8th Class Mage 2nd Season Chap 27



Near the Empire’s capital, there is an area where the artisans newly resided to develop new weapons and test them. There was the Emperor, the knights except for Oliver, the artisans, and the helping mages on the spot.

Ian’s memories and the black obsidian chunks made a revolution in Ian’s world.


“This Boomstick can now shoot consecutively, is lighter, can endure longer, and will shoot longer distances with a lengthened barrel.”


Siram showed the new boomstick, ‘Superior Killer,’ the eighth weapon made based on Ian’s presents.


“The explanation excites me.”


Hayden was now the best sniper in the land and was an apt candidate to test the new boomstick.


“I need to shoot it now.”

The Ivory Tower mages cast a spell, creating illusions shaped like the Superiors.


“Anna, analyze the targets.”


Hayden’s monocle on his right eye reacted with a green light. It was connected with Anna, the artificial spirit.


[5 targets are coming close fast within fifty meters. Be careful.]


Anna analyzed the size, distance, direction, and speed of the targets shown on the special lens.


“First, aim and shoot.”


Hayden aimed, and the rest became silent. While the boomstick had been a small long-range weapon, this Superior Killer was different. Black obsidian bullets exploded with mana, which showed immense destructive and explosive skills.


[Head shot.]


Anna was right, as there was a hole right where a head would be. However, that was not enough.


“Yes, Your Highness.”

“Does this lever arrange single and consecutive shooting mode?”

Hayden changed to consecutive shooting mode. Unlike other fighting methods, Hayden was the first in everything he did with his boomstick. That meant everything from his posture and ways were all results of his own hard work and research.

He had made the boomstick absorb the recoil and other modifications that would help him use the weapon better. Now the boomstick could shoot consecutively with relatively little rebound. The gun sounds rang in moderation and with skill.



Hayden smiled at the power as he shot in single shots, consecutive shots long and short, and in various positions. He did so until he tested the limits of the new boomstick, and the result was satisfaction plainly shown on his face.


“Please, speak.”

“Can this be done in mass production?”
“I have finished all preparations except for the black obsidian, the crucial ingredient. We can hand the boomsticks to the troops if Ian can give us the obsidian in regular shipments.”

The answer was satisfactory, even though it was not possible for now.


“All right, this boomstick is 120 points out of 100, which does Siram credit.”


Siram nodded, as that was the highest praise he could get.


“I’m relieved you find it satisfactory. Let’s go on to the next object now. Please, step this way.”

“Oh, is there something else to see?”
“If this boomstick was an invention for you and your army, this one is solely for you.”


Hayden’s expectations soared on those words, as Siram seemed extremely confident.


“Let me introduce you to something that all artisans participated in making. This will support you and Anna…!”

The red cloth covering something that was Hayden’s size was now removed.


“…This is?”


Ian was now back in the Superior Plane but did not head to the Olympus temple. He had renewed the camouflage spell from the caster Loken, which gave him some relief.


‘You came at a good time. The camouflage spell weakens when you go back and forth in different worlds. Since you went back and forth twice, you would have died on the spot if you went to the rulers.’


Ian was lucky to have gone there and now headed to the Olympus temple. He laid the golden hammer in front of the third statue.


[…What is this?]


A heavy and gloomy voice rang from the statue.


[It’s the first time I have seen something like this…]

“This is a work of art made by an artisan from a world about to be eradicated.”
[A work of art from a doomed world…?]


The voice sounded interested, and the hammer disappeared. The voice’s tone was much lighter.


[…Right. You have a good eye for a moth in a flame. You can live for now, as you will die soon.]


Ian gulped at those words as the voice continued to speak.


[Candidate, you seem to be in a better condition than you should be after two tasks. Those two, who shouldn’t be rulers!]


The voice showed clear hatred for Ares and Aphrodite. What was their relationship?


[Well, I have to show an example as they are hopeless. Listen carefully.]

“Ask, please.”
[I, Ruler of Flames, Hephaistos, will order the candidate to go to the Caucasus Mountain.]

“What should I do?”

[It is easy. You will see a sinner on the top of the mountain and just need to change his chains.]


Ian saw a pile of new chains in front of him at the moment.


“Is that all?”


“I understand.”

While the task sounded simple, he needed to heed Aphrodite’s warning.


[Ah, yes. Also, please send the sinner a message.]

“What would it be?”

[It will not take long until we kill all the exiles outside, those who you love so deeply.]


Ian thought of a name at that moment. The Greenriver who had come here. If it did not raise Hephaistos’s suspicions, Ian could ask a question.


“I will do so. However, can I ask the sinner’s name?”

[Is it necessary?]

“Such a sinner you mentioned may resist when I change the chains.”

[That may be possible.]

“Therefore, I want to know about the sinner’s personality, strength, and the committed crime. Things might go easier if I knew these things.”

[Right. He is not famous, but his name is Prometheus. He was allowed power beyond his means but betrayed our race.]


That was not the name Ian was expecting, but it may be an alias.


“Thank you.”

[You will die on the way, there is no need.]

“…I will come back with the task completed.”


However, Ian knew that the Caucasus Mountain was this plane’s most barren and dangerous terrain.

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