8th Class Mage 2nd Season Chap 28



Caucasus Mountain was formed of large mountains that covered a wide area.


‘I cannot get used to this.’

From people to mountains, everything was large. Even the weeds were large. Ian sometimes wondered how small beings lived here. Ian thought gnomes and dwarves in his homeland suffered the same inconveniences he felt, and he vowed to do better for them when he returned home.


‘Anyway, how should I go up there?’


Ian had learned that if he went up and above, there was an enormous mountain made only of boulders. Prometheus, Ian’s goal, would be trapped on the top of the mountain. The task was simple but thus difficult as he had to climb up.

He had never seen a mountain as high as this, and he was not yet powerful enough to easily go up top.


‘There is no other way.’


He did not feel other Superians or exiles. The mountain was devoid of beings, and he would have to use flying skills and climb up at times.


‘Should I start?’


He had found out Prometheus was a Titan who had pledged himself to the Blind Father. He had been one of the higher-ups within the Gigantes race and could hold his own against the Olympus rulers. What had he done to be trapped forever in this high mountain?


‘I had heard that he had betrayed his race to help the exiles.’


Unlike other rulers who treated exiles like dirt, Prometheus seemed to have sincerely cared for them. While Ian did not know why Prometheus did so, it seemed that this one was an exception.

Ian had first thought Michelle Greenriver was acting as Prometheus but could not understand how one could make up such a history. If Prometheus had really been Michelle Greenriver, Ian could learn how to make up his life history.

He was thinking such things as he climbed up when he heard a voice.




[Do not climb up more.]


Ian could tell this loud voice that rang in his head was not a human being. It seemed that Caucasus was acting as an entity to ward off intruders.


[A mere Superian cannot come here. You will return to nature if you still wish to climb up.]


The warning was serious, as Ian was being warned that he would be killed if he did not heed the voice. However, he could not return now. Ian shouted upward.


“I am a disciple who has completed two Olympus tasks and is currently performing a third.”


“Yes, I have to meet the prisoner at the mountaintop to complete the third task. I request that I may go up.”


The Will of Caucasus hesitated, but it was only a moment before the voice spoke again.


[So, you’re performing tasks for the twelve Olympus rulers?]


[Then, you know the contract between me and the twelve Olympus rulers, right?]


What? Had Hephaistos not explained this?


[Your tasks should be difficult, as you’re performing them to become stronger. Right?]

“That is not wrong.”

[The twelve rulers had asked me not to show mercy to those who have come to perform their tasks. I could kill if necessary.]



Damn. Things were difficult already.


[I will not warn you anymore. Go up if you need to, as I will teach you a lesson through natural disasters.]

“I had not said I will go up…”

[Shall I begin?]


It was then an earthquake rang the mountains. The sound seemed like it would ring the world.


‘This is on a completely different level than my magic.’


Ian had created a similar spell, but it was a mere shiver compared to this earthquake.




Massive golems made of earth and tree monsters now swarmed the path leading to the top. Also, hands made of boulders shot up from the mountainside while beasts charged with red eyes.


[Run! Don’t stop for a moment, or you will die!]


Caucasus had become hell in a second.




Ian was running, and his breathing was growing hard. He was experiencing situations like this too often, where he ran for his life.


[You have been running for days like a rat.]

“Since you did not tell me to fight, it was the only thing I could do.”

[Others before you all fought for their honor.]

“How many lived?”

[…Not many.]

“Exactly. I am going to die someday, but not today.”


Ian answered politely, as he did not want to make the mountain his enemy. He was more surprised to hear that everyone, from Hercules to the Analyst, had passed this test.


‘How had that Analyst passed this task with honor?’


Completing all twelve would be extremely difficult, no matter how much each task changed. How had he done so?


‘All memories regarding tasks had been erased…’


There was a secret that Ian wanted to know. It would help him complete the tasks.


‘I will find out once I get back.’


Ian now sat up and drank a few sips of water. The water here acted like a high-class potion.


“Will you let me up now?”

[It is not my area from here, the boulder mountain. I gave it up to Zeus.]


If Zeus, the ruler of the twelve Olympus rulers, who ruled over lightning, owned the area, such punishment for Prometheus would be possible.


[Go in. I cannot say that you are wrong since I did not say you should fight. I will add that next time.]


Ian felt sorry for his successor as he looked up at the mountaintop. Prometheus would be there at the highest spot.

He flew up. Ian saw what was at the top more clearly as he got closer and found the punished being up at the top of the mountain.


‘He is smaller than I had thought.’


Either he lost power as a Gigantes, or the rumors had been wrong. Ian just hoped he would not resist.


“Well, it’s time to change the chains.”


While the words were short, Ian stopped in his tracks. It was an old strain of his language back home. How could this be?

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