Qingge – Chapter 12 (Part I) – Boyfriend And Parent


When Duan Yujing returned, he saw this scenario already – the young guy was lying lazily on the sofa like a cat, he was playing games on his computer while eating fruits, and there’s a light smile on his face.


“Are you hungry?” Duan Yujing leaned over and kissed him, he pulled him up and let him lean on himself, “what do you want for lunch?”


“Whatever is fine. I will follow you. What took you so long? I’ve been on my PC for quite a while now.” Qingge pouted, and he held Duan Yujing’s shoulders. He looked up and said, “just now, your assistant delivered some desserts, he said that you’ve ordered them, why didn’t you let me have more?”


“If you eat more, then you’d be full. We still have a meal later. Why don’t we go to the local restaurant downstairs by the way? They have a specialty, it’s the slow cooked chicken with chestnut and yam. Do you want to try together?” Duan Yujing smiled, “do you want me to send you home in the afternoon or you want to stay here?”


“I want to stay here.” Qingge replied without hesitation, “it’s boring at home.”

“Okay, let’s go eat first.” Duan Yujing smiled, and made his clothes look tidier.


“Hey hey, it’s enough, there’re still other people.” Shen Ningyu finally couldn’t take it, and he’d been watching everything since the beginning. How powerful love is, it made the usually serious Duan Yujing into an obedient husband.


Qingge heard someone talk, and he was shocked. No way, everyone saw their intimate actions. How shameful!


“It’s okay if you don’t speak.” Duan Yujing said lightly, “Qingge, this is Shen Yuling, he’s a good friend of mine like Siming.”


“Hello, I’m Lin Qingge.” All in all, he’s a soul that has lived for two lives. He quickly reacted and smiled.


“Hello, I’m Shen Ningyu.” Shen Ningyu was looking at Qingge thoroughly, what a good-looking guy, he thought. He’s got something special on him too. But aside from his looks, he should be an ordinary person, no? What had he done to conquer Duan Yujing’s heart?


“Alright, let’s go home and check out your lover. We’re going out for dinner.” Duan Yujing stood up and said plainly, he’s really made two bad friends in his life.


“Oh, no. Why don’t we go eat together? I also haven’t tried that…what’s that called again?” Shen Ningyu hurriedly stopped him.


“Cooked chicken with chestnut and yam.” Qingge knew the personality of Shen Ningyu very well. He’d already seen different kinds of people, and he didn’t mind being checked out like that. Anyway, brother Jing would defend for him, he had a husband to protect him!


“Let’s go. You don’t have to care about him, I know him well.” Duan Yujing held his lover’s hand and walked out of his office.


Shen Ningyu was following them behind. He saw Qingge nod his head obediently without any other reactions. He raised his eyebrows and thought, how come he’s acting so calmly? Even though Yujing didn’t let him have more desserts, he still stayed calm. Is it possible that Yujing was being abused on bed? But Yujing didn’t seem to be that kind of person, he seemed kind enough.


If Qingge knew what he’s thinking, he must be so speechless. What sort of matter is this? Don’t insult him like that!


Chen Han also just came out of the office and saw them. He smiled and greeted, “senior, boss Shen, Qingge, are you going for dinner?”


Duan Yujing heard how he’s called and raised his eyebrows. How come it sounded so weird?


As a personal assistant, Chen Han sensitively felt the coldness of his senior brother. He felt a bit helpless, since he’d never found out that his senior would get jealous so easily. After all, he only called Qingge once, didn’t he? Could his boss get crazy and deduct his salary? He still has to earn money to get married!


Shen Ningyu was watching everything from the side, it’s the first time Yujing got jealous, he had to see how he looked.


Qingge didn’t know what had just happened. He shook Yujing’s hand, “brother Jing, what is it? Aren’t we going for dinner?”


“Nothing, let’s go. Are you hungry already?” Duan Yujing smiled and held his lover’s hand. He thought to himself, how silly he had been, it’s just a way of calling and he’s owned Lin Qingge anyway.


It’s a sudden jealousy, and it was resolved by Qingge instantly. He said with a bit of embarrassment, “I’m not that hungry. I ate the fruit salad that you prepared, and the desserts delivered by Mr. Chen. I’ve heard from Mr. Chen that he’s your junior brother in school. That’s why he called my name directly. It’d be weird to call me by Mr.”


“It’s ok, let him call you that. Also, you may look for him later whenever there’s anything. There’s no need to hesitate, he’s being paid for that.” Duan Yujing twitched his mouth and smiled. Whatever his lover said was correct.


Shen Ningyu, who was watching this episode with excitement, “…” could this really be Duan Yujing that he’d known? Had he been exchanged? Where had his principle gone?


Chen Han, who had got his salary, “…” Obviously, he had to flatter the wife of his boss from now on! His senior brother just lacked principles!


In the afternoon, Qingge was still in the office of Duan Yujing. He was just sitting there quietly. Whenever there were other employees coming into his office, he never made a sound. He just went on typing, sometimes taking a look at Duan Yujing.

“President, this is the sales of the Eastern District this quarter.” Secretary Liu handed over a document.


“Well, I know. You can go out first, and you may organize the minutes of today’s meeting to Assistant Chen.” Duan Yujing said lightly.




It was already 6pm. Duan Yujing collected his documents on the table, picked up his jacket on the back of the chair, and walked to his little lover on the sofa.


“Are you tired? We’re going home, okay?” Duan Yujing held his lover who seemed bored, and whispered.


“I stared at the computer for a long time, I’m a little dizzy.” Qingge muttered, it seems that he couldn’t work overtime that day.


“What happened to your memory? What did I tell you last night? You should pay more attention next time, I’ll go down with you.” Duan Yujing sounded like he’s scolding Qingge, but the movement of his hands was so gentle and loving.


After returning home, Duan Yujing made dinner for both of them. After having a full meal, they returned to their bedroom for some intimacy time.


Qingge softly leaned on his lover. The intense exercise made his legs weak. He used his head to rub against his lover. Every time after intimacy, he always snuggled obediently in the arms of his lover, but he had no idea that such an act would arouse his possessiveness even more. However, he knew that no matter what, the person in front of him would never hurt him, so he gave his body to his lover wholly. What could be the worst? They might as well do it one more time!





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