One Man Army 105 The Greatest Couple (1)


Sanghyuk and Lea spent the next few days solely focused on each other in bed. They did not even log in to the game but consummated their love. Lea had never fallen this hard for a man, and Sanghyuk felt the same. The two became enthralled with one another.



Jongbin got off his Porsche after parking in front of the building. While it was not a legit parking spot, he knew no one would dare touch his car, and parking tickets were nothing to him.

He had come to the biggest multi DN room in Ilsan. As he was the master of ‘One Mountain,’ a well-known guild here, he was a frequent customer. While he had the newest capsule at home, he wanted to show off, especially in front of his girlfriend, whom he met today.


‘I am going to defeat the red whale today!’


While known strategies and analysis reports said the whale had become weak, it was still a formidable opponent. Jongbin had spent a month already on it.

Jongbin frowned at no one coming to greet him. He was used to being treated like royalty, and the reason he spent money on his guild members was this.


‘What is it?’


Jongbin looked around. Since the guild meeting was today, most customers were his guild members. However, they were focused on one thing, and Jongbin went to see what it was.

They were looking at a screen where a live EL stream was playing, and a player was stumbling after being injured all over in there. Jongbin knew who he was.


‘Why is Changmin like that?’


The user was Changmin Kim, One Mountain’s sub master, and Jongbin’s right hand.


“Why is Changmin like that?”


Jongbin scowled as he spoke.


“Ah, you came. This is…”


They all greeted Jongbin then, and one of them explained the situation. They had come to secure their spot, as Jongbin would come and pay. As Laonsoft directly managed this DN room, they did not favor users. One Mountain member would gather and be menacing, and other users would disappear accordingly. However, a couple did not move from the VIP room Jongbin used, and Changmin tried to empty the room using any way possible.

Since the couple was logged in EL, Changmin had attempted to chase them out in-game.


“…Changmin had provoked the man, and they had decided to fight in EL. The result is that…”

“Who did Changmin lose to?”


Changmin was also the second strongest in EL, and Jongbin did not know how he lost to a couple who came for a date.


“I don’t know. The user’s name was someone we had never heard of.”
“How is then Changmin like that?”

“The man is strong. Changmin died three times without doing able to do anything.”


Changmin came out of the capsule, and he looked faint.




Jongbin lightly shook Changmin’s shoulder.


“Ah…! You came.”

“Are you all right?”

“I am…”

“Rest. Hey, go in and tell the guy to have another round. I’ll take care of him.”

Jongbin was going to avenge Changmin, as he thought there had been a mistake. However, Changmin grabbed Jongbin’s arm and spoke.



“Why, you think I’m going to lose?”



Changmin did not answer.


“Just wait. I will crush…”

“…You can’t win.”


Jongbin thought he had heard wrong.



“…You can’t win.”


Changmin did not want to say this, but he knew Jongbin would break down if he went in like this.


“You think I can’t win against an anonymous…”
“He is not what you think. I know you don’t want to hear this…but this is the first time I knew I had no chance of meaning. Trust me.”


While Jongbin felt a little angry, he trusted Changmin. Also, he had to admit a little fear.


‘How strong is that guy…?’


Changmin sent other guild members to their places and gave Jongbin the second-best room as Jongbin hesitated.


“I know his identity and will talk later. If he lives in Ilsan, we might scout him.”
“That so? What’s his level and equipment?”

“I don’t know. They’re not bad…but he was strong enough to scout on that point alone.”
“Hmm…we’ll have to see.”

While Jongbin and Changmin talked nonsense, Jongbin’s girlfriend came. Hyejung Jung was beautiful enough to be a fitting model, and while she was not good at EL, she was treated like a queen.


“You left them like that?!”


Hyejung shouted after hearing the situation.


“Calm down. I have something planned…”


It was then the VIP capsule opened, and the man came out.


“Is that the guy?”



Jongbin stared at the man as he looked around.



The man, Sanghyuk did not like how the One Mountain Guild was glaring at him. He had got out first to pay because he had other things to do. Jongbin and Changmin approached Sanghyuk to scout him.


“I apologize for what happened. Let’s…”

Sanghyuk ignored Changmin’s words, knowing how self-centered they were inside.


“That bastard…”


Jongbin could not stand Sanghyuk’s attitude.


“Hey, just get his ID and kill him there.”

“Tell me his ID!”

The atmosphere grew worse, and Changmin had to stop. If the two were angry like that, it was better to let them be. However, Sanghyuk did not care what they were saying but looked behind him at their curses.

The One Guild members flinched a bit at that.


‘His glare…’


They shut up, and Sanghyuk went on his way. Lea was about to get out now.


“Who the hell is the girlfriend? Let’s just get him in EL and-”


Jongbin was whispering but stopped when ‘Lea Collin’ came out of the capsule.




Someone murmured her name, as no one thought she would come out.


“Let’s go.”


Sanghyuk held out his hand, and Lea grabbed it. They were both natural as Lea hugged his arm. The One Mountain guild members remained frozen for twenty seconds after the two left the room.


“Why is she here?!”

“Was that…Immortal?”
“Damn! Damn! I thought I saw him somewhere…”


Jongbin, Changmin, and Hyejung realized what had happened now.


“We should…apologize…”


Jongbin ran to the window, and he was going to apologize with everything he had if they had not left. However, Sanghyuk and Lea had already left in their brand new sportscar.

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