8th Class Mage 2nd 25



Ian decided to follow Ares’s advice. He first stood before Aphrodite’s statue, which glowed in answer.


[Congratulations on your second task.]

“It is all thanks to you.”

[I believe you have come to ask something of me, courtesy of Ares.]


She knew everything.


“Yes, he told me I should discuss his gift with you.”
[Yes, the third ruler tries to kill those who give him unsatisfactory gifts.]

“What would be satisfactory?”

[That old man is fickle, and I have cut tie with him…]


[I spoke too much. What that blacksmith wants is simple. It is just hard to get.]


Ian waited for Aphrodite to continue.


[Rare collectibles. Items are valuable because they are rare. If it is one of a kind, he will accept it no matter how shabby the item is.]


How did one get such an item? Ian thought things over, and it took a while before he thought of a way. It was almost cheating, but it may work if the item needed to be only rare.


“I wish to ask your opinion.”

[Did you think of a way?]

“Could you be the judge?”


“How about a collectible from Middle Earth?”

[Hmm… would it be so rare?]

“If the said plane is restructured and will disappear, would it work?”


Ian was talking about his homeland.


“Yes, the final artwork from a land that will disappear soon… would it work?”


From the Analyst’s memories, reconstruction meant that all living beings and civilization became dust. While Ian had no intention of letting this happen, he would use the Superiors’ arrogance against them.


[That fickle and ill-natured ruler may accept that if so…]


It seemed Aphrodite detested the third ruler.


[Right. I will give you my authority to use Befrost temporarily, so work that angle. I do not want you to be killed by that.]


Ian got the answer he wanted, as he may be able to see his homeland for a while and get the gift.


[However, remember that you are only allowed one hour in the Middle Earth without a ruler.]


The time was short.


[If you stay longer, the Clock Tower will consider the Superian damaged and remove you.]


Ian would have to meet His Highness, talk things over, and receive something from the Artisans. He probably would not be able to meet his family and friends.

Ian walked to Befrost from the temple after receiving the right from Aphrodite.


[I have confirmed the user’s temporary right granted by Aphrodite’s name.]


The orb recognized Ian and authorized him.


[Confirm your destination.]

“The first Middle Earth.”

[Do you mean Moondail?]


It seemed that was the name this world called Ian’s.



[Confirm your coordinates.]


Ian nearly said Greenriver Empire’s capital but caught himself. It was better to play dumb.


“Anywhere. This is my first time going there.”

[A random spot then?]


[The bridge to Moondail is now open.]


It was the same as before, as Ian saw a rainbow slide down the sinkhole.


[Have a good trip.]




‘So, I have returned…’


While Ian could stay for only an hour, he had come back to his hometown. Ian wondered how long it had been here. While Ian did not know the exact ratio, he knew that his world would have suffered for a longer time.


‘It really had been random.’


Ian had been sent in the middle of the ocean. If he had not been able to use magic, Ian would have either drowned or had to swim.


‘I want to meet my family first…’


However, he had no time to lose and had a task to complete. Ian used the Teleport spell, which could be used here.


‘To the palace.’


Ian bid himself into the Emperor’s office, as he would be there at this hour.

A light shone around Ian, and he met a familiar space and scent. He also saw a familiar face, but-




Ian had been about to speak when he heard the door break. He had heard this sound before. A knight had come crashing in when Ian had teleported inside Hayden’s rooms…


“Who are you?”


Ian remembered that he still had his camouflage skill, and Oliver considered him his enemy.


“I ask again.”

“Sir Oliver, it’s me.”

“I will cut off your blue neck the next moment.”

Ian had to admit Oliver’s courage. He was much stronger than Oliver now and had blocked the knight’s attack with a hand. However, Oliver only glared at Ian without flinching. Ian smiled.


“Shouldn’t you know who I am? Look closely.”

Hayden spoke up from his desk. The face was similar.



“It has been a long time, your majesty.”


Hayden had sharp eyes.


“Sir Ian? Is it really you?”


Oliver was a step late, but he was now looking at Ian with wide eyes.


“It’s a long story, but this is necessary to live there.”


Oliver lowered his sword, and while his eyes were still suspicious, he seemed to believe Ian.


“I lost the sense of time here. How long has it been?”

“What the…”


Hayden replied in an emotional voice.


“It has been two years.”


That was not far from Ian’s estimate, but it had been too long.


“Ian, what in the world are you doing?”
“Your majesty, Sir Oliver. I do not have time to explain…”


Ian opened his palm to summon a mana orb.


“I have recorded all of my experiences in the other world here. Please proceed on reading this.”


He placed the orb and bowed to Hayden.


“I know stating my facts and leaving here is disloyalty, but please excuse my situation.”

“Ian, I…”

“I am sorry. I hope you remain safe and healthy.”


Ian left with those words using the teleport spell, and Hayden stared at the empty air for a moment before grabbing the orb.


“Your majesty, I should see-“
“No, I will. I need to know what Ian is going through in that world and how we can help.”

Hayden Greenriver was every bit the Emperor of the Greenriver Empire.


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