Qingge – Chapter 12 (Part II)

“Baby, tomorrow is the 25th.” Duan Yujing held him tightly and felt the warmth in bed.

“Yes?” Qingge slightly answered, he was enjoying the post-intimacy massage. He was blinking his eyes and his eyelashes appeared to be very long. His face also reddened after being “abused”.

“Will you feel nervous when the exams of the college entrance examination are released?” Duan Yujing rubbed his hair gently, and couldn’t help but hold and kiss him again. After a while, when they separated, he saw that his little lover suffocating a little and he blushed.

“um, not really. I think that I will be admitted to A University. I don’t want to stay in the dormitory, but they have a rule and every student has to stay in the dorm before year 3.” Qingge whispered, and he didn’t even know that he was looking for comfort from his lover. What he meant was, I don’t want to stay in the dorm, why don’t you provide me a solution as my boyfriend?

“It’s alright. Have you forgotten about what Siming does?” Duan Yujing smiled.

“Can I ask brother Siming to issue me a medical certificate?” Qingge’s eyes brightened. Then, he can live at home with a good reason. How brilliant, how come he hadn’t thought of that?

“Great, brother Jing, come here, I’ll give you a kiss.” Qingge smiled happily and kissed on his lover’s cheek.


Duan Yujing accepted the affection from his lover. Then, he suddenly thought about what had happened in the office. He seemed to be a bit controlling to Qingge – he was not allowed to have more desserts, drink or coffee. He also stopped him from playing on the computer for too long. He wasn’t sure whether Qingge would be upset. He started to wonder if he’d been too manipulative.


“Baby, let me ask you one thing.” Duan Yujing touched his lover’s head and asked seriously.


“Yes?” Qingge didn’t get it. He looked at him with his eyes widened, what was it? He could accept anything if it’s not about doing it again!


“Am I controlling you too much? Did you feel bad in the office today? I told you to let you do whatever you like, but I ended up controlling you in front of someone else. Will you be mad at me?” Duan Yujing asked. In front of this person, he couldn’t help but try his best to give him everything he could. But could it be counter-productive and let his baby lose face in front of people?

“?” Qingge looked puzzled and asked, “isn’t it what you should do? I don’t have good health, you couldn’t have let me do whatever I like, right?”

Duan Yujing was a bit speechless. Never had he thought that his lover would think like that. It only showed how stupid his thought had been. Yeah, how come he’d never thought of that? According to Qingge’s character, he would tell him directly if he doesn’t like something, he wouldn’t just get angry and say nothing.


“Also, as my boyfriend and my parent, you aren’t controlling a lot. What you’ve done make me feel comfortable, and it doesn’t make me feel shameful either. I don’t care if the others think that I’m just spoilt by you, I only care about how you think.” Qingge yawned and told Yujing how he thought.


“So, baby, you’ve always let me do things I like, and you’ve always been willing to do trivial things for me. Moreover, you wouldn’t even reject me on bed. Is it all because of how you think?” Duan Yujing twitched his mouth, as Qingge was willing to let him become his parent and boyfriend, that’s why he had no problem opening himself up.


“Aren’t these supposed to be done by a lover? My mother told me that as a lover, he should let you feel completely at ease. Being intimate is important, it makes our life happier.” Qingge’s words were shocking, but that’s exactly how he thought. He didn’t really have to work hard for his career now, and he could use his time to take care of brother Jing’s matters.


When he came to think of it, if he really became a famous writer one day, then he might as well have more free time than brother Jing who needed to take care of the whole company. So, he was supposed to do all these things. How could there be misunderstandings?


Um, as for those matters about intimacy, he understood that brother Jing couldn’t get enough of it, and it’s the same for him. Wait, it seems the topic has been shifted…


All of a sudden, Duan Yujing felt like being surrounded by the sun. He felt incredibly warm, it’s such a relief that Qingge understood him so well.


How unbelievably lucky he was to have Qingge.


“Baby, you’re just too nice.” Duan Yujing smiled, “then, I’ll have to intrude in your life. Do you object? Not that it’ll be valid.”


“Brother Jing, I just want to raise some opinion. Let’s never engage ourselves into domestic violence. If I act too childishly, just warn me, but never get too angry with me.” Qingge snuggled in his arms. He knew how far he could go sometimes, so he wanted to forewarn his “parent” and seek for his understanding.


Duan Yujing couldn’t help but laugh, he asked, “what do you mean just warn you? If you destroy your body, then I’ll get very mad. Can’t I do that?”


“I won’t. If that happens, then you can at most pretend to be angry. Since I don’t have any guts…” Qingge laughed, “if you don’t look for other excitement, then I’ll keep myself in the best shape for you, how does it sound?”


“Of course. I will never want to hurt you. But principles are principles. You must take care of your body, or I’ll manage it. For the other matters, you are the boss. Only for this health matter, I am going to full control of it. If not…” Duan Yujing looked at him for a long time. His hand was originally placed on his waist, and now it’s already on his sensitive area. He patted on Qingge’s butt.


Looks like someone started to be lost in his hormones!


Qingge nodded obediently, “yes, whatever you say, my big parent.”

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