Pulling Together a Villain Reformation Strategy

Chapter 40 – Part 2


So many years have passed by, he has become an all-round capable person from a little kid. Would keeping his cool and tolerate the only things he could do?

All the shock, sorrow, embarrassment, hesitation in him… all kinds of emotions intertwined inside him like turbulences. Jiang Xunyi’s forehead kept sweating. In an instant, his shirt became all wet. He dared not think anymore. He could only hear Chen Yuanxin asking him over and over again, “why aren’t you speaking? Master Jiang, how come when I look at the mark on your arm, it looks like you’ve been scratched by a woman?”


If this happened any other time, Jiang Xunyi would fight back without hesitating, “Master Chen sounds so determined. You must be very experienced. I guess you have the habit of bullying other people, no matter male or female?” But at this time, he didn’t have the mood to do so. In others’ eyes, Jiang Xunyi looked both cold and proud when he stood in the opposite side of Chen Yuanxin. Only he knew that he’s feeling stiff, and he had to bite his lips to swallow back the words that he was going to say.

He didn’t want to admit it, and he didn’t dare to resist it without holding back. He was deeply saddened by the damage that Feng Qiu was suffering, but it was difficult to find out the confusing truth.

Yun Xie began to hear Chen Yuanxin’s accusation toward Jiang Xunyi, and he was not feeling happy. However, he still believed that Jiang Xunyi would never do something like this. The only thing that he couldn’t figure out was the reason Feng Qiu intentionally made Jiang Xunyi look bad, but when he saw the reaction of Jiang Xunyi, Yun Xie began to doubt too.


The two grew up together, and he was too familiar with the personality of Jiang Xunyi. If Jiang Xunyi really didn’t know about anything, he would be resentful given how much he cared for Feng Qiu, but the first thing he’d do would surely be teaching Chen Yuanxin a lesson, before anything. Then, he would go as far as he could to dig out the person who had insulted Feng Qiu. Jiang Xunyi was never a person who would be overwhelmed by a small blow.

But now, he looked pale and he didn’t say a word.

This thought was horrifying. Yun Xie didn’t know how he’d react if Jiang Xunyi did that with another woman…he’s never a superstitious person, but at this time, he could only pray silently. And he really hoped that this wasn’t true. He was trying so hard to suppress his emotions, but there was still a big urge of rage that kept turning and twisting in his heart, it took him a lot of effort to keep cool, at least on the surface.

This was originally the liveliest place on Lingyin Mountain. No matter where one went, he’d have to pass through this. There were more and more people getting near, Chen Yuanxin didn’t let go and Feng Xue was staring at him angrily. Jiang Xunyi still hadn’t said anything, he looked as if he’d lost his soul. They were getting louder and things were just completely out of control. Yun Xie tightened his fist and took a deep breath, then he said loudly, “Master Chen, master Feng, please calm down and listen to me first.”


Although they belonged to the same Lingtai, but what’s different from Jiang Xunyi was that, the master of Yun Xie died early, and he was already the leader of a sect. Also, there weren’t as many troubles in Yang Xian sect, and everyone was pretty united. After Yun Xie took over, they developed even more quickly. Although everyone knew that he was close with Jiang Xunyi, Yun Xie’s words were still important to them, and everyone got quiet instantly.


“Master Jiang has been very tired after the seal, and I can see that he isn’t in the best shape. I apologize to everyone on behalf of him. Although I do not know every detail of the incident, I’m just wondering, given how much Jiang Xunyi could do, and he’s in his own area, the Lingyin Mountains, if he…is really interested in Miss Feng, many people would try their best to cover this up, so why would this thing become public now? Also, after the fight last night, everyone is exhausted and injured. He might as well sleep for days to rest up, how could he be interested in doing such thing?”

What Yun Xie said was reasonable and it made sense, people around him started to comprehend better as well. Jiang Xunyi’s reputation was quite high before, and even with the rumors that he had betrayed, many young people still admired him almost blindly. They would never believe that Jiang Xunyi would be such an evil person. This time, he had even returned to the mountains and finished with the seal, making Lingtai’s reputation and status over the top. It would be impossible to make people believe that he’d do such a thing.


And…when looking at the elegant face of Jiang Xunyi, he’s several times better than Feng Qiu. People really couldn’t believe that he needed to force anyone to do it.


Seeing how the others’ facial expressions changed, Yun Xie made a face to Jiang Xunyi, yet Jiang Xunyi still didn’t speak. Chen Yuanxin sneered and replied slowly, “what master Yun said was without proof, everyone knows that you’re close with Jiang Xunyi. Even if he kills someone, you’ll help him in burying the corpse. No matter what he does, you’d still help him, even if he turns the right and wrong values upside down! What will believe you?”


This sounded really unfriendly. Yun Xie was already feeling pissed off before, and at this moment, he couldn’t hide his emotions anymore. He raised his head to hit on the scabbard heavily. His Minghe sword was released and flew toward Chen Yuanxin straightly. Chen Yuanxin took a glimpse and tried to block it with his sword, yet he saw the Minghe sword falling before getting near. It went straight into the empty ground and made a loud noise.

There’s dust all over, people started coughing and taking steps back.

Yun Xie said coldly, “good, since you don’t believe me, it’s even better. Let’s fight instead of arguing! Whoever will survive will have his words believed!”


He’s a man acting by his emotions. At this time, he acted as if he wanted to unroot the whole mountain. Jiang Xunyi had enough troubles for himself and he didn’t want to bother his brothers. He yelled, “Yun Xie!”

Usually, Yun Xie looked smiley and warm, but he now looked extremely cold. Since he bit his teeth too hard, the two sides of his face looked particular clear. He didn’t look at Jiang Xunyi at all, and only said, “shut up! Let me get this sorted first. And we’ll sort out our matter.”


God knows what problem they had to solve between them. Feng Xue didn’t want things to become so extreme with Yun Xie, but this person had to interfere in this matter anyhow, and he looked even more emotional than the person involved. There didn’t seem to be another solution. He could only say, “Master Yun, pardon me if I’m too direct. This is after all…a matter between me and master Jiang. I would suggest you keep quiet if you don’t every detail.”


Yun Xie stared at him like thunder and replied, “Lingtai will always step forward or backward. And we’ll always be together no matter what we do, and no matter if we survive or die!”


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