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Chapter 13 – Filling In Your Wish

The next day, after Duan Yujing made some breakfast, he went to the office first, and Qingge was still asleep.


What’s rare that day is that, Shen Ningyu was there as well. He brought two glasses of red wine and said jokingly, “congratulations on you having stopped being single. Come on, cheers.”


“Why are you so early today?” Duan Yujing took the glass of red wine and chatted with him on the sofa.


“I only saw him once yesterday, and I haven’t been properly introduced yet. I think this has to be done, no?” Shen Ningyu said with a smile, “in the beginning, I thought he’d be quite difficult, haha, how come he’s gentle like a cat in front of you? This makes me even more curious.”


Duan Yujing stared at him. Shen Ningyu was overall a good guy, but he liked flirting around. Fortunately, his lovers were all willing to be with him, and they were never forced to. Otherwise, his brother would never forgive him. And he was actually waiting for someone to conquer his heart. He said lightly, “it’s none of your business even if you’re curious. Don’t compare him with your lovers.”

“Okay, I’m just kidding. I know that you’re serious. But it’s still good that he doesn’t have a bad temper in front of you. He’s actually really nice to you, very gentle and practical. He doesn’t make a fuss out of anything. Why don’t we gather during the weekend? Then you can probably introduce him to me.” Shen Ningyu tilted his lips, “we can also invite Siming. Oh, you both have a family now, and I’m still alone.”


“You asked for it. I think Mu Jin is quite good, so why don’t you still bother with the others?” Duan Yujing said.


Mu Jin is an artist of Star Entertainment. Thanks to his outstanding appearance, after he just signed the contract, Shen Ningyu immediately got him. He’s also a very easy guy and never makes a fuss out of anything. It has been two years since he’s together with Shen Ningyu.


Now, Mu Jin has already become a well-known celebrity. Yet he never thought of being with someone else, he was willing to be with Shen Ningyu forever. Whenever there were shooting opportunities, he’d go for it. Otherwise, he’d be happy at home too. People usually gave him good comments and all said that he’s got a nice personality, even Shen Ningyu’s brother praised about his personality.


Shen Ningyu liked new partners, and he never “financially supported” anyone for more than three months. Mu Jin was the only one who has been with him for two years. He never asked about the private life of Shen Ningyu. Whenever there were new people, he’d welcome them, and he didn’t try to make them stay when they were leaving. All in all, he’s such a perfect lover that even Shen Ningyu had to admit this point.


“A lover is not the same as a partner. I like fooling around, and I’m never taking any relationship seriously. He started to be with me when he wasn’t famous. What about now? Everyone knows that this is just trading, everyone gets what he needs. I give him resources and he sleeps with me. He’s not Siming or any kind of puppy love. He’s not like your guy either.” Shen Ningyu smiled, “he’s just a good lover.”


Duan Yujing had wanted to say, “he’s got enough values and he might as well depend on himself.”

At this time, the qualified lover, Mu Jin, was at the airport. He was fully camouflaged. No fans could recognize him as the champion of TV, King Mu. He was standing there and looking at people travelling outside the airport. After looking at the watch, he realized that it’s the time to board. The night before, when Shen Ningyu stayed over, he had told Shen that he’d need to go to a natural forest in Yun City for three months, as he’d need to shoot there for that long. In this case, it seems that they wouldn’t see each other for a while, but Mu Jin was sure that Shen Ningyu wouldn’t remember what he said.


In the past two years, they had kept doing it for at least a few times every month. Shen Ningyu was quite needy, and he liked torturing. Mu Jin knew that Shen had many lovers, but he’s not demanding either, the only thing Mu Jin hoped for was to be with him even for a few days. And usually, they spent those few days on their bed only.


Sometimes, he felt as he’s really cheap. Very often, when he’s out there shooting, he’d return to Shen Ningyu once he sent Mu Jin a text message, and Mu Jin would even pretend as if nothing has happened. The second day, he would return to the studio with his tired body. And after shooting and acting for some time, he’d slowly get used to it. He also perceived himself as a qualified lover. Obviously, he was so into Shen Ningyu that he really wanted to tell him directly how he felt, but none of that matters anymore.

After all, he was just a lover and was not qualified to ask his financial master to do anything. Mu Jin just laughed at himself, everything was just his own wish.

“You don’t have to wait anymore, he won’t be here. Everyone knows what kind of a person Shen Ningyu is, only you’re so stupid to wait for him. You’re not young anymore, you’re already 27 years old. If you still can’t change your image successfully this time, it might be the end of your career. However, not only is master Shen young, but he’s also rich, I’d suggest you considering yourself more. Do you really want to bet your life away?” The one who’s speaking was the manager of Mu Jin, Li Ran. He was the one witnessing Mu Jin’s growth in his career, and he had no idea how this guy could be so loyal to master Shen. He’s really looking for trouble for himself. One is always flirtatious, while one is always serious, they really don’t look like they’d be together for long.


Right, he’s already 27 years old. Ningyu is 3 years younger than him. Also, he remembers Shen Ningyu once saying that he didn’t like to be with someone older, as there’re so many “flowers”, why pick up one that’s going to die? Therefore, he’s the only lover who’s older than him. Well, 2 years have passed by anyway, Ningyu will not be interested in someone who’s over 30. And a few years later from now, Mu Jin wouldn’t even be qualified to compete with the others.


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