Pulling together a villain reformation strategy

Chapter 41 – Misery in the world


“Master Yun, I’d suggest you spare your effort.” After Yun Xie finished, there’s another voice, and everyone searched for that voice. They saw a good-looking woman in a Taoist dress walking toward them, and she said, “you’ve always been someone with righteousness. For this, I’m sure everyone is looking upon you. However, it’s a pity that you still haven’t realized the real side of some thugs, and I really can’t see Master Yun to continue being fooled. I’d rather we finish this matter today and get rid of this traitor.”


While Jiang Xunyi looked at Idle man Zi Hui, he had nothing to say. He had now completely realized the hostility of the world. The system had used all possible ways to tell him not to reject the task. For example, for this time, if he rejected proactively to become a rapist, then he could only passively become one. There would actually be no positive sides, and he would even lose the only opportunity to enjoy himself.


He was heavily shocked but this shamelessness, “Zi Hui, what do you mean?”


Idle Man Zi Hui looked at him coldly, her eyes completely without any remaining affection and admiration, “you don’t even call anyone Master Uncle anymore, it seems to me that you know how sinful you’ve become, and you can’t bear to stay in Lingyin Sect anymore, right? However, since you’ve made such a big mistake, you can’t just walk away like that. I have to apply the Thunder punishment on you in front of my senior brother Ti Ming, so that you can make it up for the Feng family, also to the ascendants of my Lingyin Sect.”


After she finished, she didn’t give any opportunity for Yun Xie and Jiang Xunyi to interrupt, and she yelled, “Lao Chen! Let us know what you’ve seen yesterday!”


A man in his rough clothes slowly walked out from the crowd.


After Jiang Xunyi found out that Feng Qiu had really been raped, he had become totally numb. Initially, he thought that nothing could make him emotional ever again, but when he saw that familiar, calm face, Jiang Xunyi felt as if someone had poured cold water on top of his head, making him so cold that he couldn’t speak nor move, so cold that he felt chilly to the bones.


His lips trembled, and his voice was hoarse, “Uncle Chen?”


Uncle Chen didn’t react delightfully like he used to; he only turned his head away silently. He seemed to want to say something, but he wasn’t willing to speak to Jiang Xunyi.


Idle man Zi Hui stared at Jiang Xunyi and said plainly, “good, you’ve just admitted that yourself.” She pointed at Uncle Chen and told everyone else, “this person is responsible to take care of all the miscellaneous matters of the backyard of our master, and he has been working for my senior brother Ti Ming for mother than dozens of years. He’s always been loyal and never lies. Uncle Chen, tell everyone what you saw last night.”


Jiang Xunyi looked firmly at Chen Li, but Chen Li didn’t look at him back. His lips moved for a while, but he still hadn’t spoken a word. Instead, he used his trembling hand, full of senile plaques, slowly took half a sleeve in his arms and handed it to Idle man Zi Hui.


Idle man Zi Hui didn’t take it. Her hands were still inside her sleeves, and she said coldly, “just show it to everyone.”


Uncle Chen then showed everyone the cloth, and he said, “this morning at dawn, I saw Miss Feng running out of Master’s room, and there didn’t seem to be anyone in his room, the light wasn’t on either. I saw that Miss Feng was crying while running, and I wanted to ask if she’s fine. However, I didn’t catch her, but…I got this.”

He had watched Jiang Xunyi and Jiang Molou growing up, and he had been calling them both Master, which sounded very sincere.


The cloth was woven with brocade, it was white and dazzling, it also looked like a cloud falling from the sky. In the sunlight, it showed a faint dark golden pattern, so beautiful and elegant, and you could see that it was something which belonged to Jiang Xunyi. Feng Xue roared furiously, “don’t cry anymore! Qiu’er! Tell us what has happened really!”


Feng Qiu was sobbing, and she almost couldn’t speak. After a long while, she managed to stutter a few words, “I…I was looking for an opportunity to poke his Shenfu point, and while he fainted, I immediately escaped…”


The Shenfu point located somewhere at the back of one’s head. For high-level masters like Jiang Xunyi, there would certainly be no way to let anyone touch this critical spot. However, when both are into their emotions, anything could happen. As a result, everyone couldn’t help but start looking at Jiang Xunyi with despise. Zi Hui said, “so, everything is clear now. Jiang Xunyi, what else do you want to tell us?”


Feng Qiu, Uncle Chen, Zi Hui…the figures of these people have gradually become beasts, both twisted and furious. He was already feeling a bit sick that morning, now that he had to endure such a strong surge of anger, Jiang Xunyi felt that everything in front of his eyes has become dark. He only saw that the people’s lips were opening and closely, and he had to spend a lot of effort to understand what they were saying. He felt that blood was rushing to his chest, and when some blood had already reached his throat, Jiang Xunyi swallowed it back to his stomach.


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