320 Part 1

Chapter 320 Sinister and Shameless


” Virtuous Demon Brother!”

The rough monk in the scarlet vestment yelled, as if asking for help.

At the same time, the soft Yin monk’s expression changed a few times, and the light on the top of his head was bright. A golden pill exuding thousands of white lights also appeared.

The golden pill of the rough monk was ejected from his mouth, and the golden pill of the monk was from the heavenly spirit. It was obvious that the cultivation methods were different, and the positions of the golden pills were also different.

The golden pill of soft Yin monk was the size of an egg, which was obviously larger than the golden pill of the rough monk. The bright glow of the white golden pill was also forming countless mysterious runes around it.

As soon as the rough monk saw the soft Yin monk’s golden pill, the face of the rough monk wearing the scarlet vestment was less serious. Seeing that his expression changed, the shout he just made him clearly also wanted soft Yin monk to sacrifice the golden pill to lure the enemy.

“Demon Brother, what are you doing!”

But what changed his face in an instant was that he saw the white glow from the golden pill of the soft Yin monk wearing a moon white vestment, which condensed into a white god image behind him as it rushed towards the back. At the same time, soft Yin monk again used the magic weapon that looked like a disc in front of him. As soon as the white light was collected, it only wrapped around himself. The person followed the white god image that was blasted by the golden pill and moved towards the back.

The soft Yin monk was obviously invincible when he saw the invisible monster whose strength was comparable to that of the two-tiered monks of the Golden Core period, plus there was a strange monster in front of it that was at least equivalent to the first-tiered cultivation of the Golden Pill period. Under the circumstances, regardless of the rough monk, he chose to run away first.

“Demon Brother, the demon beast can escape much faster than us. We can’t outrun it at all! We can only try to fight with it, and maybe we can make find a way out.”

As the rough monk’s complexion changed drastically, he immediately let out a stern shout.

“You don’t need to run faster than it, I just need to run past you.” The soft Yin monk who had reached the entrance of the passage made such a sound.

“Demon Umbrella!”

The rough monk screamed again in disbelief.

“If the two of us stay, we will definitely not be able to escape. Don’t worry, Fire Brother, I will definitely try to avenge you in the future.”

The voice of the soft Yin monk named Demon Umbrella was accompanied by the sound of constant collapses in the passage.

Obviously, the monk could be said to be extremely sinister. Not only did he escape first, but he also crashed the passage all the way. It was equivalent to blocking the rough monk and leaving him behind.

Hearing the words of Demon Umbrella, the rough monk was so furious that he almost spouted blood.

It did not matter if he did that kind of thing, but how could he say such things with confidence, and be so shameless as a person?

But at that moment, a look of horror flashed in his eyes, and the golden pill he sacrificed was bursting with countless red glow, condensed into a red giant sword and slashed at the empty space at the left.


In the sound of a deafening explosion, the red giant sword shattered again, and there was an arm flashing blue light at that slashed area.

At the same time, the rough monk only felt a huge force rushing from behind, and then his body was blasted like a broken sack by the huge force as he slammed into the pile of rocks behind.

It turned out that at that moment, the weird monster with two wolf heads took the opportunity to see a black energy surge in its mouth. At the same time, it spewed out the blue monster pill, causing the purple fire wave it created was rushed onto him.

When it flew upside down, the vestment on the rough monk emitted a dazzling crimson red light, and it was obvious that the defence level of the vestment on his body was not low.

After being hit in the pile of rocks, the rough monk immediately bounced out again. He did not seem to have much damage, but his face was already utterly dispelled.

At the moment, the invisible beast had already appeared in the burst of blue light.

The monster beast turned out to be a monster he had never heard of. The body looked human, but the head was a big toad head.

Facing the golden pill monk, the eyes of the monster beast was full of despise.


With a wave of one of its arms, it fought again with the red giant sword that was condensed from the red glow from the rough monk’s golden pill.

While the red giant sword was smashed to pieces, the body of the monster beast shivered and a look of bitterness appeared on its face, but its arm did not retract this time, nor did it change its position. Instead, it continued. One claw kept digging towards the rough monk’s chest.

“Not good!”

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