After thinking through it, Mu Jin took his suitcase and walked away. His looked very lonely at the back. Well, anyway, there were not much time left. Once the contract expired, he would leave.


“Anyway, for anything you intend to do, just don’t regret it later.” Duan Yujing didn’t know what to say either. Those who are involved often don’t see the big picture. If he wasn’t into Mu Jin, could he be bothered for two years?


“When I have done anything that would make myself regret? I’ve always been a determined and strong-willed person.” Shen Ningyu tilted his lips. Well, looks like he’s going to regret what he’d said later.


“Ka cha.”


When Du Yujing was going to say something, the door of his back was opened. His little lover was wearing a loose, light blue denim jacket, a white T-shirt inside and a pair of slim trousers. He was wearing a backpack and holding a thermal bottle.

Qingge has slept enough, and naturally, he’d visit brother Jing after his sleep. He also brought a few books and his laptop, so that he wouldn’t be bored. However, he hadn’t expected to see Duan Yujing and Shen Ningyu as well. He shut the door and smiled slightly, “brother Jing, master Shen, am I bothering you?”


“No, come sit here.” Duan Yujing raised the corner of his mouth and pulled him to sit aside, “we’re only having a casual chat.”


“Oh, Qingge, what are you holding there? Is it food? You’re so sweet, you’ve even brought lunch.” Shen Ningyu smiled. Surprisingly, he felt a little jealous, is that because he hadn’t let his steam out for a while now? Wait, he had just seen Mu Jin the night before. Mu Jin? Looks like he had said something important…?


“It’s pear and snow fungus soup. Master Shen, do you want to try some?” Qingge replied. He wasn’t the one who’s considerate, it was brother Jing instead. He was only there to eat.


“Yay~” Shen Ningyu was delighted to accept.


“Why do you call him master Shen, just like Siming? He’s also older than you, you don’t need to mind that much.” Duan Yujing looked with a little despise.


“Okay then. Then, brother Ningyu, wait up, I’ll serve you one bowl.” Qingge replied. He’s only 18 years old, and everyone around him was older.


“Qingge, what a good cook you are! It’s almost as good as Yujing’s.” Shen Ningyu licked his spoon as if he hadn’t gotten enough. He was looking at the thermal bottle.


“This is what I made, like it or not.” Duan Yujing said coldly, “if it doesn’t suit you, you can ask your maid for help.”


“Yeah, nothing’s left. Me and brother Jing still need to eat the rest, you can make more at home.” Qingge held the thermal bottle in his arms, he looked as if “eat more or I’ll cry”.


Shen Ningyu, “…” these two bastards.


“Brother Jing, can you help me check the results? I’ve tried at home and I couldn’t access to the website.” Qingge smiled lightly.

“Are you nervous?” Duan Yujing turned on the laptop, smiled and asked him.


Qingge was looking at him calmly and shook his head. If everything went smoothly, he could be admitted into A University, and he had already been nervous enough in his past life.


“Oh, are the results of college entrance exams released today?” Shen Ningyu only realized it now, “Gosh, Qingge, it turns out you’ve just graduated from highschool. Yujing, you…it’s way too early!”


Qingge turned back and looked at him calmly, he replied with confidence, “I’m an adult now. And I am free to love and to have my private life.”


Shen Ningyu scratched his head. What kind of medicine has Yujing given him? It’s not normal at all. How could a teenage boy who has just turned 18 to be so open-minded?


“Okay, it’s 628, it’s even 30 marks over our expectations. Baby, you’re smart.” Duan Yujing smiled in front of the score shown on the computer screen. He pulled Qingge to sit on his lap.


“Which university and major are you choosing, Qingge? Looks like you’ll attract many people in the future.” Shen Ningyu squinted.

“Baby, he said that you’ll attract many lovers in the future.” Duan Yujing laughed at him.


Qingge nodded with caution, “hubby, don’t worry. I won’t fool around, since I’m only yours.” Afterwards, he looked at Shen Ningyu proudly. He loved doing this.


Shen Ningyu, “……” Are all young guys all that loyal nowadays?


“Look. He’s mine, both physically and mentally. What about you? Who would treat you like this? Ningyu, it’s time for you to find someone. Don’t just fool around. If this carries on, big brother Shen will be pissed off.” Duan Yujing smiled with a deep meaning.


“Qingge, look at Yujing, see how tame he is in front of you.” Shen Ningyu changed the subject instantly.


“Brother Ning, you carry on yourself. I’m taken already~” Qingge laughed in his lover’s arms.


Shen Ningyu, “…” this conversation couldn’t continue, everyone around him is so loyal! At this time, he couldn’t help but think of Mu Jin. It seems that after two years, it’s time to let him go, and it’s time for him to look for a serious relationship. But, how come he started missing him now? Thinking of how he acted on bed, and no matter what he did, Mu Jin would never get angry.

“Don’t worry about him, let him be. Baby, do you want me to fill in your wish of the university now?” Duan Yujing hugged his lover and asked about the university he wanted to enter.


“Yeah, just fill in the Chinese language and literature major at A College of Literature.” Qingge smiled.

“Tomorrow I’ll show you around A College, what do you think? I’ve heard that the atmosphere is nice there.”




“Enough is enough. Can you consider my feelings as a single guy?” Shen Ningyu was helpeless, when thinking about Mu Jin whom he had to let go, he felt a bit bitter.


Qingge looked at him innocently, and Duan Yujing was without any facial expressions. Suddenly, Shen Ningyu’s phone rang.

“Hey, bro, I’m in the office now.” Shen Ningyu dared not act as crazily in front of his older brother. Usually, he’s fine with some jokes, as long as they don’t touch his limits. Otherwise, it would be impossible for Shen Ningyu to get away.

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