8th Class Mage 2nd Season Chapter 26

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Ian’s next stop was the artisans’ district near the mansion called ‘Page’s Manor.’ Things would end well if Ian managed to get something adequate to offer and handed over the obsidians he had secretly brought over in his magic pocket.



Ian only saw Cleven, the artisan of sculpture who still remained a child.


“Cleven, it’s me, Ian.”

Clevan looked astounded, and the stone dragons in the garden jumped up as if to protect their master. However, it was only a moment before they recognized Ian, proving that this intruder was truly Ian.

“Are you really Ian?”
“I know I look strange, but yes. I have a few requests, but where are others?”
“They have gone to test newly developed weapons and battleships…”

“I have come at a busy time.”


Ian had no choice but to trust Cleven.


“Then, I have a request to ask of you.”
“What? Me? What?”
“See this first.”

Ian took out a few obsidian chunks, and while the number and size were quite small, they were enough for research.


“This is…?”
“Black obsidian.”

“I have never heard of it.”
“I have brought them from another world. They are deemed useful, and I thought bringing them to you people would incur good results.”

“Black obsidian…”

Cleven grabbed a chunk, and it was light, sturdy, and seemed useful.


“This is nice! We were all looking for new metals. Siram, Halia, and Dennis are all looking around for something light, hard, and able to convey mana.”


Ian thought he had come at a good time and only wished he had been able to bring more.




“Can you give me a sculpture that’s leftover? It will be a gift.”

“A gift for whom?”
“I don’t know. I heard that he is quite fickle and sensitive.”

“Man or woman?”
“Probably a man.”
“How old is he?”
“Older than anyone you know.”

Cleven shook his head as he went to his nearby workshop.


“Come here. I don’t know what such a guy would want, so just take anything.”


While Cleven was benevolent, Ian had no time to choose carefully. He would choose one.


“This seems nice.”

Ian chose a golden hammer with the Greenriver pattern. It was a decorative sculpture, but Ian remembered that Aphrodite had called him a blacksmith amidst all the names. It would be better to give him something relevant to his occupation.


“Thank you for this valuable work. I have to go, as there’s no time…”
“Ian, wait.”
“Please, speak.”

“Yohanna misses you.”


Ian stopped at her name.


“I know you’re busy, but how about seeing her for a moment?”


Cleven’s words made Ian stare at the house. There lived those Ian swore he would protect with his life, and Yohanna would be awake. He had promised her he would not be long, when he first met her twenty years in the future.


‘I have left her for two years already.’


Ian looked at the time with magic. He had a few moments to see and talk to her. He wanted to do so desperately. He had missed them with all his heart every moment he had been away from them.


‘Could I see…them?’


He had the time, even for only a moment. However, he shook his head inwardly. The reason was simple.


‘If I saw them now, I would definitely crumble down.


He would crumble like a house of cards. Ian was barely holding on to the pressure and knew he would want to live with them again. He would not even want to get out of the house, which would ruin everything.

He would not want to leave and would forget all troubles in his family’s arms. That was not to be if he wanted to live happily with them in peace for a long time.


‘There is still a long way ahead. I cannot crumble now, or this world will be in ruins. Then, nothing will remain.’


Ian steeled his resolve and swallowed his emotions before speaking to Clevan again.



“Please, take care of my family.”

Cleven seemed to catch something in Ian’s words as the artisan brought something from the workshop with a serious expression.


“Take this.”

“This is…?”

“I prepared this as a gift for Yohanna’s birthday, but it seems you need it more.”


Cleven brought out an object, and Ian immediately understood why Cleven had spoken that way.


“It’s an engraving of your family. A portrait, but it will not rust or rot. It will stay this way forever.”


Forever. Ian looked over the engraving at those words. It was the size of his palm and showed six people. Douglas, Ledio, Vanessa, Hailey, Ian, and Yohanna herself.


“There’s still a long time left until Yohanna’s birthday, so take that. I will engrave another one.”

It was the most precious gift Ian could receive at this time.


“Thank you, Cleven.”


Ian’s tear fell on the engraving, and his homecoming ended when the tear dried. He just hoped this would not be the last time.



Ian left only his memories and the obsidian behind, and Hayden made new plans based on them. The mage had risked his life, and Hayden would do the same to be more aggressive.

Oliver, who should not be away from the Emperor at this busy time, was at his training ground. Hayden had given him an island where only he could train.

Oliver was blaming himself for having been lulled by peace. Only Ian was stronger than him among humans, and the majority of the superior beings would be disadvantaged in a fight. However, some would crush him like a bug and wanted to eradicate his world.

While the situation was desperate, Oliver had received a hint from Ian when they had clashed for a moment in the Emperor’s room. His goal was to become as strong as Ian had been before going into the Superior Plane. Then he would be able to follow in Ian’s footsteps by achieving the twelve tasks.

Oliver wanted the qualifications, and to do so, he would need to become one with his mana, even more, to transform his body into a machine that worked with mana. He needed to reach his heyday once again physically, and Ian would give him a hint.

Oliver took out his sword. From this moment on, his achievements would become legendary among fighters.

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