320 Part 2

Seeing such a scene, the rough monk seemed to think of something. He gritted his teeth, and the red glow on the golden pill floating in front of him was several times thicker, making a space within the radius of several hundred meters turning into red jade. Generally, the runes on the gold pill also flowed at an astonishing speed, and at the same time, light surged through lines of cracks.

However, the “toad head” beast shook its figure and moved so fast that it only left images of its body. It gave an impression that it was not in a hurry. The claw that originally grabbed the rough monk’s chest was shifted directly up to his golden pill.


A circle of red and blue glow burst out. Both the golden pill and the “toad head” monster shook fiercely, but the monster did not stop at all. Claw after claw, it violently blasted at the golden pill without stopping.

The runes on the golden pill were shaken like a sudden wave, as if its order was broken up. The crack-like light traces just flashed every time, just under the heavy blow of the monster. It soon disappeared again.

Seeing the red glow on his golden pill became slightly thinner, the other two-headed monster did not take any action, just staring at him sternly. The rough monk showed a look of despair.

“Demon Umbrella! I’m cursing your ancestors of eighteen generations!”

The rough monk who made a certain decision fiercely uttered a terrifying roar. The golden pill, which was suspended in front of him to block the double-headed monster, naturally did not care about itself as it flew to the back. Countless red clouds shot out, forming a crimson beam of light, blasting into the collapsed passage behind it.

At the touch of the crimson light beam, the rocks and other objects blocking the passage all turned into masses of magma and melted away.


Without the barrier of the golden pill, the toad-head monster covered in blue light stretched out its hand and broke open the chest of the rough monk as it dug his heart and lungs out.

The rough monk with the cultivation base of a golden pill just smiled tragically as he tilted his head, and his life was gone.

However, the golden pill floating behind him was still unyielding. It continuously shined red glow, burning the blocked passage to make it reopen.

After the toad-head monster directly swallowed the heart and lungs of the rough monk, it looked at the golden pill with a mocking expression. It waited until the red glow on the golden pill slowly disappeared. When it finally fell from the sky, the toad-head monster’s figure flashed and teleported to the below of the golden pill. The monster caught the scarlet golden pill, and then held it directly in the mouth like eating jelly beans. It looked like it tasted very good.

Then, the monster nodded at the double-headed monster that also had the strength like the golden pill monk, and swept in the passage that was almost burned by the rough monk’s golden pill. Its figure began to show colour, but it dimmed, and became completely invisible again.

Just as the monster was being completely invisible again, it swept into the passage leading to the Great Black Heaven Hall. Wei Suo stopped in a black air-filled passage in the Great Black Heaven Hall, and listened very carefully.

Before the Great Black Heaven Hall, there was always a very shocking sound of fighting spirit, but at the time, the sound of fighting seemed to stop suddenly.


All of a sudden, Wei Suo’s expression changed drastically as he quickly swept in toward the passage on the left.

It was all because at that moment, his spiritual sense suddenly felt a huge aura approaching. It was obvious that he was a monk whose cultivation level was still higher than Yin Lihua. However, the aura was completely different from that of ancestor Xuanyuan and others.

“Not good!”

After flying along the passage for a while, Wei Suo suddenly stopped. His face turned to a look of disgust.

The passage in the Great Black Heaven Palace was extended in all directions, and it was a complete maze. The end of the passage that Wei Suo rushed into before him turned out to be a closed cave with no way out. And that huge aura, was also coming at an astonishing speed. It was obvious that it had also swept into that passage.

In just a moment, under a flash of white light, a white figure appeared at the entrance of the cave.

The person was wearing a moon white vestment with a face of soft features. The spiritual energy outside his body condensed into the shape of a Chatra Umbrella above his head. It turned out to be the golden pill monk who had been so sinister that he cut off the route of his companion before, Demon Umbrella.

As soon as the person entered the cave with a radius of 70 or 80 feet, he immediately saw Wei Suo and the Yangzhi bird which was in front of Wei Suo.

However, after the hint of shock flashed in the person’s eyes, he did not stop at all. He did not say anything to Wei Suo, turned around and flew out again.

The golden pill monk’s actions could not help making Wei Suo, who had already held the blood-eating sword in his hand preparing for battle, to stay in place, dumbfounded.

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