispers that she loved him during the dawn, which made him smile more.

He brought Lea close, reminding him he still had strength left. He could only think of her, but he would wait until she woke up. The two of them would know what to do to consummate their desires.




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